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Nikita - Episode 4.01 - Wanted - Review: Welcome home, Nikita!

Nikita returned this Friday with the first of its final six episodes.

Months after the assassination of president Spencer, we find our heroine in the woods, having a nightmare in which all of her friends are dead. After returning to the United States, the cops are quickly on to her. Of course, Nikita will not get herself arrested that easily, and she shoots her way out. However, the hunt for the most wanted woman in the world, led by FBI Deputy Director Matthew Graham, is on!

Said FBI agent was earlier interviewed by Dale Gordon, a journalist-conspiracy theorist who is trying to get the full picture of the assassination. When Nikita finds out about him, she goes to ENN to talk to him. Unfortunately, a trap has been set up by Amanda and The Group (or The Shop), and the FBI storms the building. Nikita and Gordon try to sneak out, but somebody recognizes Nikita (of course, because she is the most wanted woman of the world!) and she takes Gordon "hostage". They climb up to the roof, but how is she going to get out when the building is surrounded by the FBI?

Fortunately, there's still her old team! No, they have not forgotten about her and they certainly didn't stop looking for her. So Michael threatens Graham to let her out of the building, while Nerd and Ryan keep in contact with Nikita. After Graham leaves the car and promises to take Nikita down, she rides off in the car. However, Graham pulls a gun and shoots at the car, injuring Nikita.

Elsewhere, in India, Alex is doing business for her UN job with Sonya. She is clearly getting in the way of The Shop, especially after stopping a transaction involving four men. She discovers that these men had a tracking device on them, which confirms one of Ryan's conspiracy theories that The Shop can alter people's blood (correct me if I'm wrong, I didn't entirely get this part). Much to her surprise, Owen/Sam shows up at the scene and demands Alex to return the tracking devices.

Nikita, being wounded, is on the run again at the end. Gordon is taken out by Graham, who is allied with The Shop. Of course Nikita is believed to be responsible for the bombing that took Gordon out, so she is now considered a very dangerous criminal. Ironic, given that, as far as I remember, she didn't kill one single person in this episode.

I am very glad that Nikita is back with its final season. I am sad it's only six episodes, but I am glad it's given the opportunity to have a proper send-off. I thought the premiere was good and it will be interesting to see how it continues. However, I do hope to see more team interaction instead of having the team split up. I know there is limited time for all the characters to interact, but I am hoping to see at least some Nikita and Alex scenes.

As I said before, I didn't entirely get that part of the blood altering or whatever it was that The Shop can do. I do hope that they don't go down that road too far as it will become unrealistic. I don't doubt that, with the current technology, anything is possible, but it shouldn't go too far. I already found Amanda's mental processing from last season a little bit over the top, so I am hoping that it won't go any further than that.

What did you think of the episode? Check out the promo for next week's episode below.

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