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Beauty and the Beast – 2.05 – Reunion – Review: Plot holes, continuity errors, bad judgment and easy fixes, oh my!

‘Plot holes, continuity errors, bad judgment and easy fixes, oh my!’

OK, first things first, time to get the Beastie morale up a little bit…

So, awesome job, we are 3 for 3, when it comes to double trending on Twitter worldwide, here in the states. Even without any cast members officially live tweeting with us, we did it. We held our #3 rank on Get Glue from last week as well.

We need to hope for the best but prepare for the worse. I want to encourage each and every one of you Beasties out there to participate in Rooftop Notes campaign. You can find all the information here.

Now on to your regularly scheduled recap…

Up for discussion this week is episode 2x05: Reunion. This week’s episode was written by a painfully obvious new writer, Eric Tuchman. We also had a new director, Fred Gerber. Let’s just say, I’m not in hurry to see either one of them return.

I’m just going to address this big pink elephant in the room. They messed up the formula. Beasties want to begin and end an episode with VinCat, not Cat and Gabe. Stop trying to make Gatherine/Gat/Cabe/Chanwen (they don’t even a good shipping name, how do the writers expect us to get behind it, for Pete’s sake?) happen. I want to like Gabe but he is fast becoming persona non grata, much like Tess for a large portion of the Beasties I know. I don’t know what’s going on with her. While she brought the sass and the funny, there was a certain oomph missing that I can’t put my finger on. Gabe has flat out admitted not only his sexual attraction for Cat but his romantic intentions are broadcasting loud and clear as well. With a death hanging over the fandom’s head and so many parallels to Evan Marks, we might want to break out the white calla lilies for Gabe’s grave. For the life of me, I cannot understand why the writers would try to shove this pairing in our face, if the reason isn't they're going to kill off Gabe.

I’ve gotten ahead of myself, excuse me. This week we open the episode with the beast of the week on the hunt. When he kicks the door into Vincent’s unlocked houseboat, it becomes apparent that he is on the hunt for Vincent. Right off the back, viewers become pretty certain this won’t end well for the beast of the week. One does not simply tread on Vincent’s territory without consequences.

To lighten up the mood, we have a giddy Cat on the phone with Gabe. Cat has enlisted Gabe’s help in the hunt for her birth father. I personally, would have asked JT, hacker extraordinaire but hey, what do I know? Gabe assures her that he doing his very best despite hitting a few brick walls. He notices the pop music in the background. Cat tells him that she’s channeling her high school days in order to prepare for a pre-reunion get together with her closest gal pals from that time. She laments about the fashions and Gabe is quick to assure she would look good in just about anything. Aware of mental slip he rushes off of the phone, much to my relief.

Next up to bat is Vincent. He comes wandering into Cat’s bedroom via the fire escape because he wasn’t sure if he was allowed to use the front door. He wants to “trigger” some memories. Cat’s surprised to see him. But she is not having any of what Vincent is serving. She has decided she needs some time to herself and suggests he go hang out with JT and try to trigger some memories with him. Vincent licks his wounds and out he goes as Cat’s friends arrive.

Back at the 125th Precinct, Gabe is getting chewed out by the major. Tess barrages in as usual and begrudgingly asks what’s wrong, as well as for a raise. Gabe explains just what a mess Joe left as well as the pressures of keeping all the new beast related cases under wraps. Gabe seems a little stressed and with good reason. This leads me to wondering if something is about to give to move the story in whole other direction in regards to beasts and how Team Beastie hunts them. Perhaps, we’ll those answers next week.

Meanwhile, Cat is having a good old time with her three gal pals from high school. Everyone seems to have a rather fun, interesting and fulfilled life. They of course are jealous of Cat’s itty bitty waste that hasn’t changed since 10th grade. They also reveal that Cat has always liked “bad boys” and guys who were projects; the implication for the viewer being that some things never change, which a lot of Beasties got fired up over and with good reason. Mr. Tuchman, you did not read the room well on that front, sir.

Since we didn’t get any JT last week, I suppose they ordered a JT and Vincent bonding scene. But if you blinked you might have missed it. Then we were back to Cat’s place as she bids her visitor adieu. Beth, of course has left her purse in the bedroom. Cat goes to retrieve and sees a figure “hiding” behind the curtain. She mistakenly thinks it’s Vincent. But it is not Vincent. It’s that beast from the beginning of the episode. Vincent’s trail has lead him to Cat. Vincent scent is all over her (and it reminds me of Buffy when Angel tells Buffy that he can smell Spike all over her). He demands for Cat to tell him where Vincent is. He calls Cat a bitch, which totally caught me off guard and begins to get rough with her. Cat miraculously is able to hold her own against a beast, an non-tranquilized beast mind you (I swear there better be something more to her otherwise it’s just a bit ridiculous), she even gets a good kick in which draws blood and a few shoots off at the beast. The beast gets scared off and jumps through window and down to street. Did I mention that all while this was going on Ms. Beth was right there witnessing the events? No? Well, she was. Did I mention Beth was a reporter? No? Well, she is. That can’t be good.

A pair of uniformed officer show up to take Cat and Beth’s statement. Beth is telling them what she know she saw. They don’t believe her. While Cat feels bad about the lies she’s telling, what else can she do but cover it up. Beth wants to know why Cat is seemingly covering this up. Cat convinces her that she is thinking of Beth and her credibility as a reporter. Beth is like a dog with a bone, she’s not going to drop it.

Of course word gets around the 125th precinct that Cat has been attacked and Gabe and Tess show up. Gabe looks like he could use one of JT’s antacids and Tess is going off on another one of her anti-beasts tirades. Cat realizes that she has a piece of the puzzle, some of her assailant’s blood on her shoe. Gabe wants to keep this from Vincent, so he doesn’t go off all half-cocked against an unknown beast. Tess could care less she lumps all the beast together. Gabe rushes off to have JT analyze the blood and Tess keeps tabs on the investigation.

Gabe shows up to JT’s place so he can analyze the blood and tells him about what happened to Cat, not knowing Vincent is there. Gabe tries to get Vincent to stand down but to no avail. Vincent rushes to Cat’s aid. This also results in him being able to track the attacker down to an old abandoned church. The beast of the week is an old army buddy of Vincent’s and Vincent actually remembers him during the confrontation. Vincent stands down and invites him back to the lair.

Cat heads over to JT’s place and not too shortly after her arrival, in comes Vincent with Zack in tow. JT recognizes Zack. But is still leery. Cat is downright perturbed and isn’t buying any of Zack’s phony ma’ams and charm. But Vincent swears that it was all just a misunderstanding and he has explained to Zack how important she is to him.

Fuming, Cat heads over to the precinct to catch up with Tess and whine about how Vincent is siding with Zack and how she should probably not go to her reunion. Tess squashes that and tells Cat to go and have some fun, finally. I agree and even more vigorously when we cut to the next scene and JT, Vincent and Zack are out shooting pool and reminiscing about the good old days. Zack brings up a girl and of course Vincent doesn’t remember. But a waitress that resembles the girl in question triggers a few sexy memories. Zack reveals that Gabriela was his girl and Vincent stole her from him and now he’s going to make Vincent pay by hurting Cat. But not before he beasts out and causes a scene in public.

While that was going on, Agent Reynolds has come snooping around asking questions about Cat’s attack. He offers his help on the investigation but Gabe gives him another assignment, to help track down Cat’s birth father. I chuckle just a bit. Gabe also decides it’s OK to read Agent Reynolds in on the case much to a reluctant Tess’s dismay but she rolls with it. She has discovered that the DNA matches with a cold case murder of a waitress named Gabriela. Agent Reynolds says he will look for Zack. This means he’s going to call Vincent and put him on the case. Which is just what he does, all the while calling Vincent soft and emotional and suggesting that Cat has made him this way.

Vincent wants to try and reason with Zack. He heads back to the church to talk to Zack. Zack doesn’t want to talk; he wants revenge and manages to allude Vincent’s grasp while taunting him about how he is going to take Cat away from him. Well, it was nice knowing you Zack. It’s a shame a pretty face such as Blair Redford’s couldn’t stick around and be a good guy but oh well, you hurt Cat, you called Cat a bitch and now you’re trying to kill her, sorry mister you have to take a dirt nap. Them there is the rules.

Cat has actually made it to her reunion with her friends and with their urging she goes radio silent. She checks in and of course the mean girl is the one to do it, complete with bitch face, snark and a whole lot of attitude. At least Cat gets to tear it up on the dance floor before her night out is interrupted. We learn that in high school Cat saved a nerdling a la Veronica Mars style which resulted in her having a geeky stalker who rocked the mascot uniform, she was voted ‘Most Likely To Succeed’ and she also started a campaign to help the school get a new pool. That leads to an interesting conversation about with Beth about how her father has been making rather large charitable donations toward the pool in her name. That includes this pass August, which is odd because her father died in July.

No time to dwell on that because Gabe and Tess are here to whisk her away to safety. Vincent shows up at damn near the same time with the same idea. Gabe tries to keep Cat to himself but it’s obvious that Cat would be safer with Vincent. Zack steals that creepy guy’s mascot uniform and proceeds to go on the hunt for Cat. Cat and Vincent manage to have a heart to heart about how Cat feels odd complaining about her small problems when they are compared to his. I would have preferred another dance scene but hey, you can’t win them all. Vincent smells him and a big old beast off ensues. The fight drives everyone out of the gymnasium and running for their lives. Zack nearly gets to Cat but Vincent snaps his neck just in the nick of time.

As Zack’s body is wheeled off in the distant the philosophical waxing between Gabe and Tess about how a patriotic solider ends up a deranged beast and dead at a high school reunion in Westchester is interrupted by Beth. She tries her hardest to get a scoop but is instantly shut down. Tess tells Gabe that his affections for Cat are obvious to her. Gabe wonders if Cat knows too. Tess says she doesn't think so.

Vincent apologizes to Cat. He talks to her about how crappy he feels because of all the things she has given up to protect him and to be with him. He promises her it won’t be like this for long. He also says he appreciates everything she has done for him and that he would be lost and more than likely would have ended up like Zack without her. He steals a soft, sweet kiss. Cat shoes him out and tells him to be sure to use the back door because the place is crawling with cops.

On his way out, he sees Gabe going to check on Cat. He stops and stares him down long and hard before leaving. Gabe tries to make with the funny and Cat tries to not let the night’s events get her down in the dumps. She starts sharing pictures from high school with Gabe and notices Agent Reynolds in the background of her graduation picture. She is also holding a donation card in her hand and looks back and forth between the two. This leads her to think that Agent Reynolds just might be her birth father.

Grade: B-

Reason: I really hope this is the lowest grade I give an episode all season. While I enjoyed this episode, there were far too many telltale signs of a new writer. Everyone felt a little out of character. The Gabe and Cat issue reared its ugly little head much to the dismay of a lot of Beasties (myself included). It wasn’t heavy on the action or the character development, which for me personally doesn’t make a good formula. After a beautiful episode like Hothead, to come back on this note was super disappointing. We were ready for passion, exploration and team work. Not Cat brushing Vincent off, like Jay-Z having dirt on his shoulder. Tons of continuity errors, plot holes and easy fixes.

Not to mention very little JT time. He’s starting to become a plot device. JT is the heart and soul and I’m beginning to believe the glue that holds this whole show together. When he isn’t around it’s like a flashing neon sign. When he’s underused it’s very noticeable as well. Maybe just maybe all new writers should be paired with a season 1 vet so that they can catch these issues before they make to our screen.

The guest stars saved the episode. I loved Annie Illonzeh as Beth and having the handsome Blair Redford on my screen (even if he was a douchebag) once more was nice to see. The stakes are raised and I have no doubt the combination of Brad Kern and Roger Grant will get this season’s first A+. I’m expecting awesome character development and amazing moves on the myth arc front.


Character of the Night

Tess – She brought the funny, sass and heart as well as playful ribbing. I think my romantic Varwen ship has been sunk but I’m still all for a brotp between Tess and Gabe, if only to keep Gabe away from Cat.

Favorite Moments

1. Vincent giving Gabe a long hard stare down
2. VinCat kiss
3. Cat dancing at her reunion
4. Vincent using his beast senses to track Zack down
5. The mean girl asking them why none of the had a +1 for the reunion.

Favorite Lines

1. Tess: and Cat has such a pretty neck, doesn’t she?
2. Tess: Go ahead go get your Ashanti on.
3. JT: You’ve got to talk faster.
4. Gabe: We're all friends here.
JT: No actually we're not.

Favorite Scenes

1. JT and Vincent bonding over sports and junk food
2. Tess telling Cat to go to her reunion
3. Gabe and Tess throwing Beth off the Beast trail
4. Vincent apologizes to Cat and promises her it won’t be like this for long.
5. Vincent and Zack have a beast off.

Best Character Interactions

Gabe and Tess (well, I wasn’t going to say Cat and Tess and VinCat just didn’t do it for me this week, sorry)

Burning Questions

1. Did Cat ever get her shoe back?
2. Is that the last we’ve seen of Beth?


Last Week’s Results – Katy Perry’s Roar won but in the comments I saw a lot of people were suggesting Florence and the Machine’s Never Let You Go. Over the hiatus, I just might do another song off with these two options.

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