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The Big Bang Theory - Episode 7.02 - The Deception Verification - Review

NOTE: This review contains possible spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Sheldon made me laugh by pestering Penny with his weather facts after their trip to the grocery store. It was funny where Sheldon wanted to give Penny her report card but refusing to read it because she’s afraid of detention.

It was really bittersweet to see that Leonard surprised Penny. Just as they were getting settled together, Sheldon complains that some of his eggs are in the correct size and wants to go back to grocery store, to which Penny ignores. Typical Sheldon!

The Comic book store was funny where Stuart did not want to sell Sheldon the Aqua man statue because it was only for collectors. Sheldon wanted to buy Leonard that but Stuart suggested the Batman squirt gun.

The Superman and Dr. Oct reference that Howard complained to Raj about was hilarious especially the reference with the mixture of superheroes and Freaky Friday. It was good to see a scene with Howard wanting to lose weight as we (the viewers) have always seen him in shape. The scene where Raj makes a comment about Howard’s mom and refers to her as a “Butterball Turkey” was off the chain!

At the comic book store, Stuart finally sells Sheldon the statue for $1200 along with the $200 Batman squirt gun. The funny part in this scene was where Sheldon actually asked to purchase Stuart’s recommended gift AND the gift that he reluctantly wanted to sell Sheldon! That was a good idea in case of Leonard did not like one of the gifts!

The Pizza Boy coming to Penny’s place amused me because she gives the man $25.00 for a pizza that cost $22.50 and tells him to keep the change. However, the pizza man is annoyed by the money as he had to climb the stairs. In other words, Penny only gave him a little bit of a tip, which was very amusing but annoying the man. Therefore, Penny only gives him 35 cents more in exchange that he won’t call his boss that he smells like marijuana. Penny isn’t happy to see Sheldon as Leonard doesn’t want anyone else to know that he came back from the sea early. That scene was extremely funny with Sheldon and Penny as he asks to join her with Chinese food he bought. Penny doesn’t want to have a meal with him but he thinks it’s a good idea because combining his Chinese food and her Italian food will be like playing Marco Polo.

Refusing to leave, Sheldon thinks there is something suspicious in the apartment as he observes that there is more than one glass of wine on the coffee table and that all take-out containers are in the garbage can. Despite this, she promises him that it’s just her in the apartment. She wishes to have a quiet dinner by herself after a long day. Before Sheldon leaves, he asks if she wants to split the price of the Batman squirt gun he bought at the comic book store. Sheldon was trying to go into Penny’s place thinking that she had someone over. What made me on the edge of my seat was that Sheldon came in to Penny's door without permission and tried to find out what was going on. It was so funny because he was being nosy! Him being nosy is what makes this show and this episode so funny! I thought that Sheldon was going to find out about Leonard but thankfully he wasn’t that smart like he always is in the other episodes.

Bernadette welcomes home an exhausted Howard with brownies. He gets defensive because he has not lost any weight and doesn’t believe she is supporting him. At his mother’s house, he has been spreading ointment around her but Bernadette doesn’t understand why she couldn’t’ do it herself. He replies angrily that it’s because they have an unhealthy relationship. He asks Bernadette if she could get some ointment from work because of his mother is using it very fast. He was such a jerk to Bernadette as she tried to offer brownies to him. He could’ve had just a few brownies. It’s not like too many brownies will make him fat but I understood why he refused to have them as I can relate to his life. Still, Bernadette tried her best to impress her “Howie”. For example, she wanted to take him to bedroom because she wants him to know he looks great but he asks if sex is her solution all of their problems.

It was funny that Sheldon explained to Amy that he thought Penny was cheating on Leonard. The response of Amy not believe Penny would cheat on Leonard was priceless. Anxiously, Sheldon goes to Penny’s apartment along with Amy. He thinks there is whispering and giggling along with kissing at Penny’s apartment. What made me laugh so hard was that he said “Ah-ha” at Penny’s apartment after he used the spare key to get to her apartment to find out the truth despite Amy suggesting him not to!

What made me laugh so hard that I almost cried was that Sheldon sarcastically apologizes to Leonard for not realizing that his friendship with him was burden after he defends himself to Sheldon that he merely came home earlier than expected to be alone with Penny. The quote where Sheldon commented that Leonard should save his apologizes for another time after he has disappointing coitus with her just made this episode even funnier. He just can’t accept flexibility. It was interesting to see that Sheldon was still mad at Leonard for not telling him he was coming back early despite he got his sailor hat that we wanted. What an ignorant jerk but the writers make his character selfish.

The scene where Raj and Howard where touching each other’s boobs at Howard’s place was so funny especially when Bernadette walked out quietly in a weird way. They were touching each other’s boobs at the request of Howard to ensure that he hasn’t gained any weight. Howard invited him to his house to have sandwiches and a “brie”, which is milk cheese.

Despite Leonard offers to take Sheldon to work, he wonders if he could ever believe anything he says. He accepts the offer. However, the following part just made me laugh so hard: he could end up in a “deserted amusement park”, “a cornfield maze”, or a back alley dog fight. That was so funny! A funny part is where Sheldon challenges him to see if he’s really from New Jersey after Leonard tries to convince him that he is sorry.

Just when his friends try to help Sheldon out, he still holds grudges! For instance, Penny tries to reason with him about the great times that they had this summer. He replies that he even let her buy feminine products with his supermarket card to save money! I’m so glad Amy finally stood up to Sheldon that if he didn’t change his behavior, she would make him take the bus to work.

I was surprised that Howard almost cried over Leonard and Sheldon fighting but it was great to see that scene as the emotional side of him connects with me very well.

At the end of the episode, I laughed so hard at this scene that I cried: Sheldon offered Penny a 50 cents coupon for feminine products and then she gave it to Howard! Whoa, that’s not the best gift to get a friend! Even in its 7th year, this show continues to make me laugh. I hope the rest of the season is as funny as the season premiere.

Grade: A

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