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Hart of Dixie - Episode 3.07 - I Run to You - Review

[NOTE: Please be advised that English is not my first language.]

This week’s episode of Hart Of Dixie carried a bomb with it, and after an hour watching Zoe trying to fix Joel’s writer’s block, Lavon training the Bluebell team to Bluebell’s marathon and George coming clean with Lavon about his “relationship” with Lynly, we were blown away by the return of a well-known face that returned but not all alone. Let’s begin…

Zoe, Wade and Joel (one more time…)

Week after week the feeling that they (the writers) just don’t know what to do next with Zoe grows bigger in me. I don’t know but she’s a little bit “off” this season. So, this week she stops everything so she can help Joel with his writer’s block. I have to give her credit for the incredible change she made to the Rammer Jammer in order to make it similar to Joel’s favorite coffee shop in New York. In spite of everything it were Tansy’s silly brothers that made the trick and inspired Joel to write again (Hope that this new book gets more than 1 star at amazon.com).

Every week the bromance between Wade and Joel becomes stronger and Joel relationship with Zoe solider; we reached a point in which watching the three of them interact becomes awkward and boring. Speed up the love-triangle thing with some heated up scenes or please just make it go away I don’t really want to dwell on this for an entire season.

Lavon, AB and non-ultimatums

I’m really glad that Lavon and AB reunited after last week’s much needed conversation between them. It took some time, a lot of hard work, thinking and of course countless jars of jam but in the end love was back in the air.

Lavon tried to escape talking to AB almost all the episode, occupying himself with countless trainings of the Bluebell team for Bluebell’s Marathon but in the end it was sweet to see him go around all the weirdness and showing AB he is willing to commit with a long-term relationship as long as they take it slow, with no hurries so they don’t crash and burn like what happened to him before with Ruby, for example.

George, Lynly and their weird relationship

Not even George knows how to label what he has with Lynly and that’s cool with her, in fact they even try not to put labels on anything and just keep it natural. But everything changes when Lynly breaks under pressure (that look in Lavon’s eyes surely is persuasive) and comes clean about her feelings with Lavon that goes asking for details to George.

If you think George would stay down like a tamed dog you’re wrong, in fact he even surprised me when he stood by Lynly’s side and set Lavon into the right direction in the “non-ultimatum” situation. I think that they are not good yet but George is an excellent friend so I’m sure Lavon will understand that and forgive him like George did when he found out about him and Lemon.

Lemon, Brick and [-------insert name here-------]

Lemon is not the impulsive, spoiled woman she was in the first season or so it seems since her plotlines are way less forced or dramatic than they were back in the day. In spite of everything her scenes still bring the bigger and better plot twists to the series. In the brief scene she leaded she discovered that Shelby is back in town to buy Fancie’s but above all she is pregnant (very,very, very pregnant). Brick when aware of the fact says that he might be the father of Shelby’s child. I really don’t know where this will end but it surely lead to a bunch funny moments in the series.

If until this week I thought the show was falling into a love-triangle basis now I have the proof that Hart of Dixie can surprise me and keep me seated at the end of my chair until the end.

Finish Line Thoughts

I don’t like that Zoe’s character is being neglected and seems lost among other character’s stories, looking like the only way to survive in this show is creating tricks and shenanigans to solve her problems. I really hope that the writers give her a cool plotline to develop because she is, in theory, one of the most important characters of the show.

Shelby’s baby is a breath of fresh air and it promises a lot but I’m curious to see where this can go from here. I’m already laughing…

Oh!... that’s right Brick is back.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you have any ideas of what could be a good plotline to show Zoe’s qualities other than creating problems to solve other problems? Do you think that Brick is the father of Shelby’s baby? Where you happy to see AB and Lavon reunite? Share your thoughts in the comments, they exist for that, and don’t forget to tune in Monday for another episode of Hart of Dixie.

Rui (aka Rucax)
Rui is a 16-year old student from Portugal, currently studying sciences in a public school. He started contributing to SpoilerTV in August 2013 writing to Hart of Dixie. Before it, he wrote reviews to a Portuguese fan site of The Mentalist. Some of his favorite shows are: GoT, Arrow, Gossip Girl (R.I.P.), Hart of Dixie (of course), Under the Dome, AHS among many, many others.

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