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The Big Bang Theory – Episode 7.06 – The Romance Resonance Recap & Review

NOTE: This recap & review does contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

After a disappointing episode last week, this week’s hilarious episode rebounded back. Also, it had some bittersweet moments with Howard serenading Bernadette but even TBBT writers write dramatic scenes very well!

As usual, Sheldon breaks his social skills and avoid conversations with people. He is “in the zone” trying to make calculations for an invention that he wants to make up after Penny tries to make conversations with him. The beginning scene made me laugh when Amy talking about Sheldon figuring out who should get his tree fort! Unsurprisingly, he left her out probably because she didn’t support him enough. Howard makes Bernadette go to the bathroom but here’s the funny part, he is telling everyone that he is surprising her with a song about the anniversary of their first date but Sheldon doesn’t care to listen to anything as he is concentrating. Howard asks the gang to sing with them, in which mostly everyone agrees but Sheldon wonders if he is at the Cheesecake Factory. Talk about being distracted!

What’s amusing is that Penny doesn’t understand why they haven’t done anything romantic on the anniversary of their first date but Leonard reminds her that they actually broke up so many times that he doesn’t have a great memory of what happened! I want to say to Leonard, “You should remember your first date even if you broke up with her many times.” Leonard is so clueless but entertaining at the same time with Penny in this scene. Penny wants to prove that she will do something romantic to him! On the way home, Sheldon is still “in the zone” that he passes the apartment and it cracks me up where Leonard is curious if Sheldon actually falls off the roof!!! Imagine if that happened!

Now that Sheldon got the hint that he was actually walking up an extra floor, Sheldon is still “in the zone” about his calculations on the whiteboard! Sheldon brags that no one except him has ever done that! Next, he walks around the apartment bragging about his brain!

At Caltech, Howard announces that he is nearly done with his song. Leonard wants to play the cello. Raj wants to play his ukulele. What was comical about that was when he referred to it as a “tiny ridiculous guitar! Howard, Raj, and Leonard make strong reviews about Sheldon’s work. His work was revealed that people in China had already saw his work and earned him promising results. Here comes probably one of the funniest parts of the season: Sheldon tells them that his invention was the greatest thing since the Communist Party!!!! Now, that is what you call a humorous moment from Sheldon! This is what I missed from last week! Sheldon makes a promise to be down to earth and makes a cool reference, “humble Joe”! Sheldon steals a cookie from Leonard because of an element!

Meanwhile, Penny asks Raj for advice about having a romantic evening with Leonard. The references to Say Anything and Dirty Dancing that Raj discussed about was very well-written especially when he thinks Leonard should be like what the guy did in Dirty Dancing. I enjoyed Raj pretending to be like Patrick Swayze and John Cusack!

We get to the reason why Sheldon left Amy out of the fort. She comments that the Smithsonian would want his magic marker. He continues to brag about him being written in “Physics Today”. He makes a comical comment about her measuring the diameter of his mole!!! Just when things are going well, Sheldon finds out that he made a mistake with the invention and believes that he is not just a fraud but he is a biologist! Wait a minute, isn’t Amy a biologist? Imagine if they worked together but doubt that he knows biology like her as we saw last season.

While driving, Leonard reminds Sheldon that he has to stop beating himself over this. Usually, Sheldon would take credit for things he may have not made but he’s finally showing some remorse! That’s unlike him! Sheldon believes this will haunt him for the rest of his life just like the time Leonard let Koothrappali (Raj) wax his eyebrows! Those are actually good analogies! Sheldon claiming that he did not know what a sex tape was about was uproarious despite he’d rather have one and Leonard asking if he knows what a sex tape is.

Back at work, Howard is making a draft about the song and is hoping for support from his friends to go the restaurant for her surprise. Raj suggests a little rap but Howard wants it to be more romantic. Sheldon is entered with applause but quickly shuts them down. Ironically, Sheldon screamed at someone “Woo”ing him and he didn’t want to hear any more “Woo”s but not screaming at Dr. Woo! Good pun! I believe that Professor Woo was referenced in the Season 6 Episode called, “The Tenure Turbulence” Sheldon asks Leonard when they stop loving him. He replies back to invite them to live with them!

At the restaurant waiting for Bernadette to come, Leonard keeps telling Penny that sex doesn’t count as romantic. Sheldon receives a message that The National Science Foundation wants to give him a substantial grant but he wonders when this nightmare will end. Leonard tries to cheer him up by saying what he did was amazing and they are all proud of him. Amy jumps in and says that she is embarrassed for him. In a funny twist, Sheldon thinks that the most romantic thing she’s ever heard and congratulates her for making the fort. Penny is still not happy about not doing well in being romantic. Uh-Oh! Howard finds out that Bernadette had an accident in the lab. Showing no sympathy, Sheldon announces he got a raise, to which the gang gives him grim looks.

At the hospital, Howard surprises Bernadette with their friends and tells her that he wrote a song for her because of the anniversary of their first date. Sheldon tries to leave because he is a germaphobe but Amy angrily asks him to come back! The way Howard played the piano and the gang singing with him almost made me cry. Howard loves Bernadette so much even though sometimes he is expectedly immature. I enjoyed the references about Howard commenting on not having a job without Steve Wozinak and the references about him being Firefly, Buffy, and Avengers without Joss Whedon along with the reference about him being "a Watson without a crick" from a science theory about DNA. Poor Bernadette in the hospital room where it is contagious but at least Howard and their friends cheered her up with a song that he wrote! How hilarious where Sheldon leaves the hospital immediately after Bernadette emotionally thank Howard and the gang for that song!

Back at Penny’s place, she and Leonard have dinner together. She turns on music and she walks him to her bedroom. Then, she reveals how much she loves him and surprises him the gift of the first edition of “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” She realizes that it was his favorite book growing up. They saw it together and Leonard had actually already purchased it. Penny feels bad about being a gift he already has but calls it thoughtful. Penny reveals a box that he has ever given her such as a plane ticket when she was too poor to go home for the holidays, a rose left on her windshield, an 11-page letter he wrote after they had sex the first time, and a pregnancy test but only she saved the first one! Leonard was amazed that she saved all this stuff. They finally do something romantic! The chemistry between Penny and Leonard continues to get better in every season.

At the end of this amazing episode, Sheldon and Amy are at Leonard and his apartment. He blames her for reading the table wrong and that she is a distraction. She apologizes and he pouts, “Well, you should be.” A twist comes with him saying that all he can think about is kissing her on the mouth like mommies and daddies do! Another twist happens with Amy dreaming at The Cheesecake Factory while being with Sheldon! She is actually being “in the zone” just like Sheldon was at the beginning of the episode.

Quotes of the night (funny parts):
- “Yeah, I know! They called it the greatest thing since the Communist party.” – Sheldon

- “Buddy, I don't think you can. I mean, once it's out there, it's out there. This thing is like the science equivalent of a sex tape.” – Leonard

- “You know, frankly, I'd prefer a sex tape.”- Sheldon

- “And no woos! Oh, not you, Dr. Woo. You’re fine.” – Dr. Woo

- "I'm embarrassed for you." - Amy.
- "That's the most romantic thing I've ever heard." - Sheldon
- "Congratulations, Dr. Fowler. You just made the fort." - Sheldon (to Amy)

Grade: A. I can’t believe I have to wait two weeks for a new episode! This episode was fun with Sheldon finally being somewhat not selfish by not taking credit that was not his! The way the writers wrote him like that connected well with me.

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