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The Originals - Episode 1.01 - Always And Forever - Review

This week “The Originals” premiered its first episode. “Always And Forever” was the backdoor pilot, which aired last season on “The Vampire Diaries”, re-told from Elijah’s point of view.
Elijah seems to be the only member of the Originals who still holds out hope of reuniting his family. He tries to convince his sister Rebekah to come to New Orleans, but she refuses (no worries, we know she’ll be there soon). He also tries to make his brother Klaus see that his unborn child could be a second chance for him. After a lot of fighting (both verbally and physically) Elijah seems to get through to his brother.

But the Original siblings aren’t the only ones in New Orleans. Marcel, Klaus’ former protégée, now rules the city. He got rid of the werewolves and, thanks to a young witch called Davina, has complete control over the witches. This did not sit well with Jane-Anne, who sacrificed herself to lure Klaus into town, and her sister Sophie Devereaux. Sophie seems to be leading the rebellion against Marcel and uses the pregnant werewolf Hayley to get Klaus’ help. And last but not least, there’s Camille. A human bartender who’s also a psychology major and thus occasionally overanalyzes things. It’s not clear yet what role she’ll play in the power struggle between Marcel and Klaus, but let’s  just hope she survives the season.
Most Surprising character: As much as Sophie annoyed me in the backdoor pilot, I must say she’s completely made me change my mind about her in this episode. Sophie came off as a badass witch who’s not afraid of anything. Her plan did kind of fall through when Klaus refused to help her, but luckily Elijah saved the day. However I don’t doubt that she would’ve gone through with killing both herself and Hayley.

Favorite character: I have to go with Elijah of course. I never realized how much I liked him until this episode. He really is the nice sibling. However I did like that we got a bit of season 2 Elijah, kicking Klaus’ ass.

Biggest bitch moment: Marcel taking Jane-Anne’s body. What was even the point of that? Like it wasn’t bad enough that he killed her. Let’s hope next week’s episode gives us some insight as to why he’s so cruel.  

Biggest woopsie moment: The house Elijah, Klaus and Hayley moved into at the end of the episode is, from the outside at least, the same house that was used in episode 1.06 on “The Vampire Diaries” as the old Salvatore mansion in Mystic Falls.
Favorite scene: As much as I loved the scenes of Klaus’ first transformation into a werewolf, I had to go with the first flashback. It was the perfect opening scene. We got to see how Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah, along with a daggered Kol (I’m sure Finn and Esther were in the other boxes) arrive in New Orleans 300 years ago. For new viewers it perfectly showed the tone of the show. I hope we’ll get flashbacks more frequently than on “The Vampire Diaries”. This family has so much history.

Biggest WTF moment: Klaus daggers Elijah. Totally did not see that coming. How are those daggers still around? You’d think one of the other siblings would’ve gotten rid of them by now. Let’s hope someone un-daggers him soon.

Biggest “aaw” moment: Elijah asks Hayley how she feels about becoming a mother. It’s nice to see Hayley as at least one person in her corner. I’d love to see a friendship between the two (and between her and Rebekah).

Favorite quote: “Family is power” – Elijah
So what did you think of the episode? What were your favorite scenes? Episode 2 “House Of The Rising Son” airs October 8th, next Tuesday. Don’t forget to watch and check back here for an all new review.

Jamie Coudeville (aka Belle333Black)
19 years old from Belgium. Favorite shows are Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, Castle, Revenge and Nikita

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