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The Bridge - Episode 1.13 - The Crazy Place - Advance Review

     We have now arrived at the last chapter of the first season of The Bridge. This season has featured some of the best writing and acting on TV. The only show that I could possibly compare The Bridge to, in terms of quality would be Breaking Bad. The season finale of the The Bridge is gripping, exciting, and… the ending? You don’t want to miss it because it is absolutely exhilarating. After this whole season, I don’t know why we would expect anything else.

     In the last episode, the continually quiet Steven Linder found Sonya Cross and asked for a little help in finding his bride. Though not actually engaged, Linder so much loves Eva Guerra that he can’t even think of a reason for her to say no to marrying him. He is without a doubt, extremely delusional, however, he is also well meaning. Considering the hell that Eva endured in the last episode, I don’t think she is going to be jumping at the opportunity to marry someone she barely knows. This is a clear example of one of the many fantastically portrayed ironies of the show.

     The three – I mean two (since Charlotte killed Tim) stooges of ranch management were last seen having some trust issues. They have had trust issues from the beginning, but now that Charlotte has had a small taste of the more violent side of life, I think she is starting to see the true ignorance of her good friend Ray. It would be very inconvenient for her if Ray screwed something up on (and underneath) her ranch. Expect for her to have a much bigger say in what happens in Cartel business from now on. Oh and Cesar gets to say his signature line again; “I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

     Daniel Frye, meanwhile, is nearly recovered from his disastrous fall 2 episodes ago. He is getting back to the job, but clearly does not want a lot of fanfare. Adriana (Breaking Bad alumni), on the other hand, thinks his recovery should be a lot more grandiose than he would like. Many others agree, but question how quickly he should get back to the hard hitting writing that he was doing before. As a result, Frye is immediately sidelined with a very boring newspaper article to write. While he is none too happy about it at first (He actually says he, “would rather stab a pencil in [his] eye”), he finds editorial gold in the last place you would expect him to find it.

     Marco is now able to find a small amount of solace in his work. As he is now helping Sonya look for Eva, Marco finds something to take his mind, at least partially, off of the loss of his son. There is, however, a burning sting in the back of his mind and that sting is the smile of David Tate. David Tate is an absolute sociopath and it is clear that not only does he not regret what he did to Gus, he is extremely proud of his work and the damage that it did to Marco. Beyond the obvious loss of his son, Marco has also lost his wife and daughters. As a result of these losses, Marco is not exactly in the best of mindsets at the moment. Expect a major game changer come the end of the episode.

The Verdict: This episode is a phenomenal end to a phenomenal season. If season 2 is anything like this, expect The Bridge to be around for a while.

Rating: 9.7/10

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