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Lost Girl Episode 2 Season 4 Review: "Sleeping Beauty School"

Lost Girl's writers are really creative! This second episode still stays on the craziness line. On my last review/recap, I defined the first episode as a Kenzi one, and I repeat it for the second! Ksenia Solo is holding the show, as Kenzi, very well, using her funny quotes and making us laugh out loud, while Bo is still missing. Mini Tamsin has a big part on the second episode sucess. Her scenes with Kenzi are hilarious and she makes us believe, she is the Valkyrie! Good job, Ava Preston!
The show has so many details, sometimes hard to follow, but great! They keep making us believe that we're finally understanding what is happening on screen, but in the end, we still don't get it all. Great move writers, it makes us want to watch it even more!

Episode 2 starts with Trick, drawing/writing some hieroglyphs(?) on Bo's picture, trying to find her, with his powers, unsucessfully.
Then Dyson goes to the scene of the car crash and finds a lost blond girl.

He goes to the Clubhouse and find Kenzi rearranging Bo's room with her favorite stuff, wishing and wondering about her come back. They believe that the kid is little Tamsin. Kenzi is tasked with babysitting the girl. She fights it, but there is no other choice. Those are, to me, the best scenes of the episode, they have a funny timing!!! Kenzi shows her "magical-bad-ass-tinker-bell" powers, cooks for the mini Valkyrie and later the kid finds something really important for the plot.

Yeay!!! Red-head-Lauren shows up again!!! (Sorry,maybe I'm too excited, but she's my fav!!) She’s working as a waitress and uses the name Amber, trying to hide her identity. She tries to call someone, but fails, then Crystal (Ali Liebert) asks her if she is okay and reminds her that she's there, if she needs her.

Trick tells Dyson what happened between him and Aife, that she lost her mind again, but not mentioning anything about the fight between them. He tells Dyson that the best way to find Bo, would be finding Eddie, and to find him they have to find his ex. They hear some screams, and Trick reminds Dyson that the Una Mens are around.

Vex is chained to a torture table, naked and bloody. The Una Mens ask where the Morrigan is, and he tells them that she is alive and escaped from his cage. The Una Mens, unhappy, try to kill him, but he tells them he knows where the unaligned succubus is, or would it be the Human Doctor?! Those masks are really confusing.

Back to the clubhouse, Mini-Tamsin looks around and finds the Wanderer tarot card that lights on fire when she touches it. When Kenzi put out the fire, she notices that Bo is on the card.

In the death-train, Bo tries to unlock her way out, remembering Kenzi, but a maid come to tell her to be carefull or she is going to wake ''him'' up.

At the restaurant, Lauren and Crystal talk and a man chokes on his food behind them. The doctor helps him and cuts his throat, when she finds out that the guy is a Fae! Reminding Kenzi, when she first met Bo (recording Bo killing a guy to save her), Crystal records the incident on her cellphone, but later, Lauren convinces her to erase it!

Dyson, Eddie and Hale are trying to find a way of finding Bo. But after a talk about Love, Dyson convinces Hale to go and find Kenzi, finally telling her how he feels. Hale gives her flowers, they have a quick talk and kiss, in a passionate way, Kenzi almost attacks him!
But they brake the kiss when hear a screech from Tamsin. Kenzi hurries to the room, and sees a big-hair-teen-Tamsin, of course, making tons of jokes about it, or wouldn't be Kenzi.

Back to the train tracks, Dyson finds out that Eddie is not the right person to help him finding Bo. Then Cleo, the nymph, is there and tells Dyson she is an Elemental and she was doing Eddie’s job since the day he was in a kind of coma.

Dyson goes to the clubhouse to get the Wanderer card, but Cleo is the only one who can hold, without burning it.
They get back to the tracks and the nymph puts it in a kind of jukebox that allows them to the other plane. Cleo answers a call from Vex, promising him to find Bo, but Dyson doesn't get all of what she was saying. The death-train hit them.

At the restaurant, Lauren tells Crystal her real name (Lauren), hugging the blond deleting the video.
Finally going back to Bo, she uses her powers to hold the maid and jumps off the train into the darkness.

Nice weird episode, but you know what?! I can't wait to see the team back to normal, or almost normal!

(Ps: English isn't my first language, so, I'm sorry for possible mistakes)

Ravana Lobo
From GoiĆ¢nia Brazil, Ravana has been selected to review Lost Girl. She went to law school, loves old movies, books, travel,Tv shows, Sandra Bullock and music. Her favorite shows are Lost Girl, Friends, Rizzoli and Isles, Orange is the new Black.

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