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How I Met Your Mother - 200th Episode Celebrations - Reports from Zap2it and LA Times

The episode is called "How Your Mother Met Me," and it will detail how the Mother (Cristin Milioti) got to where she is now -- so expect to see references to the yellow umbrella, her time living with Cindy and other near-misses in hers and Ted's (Josh Radnor) story.

Thomas also says that the second half of the season will feature more of Milioti, whose screen time has been somewhat limited so far. "We wanted to find the right balance when she appears," he says. "We like the idea that the audience tunes in not knowing if they'll get her. ... I don't want to say how much or how little [she turns up], because I like the idea that the audience doesn't know week to week. She'll pop up in some unexpected ways."

The latter half of the season will also feature more of the moving back in forth in time Bays and Thomas promised before the season started.

"There's an episode coming up that's set largely in China. That's real -- I'm not kidding," Thomas says. "There's an episode that's mostly flashback, and mostly set in China. That will make sense once you see it. But there are a bunch of episodes coming up where anyone having fatigue of the wedding weekend will be happy -- there's a lot of crazy, time-machine, structural jumpiness coming up that I think people will enjoy."

And slap fans, take heart: The poster hanging behind Bays and Thomas in the photo had every episode title printed on it, and according to that, episode 199 is titled "Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra."

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--The milestone 200th episode, which will air Jan. 27, will feature a lot of her. So fans who have been wondering why the long-anticipated reveal, made at the end of last season, has taken a backseat, get ready to be rewarded.

"You are going to be so sick of her by the end of this episode," Thomas joked. "The 200th episode, she is the star of it. It's from her perspective ... anyone who wants more of her will love this episode. And past the episode, there will be quite a bit more of her, too. We wanted to find the right balance where it's still special when she appears. We like the idea of the audience tuning in not knowing if they're going to get her."

--And, hey, what about getting a name for mommy dearest (played by Cristin Milioti)? "You'll get a name ... before we're done. I won't say when and where," Thomas said. Bays added that they picked the name a while ago.

--Robin will be the last to meet the titular mother. And there's a significance to that. "We'll say it happens late in the season and there's definite significance." Thomas said. "It's a very important moment when they run into each other.

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