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Doctor Who - Analysis of the 50th Anniversary episode trailers

I wrote this article for my website but thought I'd share here as well.

Please note that everything below is pure speculation based on everything I have seen in regards to the 50th Anniversary. So please don't put me in a time lock if it turns out to be wrong. I'll update as the moment nears.

I will be looking at the trailers in the order I think they will appear in the episode.

The Time War

I believe the episode will want to begin with a bang (literally) and introduce our new Doctor (more of that in a minute).  If we had to make a prediction we could guess this could be the fall of Arcadia the Doctor mentions in Doomsday.

We can tell this is a Gallifreyan due to the symbols on the walls and we also get a sneak peak at some time lords on their way to battle we can presume. One of my favourite scenes is shown in the pictures below where the TARDIS breaks through a wall knocking out a few Dalek's in it's path.

Time Locked - The Moment
Due to the previous events we will be introduced to the Forgotten Doctor who is travelling to the hut we can see in the distance of the second picture. Where inside is the device we can assume causes the Time Lock. The Doctor attempts to push the Button/Jewel however it does not work. This is when I predict he will be met by a familiar face....Rose.

This is where I believe Rose talks to the Forgotten Doctor about the moment and possibly explains that he needs to find The Doctor to help him with this task. (more on this again later)

The Doctor meets Clara

This is where The Doctor and Clara will first meet in the episode, and it looks like the Doctor has given Clara his bike so she can come see him whenever she needs. At some point the Doctor will go outside the TARDIS where a helicopter will grab the TARDIS and take them to the Gallery.

The Gallery

UNIT as usual are having a bit of a problem and need the Doctor for help. The Doctor is greeted by Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) and Osgood (Ingrid Oliver) in a familiar scarf. The issue at hand will be explained to the Doctor. The Doctor is shown a portrait from elizabethan times showing the fall of Arcadia.

One other scene that I find intersting and is just purely a guess. We see Kate, Clara and The Doctor about to enter a corridor with statues covered up. If I had to take a guess I'm going say these are all of the previous Doctors hidden out of view. This section will be a secret section of the gallery called "The Under Gallery".

Again this is purely speculation but if I had to take a guess the portal we see in the trailer will be from a painting of Tennant and Elizabeth and the Doctor will pass through it to go meet Number 10 (which will explain the Fez when he meets him)

Elizabeth and Ten

We will no doubt be greeted by 10 and Elizabeth embarking on a picnic from a horse in the TARDIS. The couple will be having a picnic and something will happen where Ten and beth will go into the forest to be greeted by Eleven.

Eleven will introduce himself and prove to be the Doctor using his sonic screwdriver, where size is everything *wink wink*. Once the Doctors accept each other they will start to compare the differences which will probably lead to the scene with the glasses and the Fez.

At this point the Doctors will be interrupted by our Forgotten Doctor which you can hear in the trailer ("I'm looking for the Doctor) where Tennant makes the right place joke. As this is all going on, Elizabeth is no doubt getting herself into trouble with the Zygons. Again if I had to make a prediction I think the Zygons will use the portal Eleven used and return to the gallery.


All of the Doctors return to present day and go to UNIT. No doubt Ten and Eleven are discussing the forgotten Doctor in the picture above. We know the Zygons get into UNIT due to the multiple Kate and Osgoods we can see in the pictures below.

We can assume some Zygons may get trapped or escape but this is where the story becomes harder to predict (they can't show us everything, or can they)

Again pure assumption but I think after the madness all of the Doctors decide to go create "The Moment". Eleven tells Clara she can not go with them, hence the tearful eyed clara scene in the trailer. However Clara being Clara possibly decides she needs to save the Doctor again and uses a Vortex manipulator to go join them.

The moment - part 2

So we finally get to the moment take 2. When The Doctors first arrive they will be greeted by Bad Wolf Rose and she will no doubt be sat on the boxes and give Ten a little wave. At this point clara will have arrived using her Vortex Manipulator. Which brings us to 2 very interesting images. One from the trailer and the other from the telegraph.

The first one shows a very happy Eleventh Doctor in the same scene as where the device is located unless he is just excited (as always) by the sight of Bad wolf Rose. The second image from the Telegraph shows all of the Doctors placing their hands onto the device no doubt causing the Time Lock. With the Doctors doing this together does the Forgotten Doctor finally get some redemption.

So that is my trailer breakdown of the 50th Anniversary trailer. I apologise if it doesn't make much sense. Let me know your thoughts, feelings and theories in the comments below. Have I missed something or went totally the wrong direction. Let me know!

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