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The Tomorrow People - Episode 1.03 - Girl, Interrupted - Teasers

Here is a list of teasers from Episode 1.03 of The Tomorrow People, titled "Girl, Interrupted".
  • Stephen gets a new partner, a woman this time.
  • Ultra starts training Stephen to use his "Time Stopping" power.
  • A break-out is stripped from his powers by Ultra.
  • We see flashbacks of the circumstances under which Cara first came upon her powers.
  • Stephen starts hearing people's thoughts at a party. He "hears" a classmate thinking about how she will be dead in 48 hours. Stephen does eveything he can to save her, although he has been warned by both The Tomorrow People and Jedikiah not to intervene.
  • John and Russell ask Stephen to put a dongle in Ultra's computer which will let them know when a new break-out is detected. Unfortunately, this backfires on them.
  • A human sees Stephen using his powers. (Post your guesses about who it could be comments.)
  • Cara shows Stephen something she has never shown anyone before.
Watch "Girl, Interrupted" on The CW this Wednesday at 9/8c. Also look out for my preview of Episode 1.04 titled "Kill or be Killed", which will be posted next week.

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