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Lost Girl Episode 3 Season 4 Review: "Lovers.Apart."

Three weeks of craziness! I don't know where the Lost Girl's ideas come from, but you know, as a fantasy show, they're doing an amazing job! “Lovers, Apart” was a real "breathless" episode, with lots of "Whata?!"s and "Really!?"s of the audience during it.
Steamy, sexy scenes. They got the booty call back on track! I was missing it, yeah, you know, I like it, A LOT, can't deny! And scary (kind of Exorcist scary) ones. Subtext everywhere and no Kenzi for this one, missed her as well, she is so important to the plot! But you know, they tried to put a Kenzi (ish) to work on the funny quotes, but I still didn't feel it. And Dyson, OH, the wolf is making me angry, so angry! Please don't make me hate him, writers, I really love Kris Holden-Reid!
Let's try to recap the episode and to understand what is happening!!! Yes, I'm the real life Lost Girl right now and I need help doing it, so comments are, always, welcome!

It starts with Clio and Dyson inside the death-crazy-train looking for the succubus and, everytime they say "Bo", the train shakes because someone gets really mad.
Bo runs through the woods, finding a building and meeting The Jenkins Family. They find the succubus in the house and Julia (Chloe Rose), the daughter, knocks Bo out with a pan.

At Lauren's apartment, someone's trying to fix the air conditioner (?), finding the Karen Beetie's papers that had been given to Lauren on season 3. The former Morrigan, Evony, shows up, with one eye, and melts the guy who found it.

The Lauren/Amber/Karen storyline keeps going on with some chemistry between her and Crystal. Nothing, if you compare it with Bo and Lauren, but I'm so suspicious to talk about it, being such a "Doccubus" fan. Well, at the restaurant the doctor organizes the bar, starts to geek out, Crystal finds it hilarious , they have a moment, and Lauren cuts the "thing".

At the cottage, Bo wakes up, weak and hungry, asking if the The Family was on the train, they don't get it and introduce themselves asking her to go, and the Succubus, before going, asks to go to the Ladies' room.
Still on the train,Dyson sniffs Bo's smell in a bedroom and, after talking to the succubusted maid, finds a piece of the Succubus' gown, the wolf and the Elemental fae jump from the train.
Bo finds locked rooms, where, the dad locks his family, and himself. Ian tells Bo to go, pointing his gun to the Succubus.
Massimo, the Druid, meets Evony at Lauren's place and not only helps her restoring the missing eye but says,as well, that he helped Tamsin get rid of Bo, for the former Morrigan.
The girl tells Bo about a ghost that torments her family on the same day every year, the reason why they hide in the ancestral home, where Ian-the dad (Lochlyn Munro) makes a "perimeter protection" with shoes and knots. Bo helps Julia to run away, but the girl is taken over immediately after escaping, once passing the "protection".

Clio and Dyson find a "burried John" with a foot fetish, that will tell where the Succubus is, only, if he licks Dyson's foot first.( I know, WHATA?!)

Bo brings Julia back inside and it turns out a “Jumbee”(an elemental Fae, just as Clio) a body jumping spirit that can possess another body and control it, got inside the girl.
The creepiest scene on Lost Girl is when Julia flies from the sofa and speaks in an "Exorcist" voice.

Back to the restaurant, Crystal gives Lauren/Amber/Karen her daily tip (with her address in a note) and they talk about why being there for a bit, when the waitress invites the doctor over her place for pizza and beer.

Bo is fighting with possessed Julia, Dyson appears, helping her.

Lauren shows up at Crystal’s with pizza and beer .
They talk about their problems and, after some beers, kiss, go to bed, have all night sex round. Some Hot, HOT scenes. But heart-doccubus-breaking, at the same time.

Bo uses her Succubus' powers on Julia and sucks the body jumper from her with her chi . It makes Bo see the past, learning the truth. The "jumbee" was in love to Noah Jenkins, and his family thought she was a witch, shooting her, but Noah jumped in front of her, being killed at the same time.
They get to the conclusion that , to stop the "Jumbee", they get to bury the couple, in the same grave, and in another weird scene,Bo(possessed by the Jumpee) exchanges vows with Dyson( acting as Noah) reuniting the spirits happily ever after.
Going home, Bo, Dyson and Clio,who shows her intentions attacking Bo with a knife, telling them Vex paid a lot of money for the Succubus. They fight, and Bo sucks her chi to death.

The day after a long sex night, Lauren/Amber/Karen shows up at the restaurant with a big smile on her face, but as soon as she gets into the place, her co-worker tells Lauren that someone’s been calling non-stop asking for “Karen”. She goes away, to Crystal’s, to tell her she’s leaving, and asks the waitress to deny knowing her, if someone asks her.
Dyson is driving Bo home and the succubus says she can’t wait to see everyone, listing their names, but, sadly, not the doctor's.
The red-hair-Lauren is in a highway asking for a ride, when Crystal stops to offer a ride, that actually, is a trap.
Someone kidnaps the doctor.
Dyson and Bo drive by the the kidnapped car, in the same highway and Bo asks Dyson to stop and help, but the Wolf convinces her not to.

And this was the "Lovers, apart" episode, full of angst, surprises, non-sense crazy scenes, and dizzy kisses. Still trying to digest it and find the way through the writers mind. I need help! And see you next week! :))

(Ps: English isn't my first language, so, I'm sorry for possible mistakes)

Ravana Lobo
From Goiânia Brazil, Ravana has been selected to review Lost Girl. She went to law school, loves old movies, books, travel,Tv shows, Sandra Bullock and music. Her favorite shows are Lost Girl, Friends, Rizzoli and Isles, Orange is the new Black.

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