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Supernatural - Season 9 - Misha Collins Interview

Thanks to Philomina for the heads up.

myFanbase: What do you think about the journey of your character and which part was the most fun for you?

Misha Collins: I can tell you that Castiel is now human and he gets to experience what it is like to be a human being for the first time and the way that it's been written is quite extraordinary. So I'm enjoying that a great big deal.

myFanbase: It's been revealed that Castiel is going to have a love interest in season 9, played by Shannon Lucio. Can you give us any scoop on that?

Misha Collins: Well, I can tell you that they get intimate in the most intimate sense of the word. Which is for somebody like Castiel, who is up to this point a virgin, very poignant.

Source: Full Interview @ myfanbase