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Misfits - Episode 5.04 - Preview and Dialogue Teasers

One of the things you have to do with Misfits is stop yourself asking the why of certain situations, I think this is the reason some people are unable to get into the show as its bonkers plots are essentially there to explore the characters rather than the unrealistic nature of their predicaments. This week is no different in that respect, the gang never try to find out 'why' Rudy Two is old, as usual we are instead swept along by a very entertaining story where the characters accept their position and try to live as normally as possible within it.

This certainly feels like another Rudy centric episode to me, and it's even better than the last one a couple of weeks ago. Gilgun is given a chance to flex his acting skills in a different way though as Rudy One is forced to take care of his ageing doppelgänger whilst also going undercover and exploring what it is that Rudy Two actually gets up to during the time away from him. This leads him to take stock of his own predictable lonely future if he doesn't change his ways and start looking after himself, and others in his life.

I hadn't seen the cast list before watching so I was pleasantly surprised to see that Helen the electrician is played by Ellie Kendrick (Being Human’s Allison and GoT's Meera Reed). She is only fleetingly seen however and it doesn't look like we will be delving too far into her power until the following episode. And if you thought Abby's relationship was quirky last week wait until you see the guy she hooks up with this week! He is called Mark, and their unique dilemma is something that I will be interested in seeing unfold through the series.

As for the jumper, I think that most of the figures can be definitely identified after this episode, Sam the flyer and Helen the electrician are the easiest ones to spot. A third, the one who is only an outline, could also possibly be someone we meet this week who is also part of the Support Group and has a rather wacky power that he has about as much control over as Finn does with his telekinesis. As for the figure in black at the top of the tower, I agree with Rudy that this is most likely him; but a second, more macabre, jumper that features the gang is knitted this week that could change the entire meaning of Rudy Two’s assumptions...

Misfits is on E4 at 10pm on Wednesday the 8th of November, below are some teasers to see you through until then.

"I have a cat, she may try to drink from your nipples"

"It's happened again, I woke up this morning and found this"

"Well there's honour in killing people, there's no honour in fly tipping is there"

"She's had to miss Finn out obviously, no-one can knit that fucking small can they"

"I never got married, never found my true love until now"

"If Rudy two is a regular at this group, they are going to think you're him."

"One day he had the bloody tail removed, and now I know how that feels. To losing a tail guys, let's get in there"

"You were saying that at times you are ashamed of him, that he makes you feel ashamed"

"Are you Alex? Your mate said you could take my power"

"Talking about your feelings? That's the first sign of weakness, you've gotta bottle all that stuff up inside you until it's one solid mass of anger and resentment"

"Well then, he's a dick. He's the one who needs helping, not you"

Trailer Teaser

"It's her, she's downloaded into Alex"

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