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American Horror Story : Coven – Episode 3.07 – The Dead – Review : "Kill Her Once, Kill Her Good, Kill Her Dead"

   Last night FX’s AHS, titled “The Dead”, was focused on its characters who came back from the dead, and there are many : Madison, FrankenKyle, Delphine (even if she did not die technically, she is coming back from a long sleep) and the Axeman. Apparently, Myrtle is still not ready to walk, I missed her.
   But plenty happened, it was a really good episode. Coven is a great series, really well balanced. I hope they’ll make it a recurring series. In last night episode, Fiona got closer to the Axeman and he came with a shocking revelation, Queenie made a radical move, Zoe went looking for answers, Cordelia had a new vision that changes everything and someone died ! ... But for how long ? Maybe this one will stay dead definitely….

   Zoe continues her new path, she is stronger and determined. Her relationship towards FrankenKyle keeps bugging me. I don’t get his point. She came to him with a gun, wanted to kill him again but now, she saw emotions in him and he stole her gun so after that, she wanted to teach him how to speak. Okay, you can try but he is not human anymore and clearly he is a bit stupid. Even him realized it.
   Then, Zoe reintroduced Madison to FrankenKyle. Apparently, being dead messes up with your memory and they forgot about each other. Madison’s monologue about our generation Y was great. They really caught the whole indifference and numbness to the world. When she was alive, she was doing everything to not feel anything, to take away her pain but now she is dead she only wants to feel, anything. So, after meeting Kyle, Madison used one thing she knows will make her feel something : sex ! And it worked. Zoe even surprised them having sex and she just turned away. But after doing something absolutely great and taking a shower, Zoe joined Kyle and Madison for a ménage à trois. I didn’t expect that at all but it was excellent. Zoe being a black widow finally finds some way to have sex, with dead people ! She can't kill them. Kyle is her perfect lover then… If she doesn’t mind his savagery.
   What tremendous thing Zoe did ? She took care of Spalding. I’ve never expected her to do that. After Cordelia revealed to her that Fiona was actually the one who killed Madison, Zoe wanted confirmation. And only one could help her : Splading. He accused himself of the murder. Zoe is quite the clever witch. She understood quickly Myrtle had enchanted Spalding’s tongue, and she kept it in the academy. Zoe found it and after doing a little spell she put it back into Spalding’s mouth. He can talk now ! Nice evolution for him. Of course, he was forced to tell the truth about Madison’s murder and just when I was starting to think about his character's future, Zoe killed him coldly. Waw. That is Next Supreme move, à la Fiona. Zoe keeps being full of surprises. Taissa Farmiga is at her best this season. Zoe is way more interesting than Violet and Taissa proves she can play a strong and witted woman.
   Cordelia is going darker and darker since her aggression. Now she knows her mother is responsible for Madison’s murder, she sees her as an enemy. She wants to protect Zoe and the girls from Fiona and the only way is to kill her mother ! Delia, poor girl. She had to be attacked and became blind to start finally how things really are. I really hope she grows stronger. Sarah Paulson is just so amazing playing hurt woman who get so strong to get her revenge. Delia reminds me a bit of Lana Banana now.
   Fiona has more and more enemies as the series progresses. But last night, she was only concerned with the Axeman, her new loverboy.
   Their relationship is complicated. She wants him then she does not want him. But she knows she is dying, so she can have a little fun before it comes to her end. She finally let him make love to her. I loved how they filmed it, with the red lights, the jazz music. It was really passionate.
   Then came the revelations. Fiona knows about the dead body in the bathroom, as the Axeman just got out of the Academy, it was surely not his apartment. But he has more revelations for Fiona : he watched her since she was 8 years old. Kinda creepy. First, he wanted to protect her like she has his daughter. When the bully witch hit little Fiona, he threw a huge shelf at her and she died. Ooh, protection from ghost daddy… Fiona grew up and his affection towards her turned into love, but the way a man loves a woman. Kinda incesty and definitely creepy. Fiona surprisingly rejects him, he watched her grow older, that’s not a turn on for her.
   At the end, she changed her mind and came to see him again. Is Fiona falling in love ? I’m not sure she is capable of that, but the Axeman will be a good protector and she needs that. Marie and Cordelia are after her.

   This week, "The Dead" continues to explore the bond between Queenie and Delphine. I really like them together, it’s the best pairing of the season. They are so different and yet they are the same. I like how Delphine sees her redemption through Queenie and see her as a guide to her new life in this century. She is making amends for what she did. Even though she was a terrible woman at her times.
   The two ladies went for a snack at 3 in the morning to the closest fast food. Delphine tried hamburgers for the first time and she loved it. It was fun watching them but Delphine opened Queenie’s eyes about her witches sisters : they will never really accept her because she is black. So, Queenie turned to the lone black witch she knows : Marie Laveau ! Marie had a deal for Queenie, she will take her in her Coven where she will be accepted because they are all black witches if Queenie brings back Madame LaLaurie to Marie. I'm not so sure about this racial separation. Fiona and the others never showed any signs thath they are putting Queenie below the others. When she has hurt, they cared and cured her. Queenie was hesistant about Marie's offer so she decided to talk with Delphine and asked her what the most horrible thing she ever did. She told us and it was truly awful. Her husband got the black maid pregnant, Delphine revealed her she used newborn’s blood for her beauty mask. Poor maid could not live with that and killed herself. Queenie was really disgusted and she actually brought Delphine to Marie Laveau ! I’ve never guessed that. I really like Queenie, and Delphine too, and I like their relationship, it’s too bad Queenie is ending it but I can understand her point. Madame LaLaurie is an awful lady. And it keeps the story going !
   Now, Delphine is trapped by Marie and she will suffer I have no doubts about that. Till her final demise ? I hope not but I have concerns. I’m just wishing Fiona will show up and save her.

   I really enjoyed "The Dead", how it focused on those living dead characters and how they each have different reactions about coming back from the other side. Finally, FrankenKyle is starting to make sense and the triangle with two powerful witches will be interesting. And you, did you like "The Dead" ? Hit the comments witches !

Witches notes : 
• Two words from Kyle tonight : "food" and "stupid". Nice progres...
• Spalding’s death : are you sad or do you think he’ll come back ?
• Fiona and the Axeman : love story ?
• No Myrtle, no Misty Day, no Nan … Where are you my girls ? Come back next Wednesday please
• I love Fiona's line : "Keep your distance, loverboy". Jessica Lange, you are A M A Z I N G.
• Angela Bassett is also amazing, I'm loving Marie more and more. She was damn scary at the end.

Romain Ossust (aka Julian Denton) I'm 27 from France, living near Paris. I love a lot of TV shows, I can not name them all but here the ones that came to my mind : Orphan Black, True Blood, Dexter, Weeds, Person of Interest, Criminal Minds, 24, Ab Fab, Carnivale, Lost, The Americans, American Horror Story, Once Upon A Time, Desperate Housewives, Glee, Ugly Betty, Scandal, The Walking Dead, Raising Hope, Grey’s Anatomy .
Otherwise, I’m also very fond of cats, I own 5 of them. I work as an administrative assistant, in one of the greatest place to work in France. I also enjoy sunbathing, reading and having fun ! I hate doing sports !

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