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Crisis - Production Stopped for “Course Correction”

Upcoming NBC drama series Crisis has gone on an unplanned hiatus. The eight-day (one episode cycle) break started on Friday night after production was wrapped on the fifth episode after the pilot. Insiders describe the reasons for the stoppage as “course correction,” with writers using the time to tweak storylines and work on scripts. There also will be some reshoots done on completed episodes. Along with the pilot for The Blacklist, Crisis, a hostage/political thriller drama starring Gillian Anderson and Dermot Mulroney, tested through the roof in the spring, with the two considered NBC’s strongest drama pilots of last season. There has been concern recently that subsequent episodes were veering from the direction (and promise) of the pilot, which led to the decision to take a break and try to fix that. Additionally, I hear Crisis producer 20th TV is in the process of bringing in senior level writers to support creator Rand Ravich who tends to work with smaller writing staffs, something that proved hard for a complex, serialized drama with multiple storylines like Crisis.

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