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Scene Of The Week - October 6, 2013 - POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently.

AGENTS OF SHIELD, "0-8-4", October 1, 2013, Actors: Samuel L. Jackson, Clark Gregg
The Scene: The Nick Fury cameo
A Dahne:
The Nick Fury cameo at the end was the most surprising thing on TV for me this week. Loved it!

BREAKING BAD, "Felina", September 29, 2013, Actors: Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn
The Scenes: Walt and Skyler's last scene together & Walt's death
Max Conte:
Walt & Skyler's last scene together where he finally admits that he 'liked' and was 'good at' cooking meth. A final moment of honesty after the lies & wreckage of the past two years. This was brilliantly acted by both. 
Alex Zhora: Walt dies.

CASTLE, "Dreamworld", September 30, 2013, Actors: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic
The Scene: Castle and Beckett at the hospital
Jamie Coudeville:
You can seriously see Beckett questioning whether or not to quit. I loved everything about this scene: the dialogue, the music, the looks they give each other.

ELEMENTARY, "Solve For X", October 3, 2013, Actors: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu
The Scene: Sherlock asks to go to the cemetery with Watson the next time
A Dahne:
It was a touching moment where he acknowledged how much she has grown to mean to him in a subtle, Sherlockian way. I like their relationship, especially as it is built in a plot/character-consistent, partnership way and not as an overt shipping attack.
Virginia Fontana: Holmes tells Watson he wants to go with her to the grave of her patient the next time she visits. A sweet and subtle moment of connection between these two characters. The gentle and tentative, yet life affirming friendship and partnership between Holmes and Watson is so great!

GREY'S ANATOMY, "Everybody's Crying Mercy", October 3, 2013, Actors: Ellen Pompeo, James Pickens, Jr., Sara Ramirez, Jessica Capshaw and others
The Scenes: Callie tells Arizona to attend counseling sessions by herself & Cristina makes fun of Alex & Meredith and Webber talk
Max Conte:
Cristina joins Alex in bed and makes fun of him for not sleeping with Jo. Absolutely hilarious dialogue between old friends.
Spartigus15: While I loved, loved, loved the Calzona scene in the therapy waiting room, it was gut wrenching. My favorite scene goes to Meredith and Chief (the real Chief Webber). Like Meredith, I thought, wow, Adele is gone, now Chief is really expressing his love for Mer by making her his proxy. But boy was I shocked to hear the venom coming out of Chief's mouth toward Mer. But I liked it because now I'm conflicted. I don't know if it's just Chief acting out because he's sick and vulnerable or is this how he has always felt. I think this shapes up an awesome story arc for the two.
Jaymie Bailey: The breakup scene between Callie and Arizona (just because someone has already listed the heartbreaking Meredith/Webber scene) was one of the best scenes of the episode. This couple has been through so much, and it was gut-wrenching to watch Callie just give up.
Babar Suhail: Callie tells Arizona to attend counseling sessions by herself.

HAVEN, "Lost and Found", October 4, 2013, Actors: Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour, Emma Lahana and others
The Scene: Lexie shows up in Haven
Justyna Kubica:
I really wanted to call this scene a reunion. But it wouldn't be accurate, since it was only one-sided. I expected Lexie not to remember her past versions, but for a second I had hope she would. Still, it was a very powerful, emotional scene and I felt it deserved to be included in the article. I'm so glad that, in a way, Audrey's home. I really miss her, even though I like Lexie, she's a very intriguing character. She made a big leap of faith in this episode and it brought her to the people who love her. Speaking of. Poor Nathan! He's really such a tragic character in this season. I never expected people to hate him so much. All he ever did in his life was protecting the people in Haven and now? I do know that his actions made things worse for many of them, but it's not like he was aware of this, he didn't purposely hurt anyone and yet the entire blame rests with him. It shouldn't. And the fact that poor guy just wants to sacrifce his life to help others... it hurts. I'm really hoping that Lexie's loss of memory is going to buy them enough time to find another way and change things. Because it's not good, not at all.

HOMELAND, "Tin Man Is Down", September 29, 2013, Actors: Claire Danes, Mandy Patinkin, Tracy Letts
The Scene: Carrie watches Saul's testimony (picked by Alex Zhora and DarkUFO)

HOSTAGES, "Invisible Leash", September 30, 2013, Actor: Toni Collette
The Scene: Ellen finds out it's her fault that her collegue was killed
Daniel van der Veer:
The moment that Ellen finds out it is her fault that her collegue was killed, is very emotional. It also shows that her actions are not without any consequences.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, "Last Time in New York", September 30, 2013, Actors: Josh Radnor, Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan
The Scenes: Barney tells Ted that he saw him and Robin at the carousel & Lily's lecture to Ted
This moment got me completely off guard, and the tone on Barney's voice and the expression on Ted's face just show how much impact these actors can make with just a line. Perfection at its finest.
Babar Suhail: Lily's lecture to Ted.
Klutzy Girl: Lily's speech to Ted. It made me sad and nostalgic at once with the flashbacks, but I loved it.
Diana Mack: The last scene. A happy Ted decides he wants to stop avoiding Barney, so he wants to share the bottle of Glen McKenna with him. But when he approaches, Barney says he saw him and Robin at the carousel, where she was looking for the missing locket.

NASHVILLE, "Never No More", October 2, 2013, Actors: Clare Bowen, Charles Esten
The Scene: Scarlett calls Deacon out on his behavior
Klutzy Girl:
I love him, but he definitely needed to hear what she said. And hopefully she gets through to him.

NCIS, "Past, Present, and Future", October 1, 2013, Actors: Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo
The Scenes: The final farewell to Ziva & Tony and Ziva in the garden
Jimmy Ryan:
The final farewell to Ziva as Tony boarded the plane was the most emotional scene the show has had in several years. Enough said. It was a poignant moment that will be remembered for many years to come.
Bradley Adams: Tony and Ziva in the field when she buries her new 'I Will' list. Such an emotional scene. Tony finally showed his affection for Ziva here. I personally think it was more emotional than the leaving scene.
Klutzy Girl: Tony and Ziva's kiss. It was a goodbye and a promise all in one. I still have hope they'll end up together in the end.
Daniel van der Veer: Tony and Ziva in the garden - This was such an emotional scene. Beautifully acted by Cote and Michael.

NCIS: LOS ANGELES, "Impact", October 1, 2013, Actors: Eric Christian Olsen, Daniela Ruah
The Scene: Kensi visits Deeks at the end
Justyna Kubica:
Second week in a row one of my favorite scenes is the one with Deeks and Kensi. But there was something very unique about it. It was so hard to watch Deeks falling apart in the aftermath of his tortures, not being able to sleep, work or talk to his friends. And somehow, at the end of the episode, he finally let his partner in and it was a very sweet, yet quite powerful moment for the two. And a big step for the relationship between them. And I believe the reason he was finally able to fall asleep was the fact that having his best friend next to him made him feel safe, for the first time since all the terible things happened to him. "It's a love story"? The writers seem to slowly work toward making the two a couple and I'm sure that once we get there, they're going to be great, but for now I really enjoy the way things are between Deeks and Kensi. Friendship, trust, partnership. And always begin there for each other.
Daniel van der Veer: Very interesting to see how Deeks deals with the aftermath of his torture. Letting Kensi in is one of the best things he could do.

ONCE UPON A TIME, "The Heart of the Truest Believer", September 29, 2013, Actor: Jennifer Morrison
The Scene: Emma gives birth to Henry
Justyna Kubica:
There were just so many great scenes this week that it seemed impossible to pick just three. But I chose this one as one of my favorites because it's such an important moment from the past of one of the best characters on the show, Emma. And absolutely heartbreaking one. I can't imagine how hard it must be to give up a child. I truly believe it's one of the hardest choices anyone can make in their lifetime. And to be forced to give birth to a baby in a prison and not being able to keep it for so many reasons... And Emma never even believed she could be a mother, considering her life experiences. I also really loved the scene where everyone works together to save Emma. Hard to pick between these two, but eventually I decided to go with the opening part of the season because of the very powerful performance by Jennifer Morrison! Easily one of the best I've seen this week. I'm glad how much has changed for Emma and how she found strength to be there for her son. I hope they'll find him soon.

PERSON OF INTEREST, "Nothing to Hide", October 1, 2013, Actors: Michael Emerson, Sarah Shahi
The Scene: Shaw complains to Finch
Bradley Adams:
Shaw complains to Finch about being stuck in the office building, to which Finch suggests it might stop her shooting someone. Person of Interest banter continues to be brilliant.
Also picked by Sharon Seymour and DarkUFO

REVENGE, "Fear", September 29, 2013, Actors: Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann, Madeleine Stowe, Nick Wechsler, Ashley Madekwe
The Scenes: Emily picks Nolan up from prison & Nolan parachutes into the party & Emily and Victoria take down Ashley & Emily and Jack kiss
As a passionate Revenge fan this was an amazing callback to the pilot where Nolan got Emily out of juvie, and the fact that Emily says "it took me 10 years to return the favor" makes it way more awesome. This pair of characters is probably the show's best.
Ann-Sophie Hamel: Nolan parachutes into the party.
Jamie Coudeville: Season 1 Emily is back. I loved her whole plan to get rid of Ashley. But in this moment you can see her realise that she might have more in common with Victoria than she'd like.
Jaymie Bailey: The best scene of the premiere was definitely the moment when Emily picked Nolan up from prison and returned the favor. That moment makes you appreciate their friendship and the small things TV has to offer. 
Virginia Fontana: Emily and Jack kiss. Even though he immediately twisted the situation to say, rather dishonestly, that he feels nothing for her, that was a crazy hot kiss. These two are meant to be. I hate that circumstances have made their relationship so problematic, but the soapiness is why we watch!

REVOLUTION, "There Will Be Blood", October 2, 2013, Actors: Zak Orth, Elizabeth Mitchell and others
The Scene: Flashback to the Countdown in the Tower
Sharon Seymour:
Flashback to the Countdown in the Tower with Aaron desperately trying to override the computer system.

SCANDAL, "It's Handled", October 3, 2013, Actors: Kerry Washington, Bellamy Young, Tony Goldwyn, Joe Morton
The Scenes: Fitz, Olivia and Mellie talk & Rowan and Olivia argue in the airport hangar & Mellie and Fitz in the Oval office
Fitz, Olivia and Mellie discuss how to approach the affair scandal- it's hard to choose a scene from this week's amazing premiere, but I went down with this one as it did not only show us some great acting, it also gave us some real tension as Fitz seemed to want to go through the issue while Mellie was threatening to destroy both and Olivia tried to contain as much as she could, until she eventually breaks when Fitz hugs her. Amazingly executed.
Jimmy Ryan: An incredible season 3 premiere all round from Scandal this week. My favorite scene from the episode was Rowan and Olivia having a heated discussion in the airport hangar. The words "I am the hell, and the high water" are a pretty ominous sign of what's to come this season.
Spartigus15: As much as i loved the bunker scene and Rowen scenes which were just brilliant. My favorite scene will have to go to Mellie and Fitz in the Oval office! It is ridiculous and awesome how much these two clearly despise each other but they are bounded by a sham marriage, a presidency and the desire for power. Mellie is so ruthless and cunning and I love her for it. She totally rips Fitz a new one when she tells him, she is the one that leaked the other girl's name. Because she figured out Fitz leaked Liv's name. The intensity those two had when they came face to face... I thought someone was going to be swung on. But instead the battle line were drawn and I'm on the edge of my seat with my popcorn in hand to see how it goes down!
Diana Mack: The season premiere was amazing, so it's kinda difficult to pick one single scene tho, but I'll choose one. The scene in which Olivia, Fitz and Mellie are in the same room. You can feel the tension among the three of them; it was like you could be here and listen. Awesome acting! Kelly Washington really deserved that Emmy.
Jaymie Bailey: The scene between Olivia, Fitz and Mellie was one of many amazing scenes from this week's Season 3 premiere. You could actually feel the tension in the room between the 3 after the secret had been publicly leaked. Amazing acting by Kerry Washington, Bellamy Young and Tony Goldwyn!

SONS OF ANARCHY, "Wolfsangel", October 1, 2013, Actors: Kurt Sutter, Donal Logue
The Scene: Otto & Toric's double death in the prison
Max Conte:
Shocking, gruesome and epic. Totally flipped the season on its head getting rid of Toric.

THE BIG BANG THEORY, "The Scavenger Vortex", October 3, 2013, Actors: Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Kunal Nayyar
The Scenes: Penny and Sheldon arrive at a bowling alley & Penny tells Raj to run
Ann-Sophie Hamel:
Penny and Sheldon arrive at a bowling alley. "My brain is better than everybody's". That scene was hilarious.
Babar Suhail: Penny tells Raj to run.

THE BLACKLIST, "The Freelancer (No. 145)", September 30, 2013, Actors: James Spader, Megan Boone, Ryan Eggold
The Scenes: Liz brings her husband home from the hospital & Red tells Elizabeth that Floriana is responsible for the human trafficking
Jimmy Ryan:
The Blacklist did absolutely everything right in the second episode of its first season. It was a big task for the creative team to come up with an episode as compelling as the pilot but they thoroughly delivered. The best scene for me was the closing of the episode, where Liz took her husband home from the hospital having just received advice from Reddington, and reflecting on her decision. The acting by Megan Boone was excellent, and the choice of backing track in the form of 'Citizens' by Alice Russel, was perfect. The flashbacks made the scene even better. Also picked by Sharon Seymour
Bradley Adams: The scene when Red tells Elizabeth that Floriana is actually responsible for the human trafficking. Completely fooled me.

THE BRIDGE, "The Crazy Place", October 2, 2013, Actors: Demián Bichir, Ramón Franco
The Scene: Marco tells Fausto that he wants to kill Tate himself (picked by Alex Zhora and DarkUFO)

THE MENTALIST, "The Desert Rose", September 29, 2013, Actors: Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Amanda Righetti
The Scene: The last scene & Jane and Lisbon argue about her telling Van Pelt of his list of suspects
Diana Mack:
The last scene in which Jane managed to call Lisbon, but there's Red John on the phone. Then we see Red John painting a bloody smile in Lisbon's face... my heart skipped a bit.
Virginia Fontana: Jane and Lisbon argue about her telling Van Pelt of his list of suspects. I loved everything about this scene: how intense it was, because of the danger of their situation with Red John as well as Jane and Lisbon's barely repressed feelings for each other...and Van Pelt standing there in a respectfully stunned mode, fully aware of all of the above. Excellent season premiere!

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, "I Know What You Did Last Summer", October 3, 2013, Actors: Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen
The Scene: Damon saves Jeremy
Jamie Coudeville:
I feel like these two have come full circle (with Damon killing Jeremy in the Season 2 premiere). I love their dynamic. As much as I loved the Damon & Elena scenes (which trust me, was a lot), this one was definitly my favorite.

TROPHY WIFE, "Cold File", October 1, 2013, Actors: Marcia Gay Harden, Bailee Madison, Ryan Lee
The Scene: The salsa dancing
A Dahne:
I don't usually put comedies on this list since dramas tend to have better scenes, but no one this week was more cunning and devious than Marcia Gay Harden using salsa dancing to mentally compel her kids to confess to spilling salsa on the couch. Brilliantly done and funny to boot.

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