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Homeland - 3.06 - Still Positive - Review

"Still Positive" was my favorite episode of Homeland’s third season. The great pace, the suspenseful scenes and plot twists made for an awesome hour of television.

Carrie’s hooked up to a lie detector. My heart was pumping so hard when he(can't remeber his name so I am just going to refer to him as the bad man) told her she was lying. I thought CIA opertives where taught to lie and get past lie detectors. But of course there was a plan, Carrie and Saul had a plan. They kind of have their own blackmail thing going on, they quite brilliantly played him. They own him now, or so it looks like it.

Saul had to deal with the aftermath of last episode’s worst day ever. Carrie, his wife and the senator all loomed over his head. His wife wanted to talk, but being the calm and collected Saul we know, there wasn’t much he wanted to add. He had a lot more pressing matters. Carrie had been abducted, and they had no idea where they had taken her. That's right Carrie, they lost you. Not so sure she would have been as calm and collected had she known. Saul has history with the man they want to bring it. This under the radars mission is his revenge. (even if he denies it)

Just when you though the plan was going to work, the bad guy decides he's not going down without a fight. In this case, it was a fight with his ex-wife, his ex-family. I had wondered during the last episode why the bad man was staring at the kid like a sexual predator, while eating his sandwich. I guess I got my answer. It's his kid. He quite violently kills the mother and his daughter in law (or his ex-wife’s lover, not totally sure what the relationship was there). Saul got played once again, looks like your bad day is turning into an awful week.

It’s the second time Saul’s indirectly responsible for civilian casualties, at the hands of this man.These deaths were violent nonetheless, and with proper preparation, avoidable. He is not that bright of a spy from all the failed missions he’s sanctioned. I keep wondering why people always seem to follow his lead, are we the only ones seeing this. He always ends up putting everyone's asses on the line except for his own. I truly believe he cares about Carrie like a daughter, he just always seems to be getting her in these impossible situations. Leaving the kid there and bringing in the murderer for the scene to later be cleaned up was bound to bring problems. They now have a covered-up murder hanging over their heads, not smart Saul. Even Carrie, in the end was staring to doubt in her mentor. "I don't know how what I am"

Then there is the pregnancy test bit. Not too sure how well a baby can fit into this show, especially Carrie's, but I'll give it come time. I guess this is partly the reason they have been shoving the "Carrie not wanting to take her meds" in our faces over and over again. By the looks of the pee-stained drawer, Carrie’s either been talking a pregnancy test every freakin’ time she pees, or more sensibly (haha) once every couple of days making her at least a couple months along. She keeps taking them because she’s very, very obsessive or quite insane, and wanting the results to magically change just because she wants them to. The other explanation is, she keeps putting herself in dangerous and stressful situations so her problem will go away by its own. I am not so sure with the timeline here, we are 2-3 months after the Langley bombing or more? Can this baby really be Brody’s or is it some random dude’s?

Dana is leaving. After changing her name, she is leaving the Brody house, lets just all hope she also leaves our tv screens. How irresponsible can Jessica be? Her suicidal, clearly still depressed teenage daughter with no job decides to go live on her own and you just say fine. That girl just needs a slap in the face.

Talking of a slap in the face, that final punch was kind of great, manly punch with the eyes closed. Haha, I love angry Saul.

Is it Brody's baby?

Is Dana gone for at least a little while?

What is the Senator going to do to Carrie and Saul?

In how much trouble are they going to get when they get caught?