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Person of Interest - Episode 3.09 - The Crossing - Review: The End of an Era


As I successfully predicted in my review last week, 'The Crossing' said goodbye to Officer/Detective Joss Carter - and did so in sublime fashion. In true POI style, the phone ringing as Simmons arrived to kill Reese and Carter was the call of death (much like the four knocks in Doctor Who).

Her relationship with John had just hit a new high: the two reminiscing, sharing stories, Reese telling Carter that it was she that saved his life, a kiss and John expressing his happiness that Carter was with him at the (potential) end of his life. Instead, the tables were turned and it was he who was there for her. The interaction between these two had drastically changed since the pilot, something that was a work in progress until now. These recent episodes left the pair all set for a potential relationship.

The final scene with her was pure perfection. Going back to the root of her first encounter with Reese, quoting the exact same speech was incredible. It was fitting that virtually her last moment with him was a repeat of her first with him. His concern for her despite his own wounds, and his pure emotion flowing out of him as she died made this scene the best I've seen this TV season. Credit has to go to the POI writers for making her farewell so fantastic.

In fairness, her storyline seemingly had nowhere to go. Having taken down (most of) HR, the group responsible for Cal's death, Laskey's death, the torture of Fusco, along with the endless amounts of crime they had committed, her auxiliary focus had been completed. Taylor's father returning to the picture last week meant that he'll have a father - so everything about Carter had ended.

The death comes after Alonzo Quinn had been handed into FBI custody, while all but one of HR had been arrested. That elusive person, the one who has evaded capture longer than any HR member, was the one who proved to be the main bad guy. Simmons seems to see himself as the head of HR, even if that position is filled by Quinn. Although likely relayed from Quinn, he's always the one giving the orders; not afraid to get his hands dirty and lead.

Speaking of Fusco, I was glad that he survived. His sarcastic remarks towards Simmons, even when his life was in danger was brilliant. The strength he showed to hold out against some brutal torture, as well as using said torture as a means to get himself free really showed how he has progressed as a character. The pilot showed him as a weak, easily controllable HR cop. Now, he has transformed himself into someone who will do whatever it takes to complete the cause he believes in.

The emotional scene he had with his son was brilliant - as was his reaction upon hearing Shaw's voice. Like Reese, he showed that he doesn't care if HR killed him, as long as his son was safe. This was a fantastic moment, one that showed just how much Fusco cares for his son. Shaw, who seemingly dislikes Fusco, still did what was necessary for him. She made a difficult choice to save his son instead of him, assuming that it's what he'd want. I think that even Shaw felt bad about not going to save Fusco, but even if he had died, she would have been able to take comfort in the fact that she saved his son.

Some other bits:
  • How did no one inside the precinct hear the shots?
  • Finch is at serious risk of being hit by a car at the end. And, speaking of him, it was trademark Finch to be standing around with no clue what to do after Carter was shot. 
  • I presume this is the big thing Root was talking about a few episodes back. I wonder how much of an advanced role she'll get now after Carter's death. 
  • "Breakfast." "It's 4 in the morning."
  • How predictable was it that Reese would win the fight against those guys on the subway?
  • Shaw breaking into Fusco's house was awesome. "You know the dog's the only one that likes you right?"
  • "I was told there's a chance to shoot people." We meet the HR version of Shaw.
  • Fortune cookie story-time was fantastic. 
  • Shaw is totally insane. It isn't every day that a presumed dead rogue places a live grenade in the hands of an HR cop and throws away the pin. 
  • If only Reese had had his gun.
  • This image of Fusco - what's happening to him? He's like an animal!

Overall, this episode was the best POI yet. I thought last week's was good, but it was NOTHING compared to this. Every moment was undeniably incredible. I knew they were going to kill off a main character - but I was still shocked to the core when they actually did it. Next's week ending of the three-part event (and midseason finale) is likely to be just as good. Get the promo below. I hope Reese ends Simmons. With multiple bullets. And a grenade launcher. He deserves it.

I'll be posting a Carter's best bits article at the weekend, so look out for that. All that's left to say is RIP Joss Carter. You will be sorely missed.

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