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Dracula - 1.02 "A Whiff of Sulphur" - Preview

Be prepared for more blood and manipulation. Dracula returns tonight and continues planning his revenge with a very famous associate, Abraham Van Helsing. And this man is what you could call a confidante, although their partnership is not exactly pleasant business. We will see Dracula losing his patience on more than one occasion.

The main theme of A Whiff of Sulfur is certainly manipulation on Grayson's part. He will draw people in to his world, including Jonathan Harker, who finds himself in a difficult position, struggling with morality and an ambition to be financially successful. And another key player in Dracula's game is Lord Laurent, partner in the British Imperial Cooling Company.


This time, I was able to appreciate the interaction between Mina and Dracula, because their conversation revealed more emotional investment for her wellbeing. Jonathan Rhys Meyers successfully conveyed his character's struggle with affection and his disregard for others. As we learn, Mina faces a difficult examination in her studies and eventually has a confrontation with Harker. I'm quite thankful for that particular outcome, by the way.

Another plus is Thomas Kretschmann's Van Helsing, who is easily becoming my favorite character. His attitude and personality presents a nice contrast to Dracula's impatience.

As mentioned last week, sex scenes and stalking are completely unnecessary and don't add much gravitas to Dracula's character. And this might be highly subjective, but most of the secondary figures in the Order look like cardboard characters without much depth to them.
A reason for that impression is the trouble I have with certain acting choices, which make the entire Order of the Dragon look like pseudo villains. It's not a threat I can take seriously at this stage. Another repetitive remark on my part are the slow motion fight scenes. No more of that, please.

Favorite quote
When it comes to dreams, one might falter, but the only way to fail is to abandon them.

NBC Dracula returns tonight, 10/9c.