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The Big Bang Theory - Episode 7.05 - The Workplace Proximity - Taping Report


DIRECTED BY: Mark Cendrowski
STORY BY: Steve Molaro, Steve Holland & Maria Ferrari
TELEPLAY: Chuck Lorre & Eric Kaplan & Jim Reynolds


Sheldon and Amy are dining at the Cheesecake Factory. Penny walks up to them and points out that they're quiet, Sheldon is on his phone, they aren't touching each other so it must be date night. Amy argues that something he was looking up on his phone was kinda hot (not what was said, I just can't remember)...it was something having to do with root vegetables. Penny asks Amy, "how do you not take off his clothes and take him right here?" Sheldon replies and looks at Amy, "If you do that, I will scream."

When Penny walks away, Amy brings up the fact that she will be coming to Cal Tech to consult on an experiment (with monkeys) and asked him it would bother him that she would be working their. He told her that it wouldn't and asked her, "why would it bother me?" She replies with a saying, "one should not eat where they defecate." Sheldon replies that his father always used that saying too. He also use the saying, "who do I have to gratify orally to get a drink around here?" She asked Amy what does that saying have to do with her working at Cal Tech. She replies that she means that people who are involved romantically shouldn't work together.

Sheldon replies that he always took that saying literally and never moved his bowels at the Cheesecake Factory or any other restaurant. Amy is relieved that he is okay with her working at Cal Tech. Sheldon replies, "Not as relieved as I'm about to be...." he gets up to go use the restroom, "This is a brave new world, little lady." He tells her as he walks off.

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