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Person of Interest - The Crossing - REVIEW - Farewell Joss, Hello Root

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To my beloved Joss Carter. 

I will miss you dearly. 

You were a strong, righteous woman, who displayed loyalty, courage, and sheer grit and determination. 
You set out to finish everything you started.
You stood up for the little guy.
And you were never afraid to put others before yourself.

A television series very, very rarely leaves me speechless, but last night's Person of Interest did on a number of occasions. I think I share the reactions of numerous other POI fans in being somewhat surprised that Fusco wasn't the one to go. In fact, I'd already prepared myself for that during the week following the recent promos. However as soon as Fusco suddenly leaped from his chair and grabbed his would-be killer, I was envisaging The Machine decreasing its likelihood of death for Fusco as the episode neared its end. However in my mind, killing off another character just didn't make proper sense in my mind. Who would it be? Why? And how would that change the look of the series? In the end, it turned out to be one of the best female characters on television at the moment.

So how am I reacting? Well, I'm actually feeling a strange sense of happiness. My mind is buzzing right now, and it will be for the next few weeks because this incredible series will change tack once more. Unlike other times when a character has been killed off or has left a television series, I can see it working. I can see the potential, and I can see how the show will manage and move forward without Carter. With other shows that have done the same thing, I've never felt very confident that things will be ok, and that the series will survive. So being in the state of mind I'm in now is probably the best place I could ever be.

I'm pleased Carter went the way she did. It was quick, relatively painless, and she had the man she loved right there with her. She had accomplished her mission of handing Alonzo Quinn over to the FBI, brought justice for her former boyfriend Cal Beecher, and she had just been reinstated to detective. Sadly she won't be around to see the repercussions of her heroic actions, but the friends she's left behind will not let her be forgotten.

Of course, when one character dies, another can move up to fill the gap. The character staring me in the face for this is of course Root. She's been locked in Finch's makeshift prison for the last few weeks and has chipped away at him just enough to make him uneasy. She will bring a different set of skills to the table, and further separate Finch, Reese and Shaw's operations from law enforcement. Plus, we all know the trio's opinions of Root and her past actions, so how they choose to take her on board and utilize her communication with The Machine will be fascinating to watch.

HR is down but not out, and Elias has lost a friend too. I sense another chess session between Finch and himself very soon. Simmons will continue to be a thorn in everyone's side unless Reese can dispatch him next week. Root will rise to the challenge and The Machine will step up its game with her on the loose. The Russians will shaken up too, and Fusco will hav to move on without his partner. There's a massive number of possibilities that could occur here, so I'll leave it to you, the readers, to spin your theories below.

I think Taraji P. Henson thoroughly deserves a super big pat on the back. She did a fantastic service to the series, and she can depart knowing she did an excellent job portraying a complex and dynamic character for 52 episodes.

To the writers and creative team, led by creator Jonathan Nolan, with this week's episode written by Denise Thé; you have some serious balls to kill a main character, but thank you for taking the time to give Carter the send-off she deserved. Please keep her memory alive in some way, shape or form though, because she is more than worthy of that. Your creative genius is industry-leading, and I know that this series will continue to improve as a result of this week's change in cast.

Thanks for reading as always! Be sure to hit the comments below with your farewells to Carter, and your theories for what's in store for the rest of the season.
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