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How I Met Your Mother- Episode 9.11 "Bedtime Stories" Review- An episode solely on rhyme requires a review on rhyme

What a pleasant episode the show has delivered, though not so good to make you shiver. It’s the kind of episode that the show throws with no rhyme or reason, and that makes us laugh every season.
I know what you are thinking, a review on rhyme will soon be sinking, but worry not, my friends that just as the episode, this might be a bless.

Where to start on such glorious occasion, to understand this equation? It’s a bedtime story, one full of glory:
Marshall and Marvin are on their way on the bus, on a situation hard to adjust; Marvin can’t fall sleep and without rhymes to calm him he soon would weep. Lily found this out in despair, and in rhymes a solution so rare, yet so helpful, that Marvin became joyful. With this solution at hand, a reading was planned, but as Marshall lost Marvin’s books, his own rhymes he will do to get off the hook.

Marshall has no choice, stories of his friends he will tell with rejoice. He starts off with Ted, who won’t be taking a woman to bed. Said woman is a physics professor, who comes to Ted who is known as the knowledge possessor; she comes for some advice without thinking twice, and she flirts so subtly that it almost seems reluctantly, and yet she and Ted agree on going to dinner, making Ted’s hope shimmer.

The gang cheers as they get to know about Ted’s date, but soon hope would Barney take; with a big globe he points out that he can’t know if it is a date, so Ted must be cautious so that embarrassment could be saved. As he goes to dinner with the professor, soon he would feel the pressure. Her intentions are unclear, maybe to make it clearer some whine was needed; so the night went on and the globe back and forth. Could this be Ted’s chance at happiness? Or would he find himself on sorrow dazzling? By the end of the night he would soon find out, in Lisa’s lust he could count, but sadly for him she was already conquered, by a man named Barney who pretended to be a Yankee. So this was definitely a date, but as Marshall said there wouldn’t be a second.

Though not the most creative, this tale was well created, chuckles you’ll surely find and as such it is divine. We have seen Barney stealing girls before, but this won’t make me bored, as with any good story, if well told there is no need to worry.

With the first story told, Marvin his eyes closed, but a jackass conductor with bad attitude would take Marvin to crying avenue. So Marshall needs a whole new tale to silence Marvin’s shatter, the passenger next seat warns him not to tell a story that crass, and future Ted admits he has done such task. So we move on into the next tale, which I think it doesn’t sell well.

It’s about Robin and a cake, and no she is not baked. After a bad break up she goes to a bakery store for cake, and there she meets with Simon her ex-boyfriend as if it was fate. He looked good where he stood, which to Robin wasn’t such luck as he is getting married and for her that sucks. She does something she is not proud, her judgment was clouded; she steals his wedding cake, which she soon tastes. One bite led to another and she eats so much that it would have terrified her own mother. Halfway through Lily comes to check on the damages, it looks like the work of savages; there’s no saving the cake integrity, but she knows how to keep Robin’s dignity. The whole cake she must eat so the embarrassment she could beat. Cheered by a crowd Robin stood proud, the whole cake she ate, but to wear that crown the keg through her throat has to spate.

The second tale was mostly random, not worthy of a memorandum. It’s pretty forgettable, but not so regrettable. I did not care for it, it wasn’t a perfect fit, but I won’t deny it put Marvin to sleep.

As Marvin sleeps again, sadly the story was in vain; the driver once again honk the horn and a new tale is born.
The last one involves Barney, who is so good at blarney. A cute girl walks in the bar, she looks worthy of a czar; Barney wants to seduce her, but the gals differ as they claim she is so pretty that she wouldn’t bang Barney for pity. But Barney claims to be the Player King of New York City and so he tells the tale that is good with no ale. A long time ago he woke up next to his conquest that had a nice chest, but sadly for him this took place on the east, an area where another player feasts. So he is stopped by a black sedan, which is not your usual van. He had offended the High Council of Players, so Barney got his prayers ready. Apparently Barney can only pick up girls on his territory, so his offense makes for a grey story. The players seek for retribution on those affected, so they will have any girl who with Barney was connected. This leaves Robin and Lily in danger, but soon there would be a game changer. Barney seemingly accepts his punishment, but first he gets some champagne to make an announcement; he has poisoned the players drinks, who all died as if they were jinxed. And so Barney became the King, sadly for him Ted game brings and as he forgot to call dibs, he then wanted to rip out Ted’s ribs. And that was Ted’s revenge for Lisa the professor.

The story is as random as the previous one, but this one had the right amount of fun, as in nostalgia we trust, a classic Barney story still has to bite the dust. It’s not really that great, but it goes at nice pace, and the ending is near perfect with Marshall thinking about the good old days that weren’t wrecked; now he has to confront Lily, a thought that makes him chilly, but his confrontation is delayed, the truck is stuck and he decided to glade.

So Marshall heads out to the inn at night, which is an error as he soon would know, the night is dark and full of terrors. Whatever Marshall might find in his way we don’t know, but we can be sure that the wind will blow and a funny story will be bestowed.

Grade: B+

Stray Observations:

-Wow… it was extremely hard to do the whole review in rhyme! (Even more so considering English is not my native language). I hope you liked it, even though hard it was really fun to write! Also, my respect goes to the writers that composed such lovely episode and who managed the hard task of making everything rhyme.

-Subway wars reference! Marshall: "I can walk that far" *Music plays*. I was very happy with this reference, as Subway wars is on my top 10 favorite episode list!

-I liked that Marvin’s first memory is the fireworks that night, it’s kind of cute. Also I liked a lot the fact that Marshall reflected on the good old days as we know the series will soon meet its end.

-The music box version of the opening is really great to get the mood on.

-Next week: Barney: “Laser Tag Rehearsal Dinner”. Ok, I’m totally in for that ride.

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