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New Girl - Episode 3.08 "Longest Night Ever" - Review

I’m honestly a little worried about New Girl guys. I’m not so much worried about it in a ratings sense (although those might be a little worrisome in the next few months), but it’s more of a “what is going on with my show” kind of worry. It’s like the show has decided to hit its sophomore slump a season late. Granted, a not-quite-up-to-par episode/season of New Girl is still better than a lot of shows on tv, but it still makes me worry. But we’ll discuss that a little more after we talk about what happened this week.

Ferguson is back guys! I have missed that adorably ugly cat so much the last few weeks. Winston decided that he wanted to try and get back out there and meet some women so he left Ferguson in the care of Nick for the evening. He called it a night early, however, as he lost whatever semblance of game that he had. Nick accidentally left the window open, letting Ferguson escape so Nick and Winston went on a cat hunt.

Meanwhile, Schmidt was depressed because Coach had asked CeCe on a date, so he was spending the evening with Nick and Jess to ensure that he didn’t do anything stupid, like try and ruin the date. When Schmidt and Jess end up alone, Jess insists on taking Schmidt out to meet someone else to get over CeCe. Schmidt uses the opportunity to get away from Jess and head towards the Staples Center.

Winston and Nick finally find Ferguson at the home of creepy Hamster Lady. She also has an unhealthy attachment to her pet and she and Winston bond over their mutual creepiness. After an awkward meal of bologna sandwiches, Winston has Nick take Ferguson home so he and Hamster Lady can have some alone time.

Jess eventually catches up to Schmidt, who insists the only way she can stop him is by hitting him with the car. Which she does. This was probably my favorite bit of the episode. The love tap she gave him first was classic Jess as was the reactionary one when the cop lights came on behind her. I do have to give Schmidt some props for not wanting to show up to ruin the date empty-handed.

CeCe and Coach’s date initially was going horribly, with Coach trying WAY too hard to be cool and spending the majority of the date on his phone. When CeCe got fed up and tried to leave, Coach admitted that he was texting his mom for some encouragement, since he doesn't really know how to date anymore since he's been in relationships for so long. They end up making out in an alley by the loft, where Schmidt and Jess

There were some good parts to the episode. I enjoyed Nick and Winston’s conversation in the car. As much as I love my BFF, Nick is right that he’s a little pathetic right now. If I was starting to shower with my cat, I would want my friends to speak up. Most of Schmidt and Jess’s scenes were really enjoyable as well. They understandably haven’t been on the best terms as of late, so it was nice to see Jess continue to extend an olive branch to Schmidt.

Ultimately, this was just an ok episode. And I feel like I’ve been saying that for most of the episodes this season. I don’t really have much of a complaint about how Nick and Jess have been handled. Yes, their relationship has been the focus of a couple episodes (as expected), but they’ve also taken a much more secondary or nonexistent role in the other episodes so they haven’t been shoved down our throats either, which I have enjoyed. I’ve had my issues with Coach, but he’s hasn’t been here the whole season. He has created some issues, but there are other issues that were there prior to his return. I feel like a lot of my issues have stemmed from the Schmidt/CeCe/Elizabeth situation and the continued fallout from it. The whole thing has just drug on for far too long. My hope is that since we have CeCe starting to date, and Schmidt is starting to accept things for what they are, that we can start to move on from this drama.

So, with that, I turn it over to you. Did anyone else find this episode to be a bit dragging? Is anyone else concerned about the current state of New Girl or am I just being paranoid?

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