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The Originals - Episode 1.05 - Sinners and Saints - Review

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“The Originals” delivered another great episode this week. “Sinners and Saints” brought us the backstory of Davina and Sophie. Turns out Davina has a very good reason to be mad at the witches. Now let’s see if I got this right. Every 300 years or so, there’s a ritual called the harvest. Davina was one of the 4 girls chosen to be sacrificed at the ritual, along with Sophie’s niece Monique. According to the witches, the 4 girls would later be revived at the reaping, but only if the harvest is successful. But because Marcel saved Davina, unless completed, the witches will soon lose their power. Sophie, who first didn’t believe in the rituals, now wants to kill Davina in order to bring her niece back. I must say, I love how much the show is focusing on the witches. Of course we can't forget the Original siblings. Elijah is finally reunited with his family, after he gains Davina’s trust. Klaus and Marcel seem to be at odds, and Rebekah just floats from storyline to storyline. They've been kind of ignoring her these past two weeks, I hope she gets a better storyline soon.

Favorite scene: As much as I loved Elijah’s reunion with his family, my favorite scene was his reunion with Hayley. I laughed so hard when she slapped him. There’s definitely a spark between the two. I’m pretty sure the writers are going to put them together at some point, which I wouldn’t mind.
Best “Aaw” moment: The hug between Rebekah and Elijah. I loved this scene so much. “The Vampire Diaries” has always focused on Klaus’ relationship with his siblings, but not really on the dynamic between the rest of the family. It’s too late for Kol and Finn (and also Mikael and Esther), but I hope we get more scenes with just Rebekah and Elijah. We don’t know enough about their relationship.

Favorite character: How did Davina go from being my least favorite character to one of my favorites. I knew her backstory would change my opinion of her, but I didn’t think it would this much. She’s just been through so much, at only 16. I hope she gets out of that attic soon though, the scenery is getting a little boring. But other than that, I can’t wait to see more of her.

Best WTF moment: Marcel and Sophie used to be a thing. Say what? That’s not a pairing I expected. I hope they don’t revisit that one (though I doubt it considering Marcel killed her sister, and all). Although I did like Party!Sophie, so I hope we see more of her.
Best bitch moment: Agnes is responsible for Sean going crazy. The writers just want us to hate her, don’t they. A part of me wants Klaus to just kill her, but another part wants him to wait for Cami to do it. He was her twin after all. Somehow I feel like the twin connection is going to play a part in this eventually.

Best flashback: Love the harvest ceremony. From the ritual, to the vampire intervention, to the heartbreak. It really made me feel for Davina. I also don’t think we’ve seen the last of the harvest. There is no way the writers are going to let the witches lose their power (what would be the point of that). I think the ritual will be completed (judging from some frames from the promo, perhaps even next week) and I personally can’t wait to see the reaping.
Best quotes: Klaus: “I’d prefer for Marcel’s informant not to find anything that would lead him back to us, to her or to … you know, that.” Hayley: “You are all class.”
Rebekah: “Could you two be more idiotic?”

My reviews seem to be getting shorter and shorter each week (I’ve measured). So I’ve made it my mission to make it longer next week. I don’t think that will be much of a problem because “Fruit of the Poisoned Tree” looks super intense. I can’t wait to see it, and I hope you guys will check in here again for my new review. Let me know what you guys thought of the episode in the comments.

Jamie Coudeville (aka Belle333Black)
19 years old from Belgium. Favorite shows are Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Teen Wolf, Castle, Revenge and Nikita.

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