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Castle - Season 6 - Latest from TVLine - 25th November 2013

A NEW FACE ON AN OLD FOE? | Supposing for just a moment that Tyson is somehow alive. Being chummy as he apparently was/is with a plastic surgeon, is it safe to say that we — and Castle/Beckett — might not recognize him if he surfaces? “It is certainly possible that Tyson, if alive, may have altered his appearance,” Marlowe allows. “Then again, Castle shot Tyson multiple times in the chest. He fell 100 feet into the water. How could he have possibly survived that?”

COUGHY BREAK | ‘Member the Coughing Guy in Hooded Coat that waterfront watchman Carl Matthews made scram just before he “discovered” Lanie’s dead look-alike? Same guy? “I would say that they bear an uncanny resemblance to each other and Castle_Disciple_Hoodie2 copyseem to be suffering from identical respiratory conditions,” Marlowe notes. “It’s quite the coincidence, don’t you think?” Mmmhmm. Especially since the first fella bears a faint resemblance to Jerry Tyson/portrayer Michael Mosley.

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