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The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2013 - The Winner Announced & Final Words

Hi folks,

The competition has ended, and boy did it end in style.

We had over 26,000 votes and a staggering 95,000 page-views made the Final one of the biggest posts in SpoilerTV history over a two day period, as well as easily the biggest poll I've ever had in the SpoilerTV TV Series Competition. After it all, we have out 2013 champion, and in a similar fashion to 2010 and 2011 Supernatural has reigned supreme, beating Castle with 14,354 votes to 12,272.

Congratulations to Supernatural and all the fans of the show! You've done it again!

Once again, it's been a pleasure to host the competition. Everyone has been friendly, competitive and passionate about every one of the 64 shows. As we leave the competition behind for 2013 in record breaking fashion, I will retreat back to my regular position as co-host of the SpoilerTV Podcast. You should really check the podcast out, it's informative and often hilarious TV talk and we're hoping to make it better than ever and cover more shows than we have done before as well.

I hope you've enjoyed the competition. I know it's been a little stop/start, but it was nice to gain some real momentum for the Third Round onwards.

We should also thank DarkUFO for letting me use his website to run the competition, he's the one who puts in the time to make SpoilerTV the best television website there is, and is constantly looking for ways to make it even better. I owe him a lot.

If you look below you can see the final positions for this year, as well as the results since the competition started in 2010.

Next year will be the fifth year of the competition, and I look forward to bringing the competition into this milestone. I don't think I ever imagined that when I asked DarkUFO if I could run a competition to find the "Best TV Show Ever" (as it was originally called) back in 2010 that it would become such an iconic part of the website and that it would still be going strong some 4 years later.

In many ways it is my baby, and I hope it has brought you as much entertainment as it's given me. I do know it's given thousands of people a chance to express their love for television and meet people who share similar interests. It's also introduced many people to new shows, it most certainly has opened my eyes to the breadth and depth of programming that television offers.

Make sure you stick around and follow the TV season with SpoilerTV. It's growing and growing in stature and the breadth of content now offered is staggering. As DarkUFO has always used as the site's slogan, noted as it's business statement and said as it's catchphrase, it is "TV for the fans, by the fans". What more could you ask for?

For now, the Impala can drive on with another trophy in it's boot. I enjoy Supernatural a lot, and it's a worthy winner. On a more personal level I know that eventually a show that I truly, deeply love will win, and maybe then I'll pass on the competition's reigns for somebody else to take forward. But until that day, I'll be riding shotgun with Dean Winchester to see where the SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition takes us.

I'm sure it'll be a hell of a ride.

See you in 2014...

Adam D.Harris 
Adam is best known on SpoilerTV since 2010 for his popular SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition; a yearly event for fans of the site. Adam is one of the founding duo of the Spoiler TV Podcast, and still is a regular co-host alongside old friends TheODI and CJ.

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