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Revolution 2.04 "Patriot Games" Review: Levelling the Playing Field

     This week’s episode of Revolution, “Patriot Games,” was written by Anne Cofell Saunders and Paul Grellong and directed by Charles Beeson. The various plots are starting to come together, and I don’t think it will be long before all of the main characters are back together.

    The episode begins with a great fight scene. It’s really nice to see them letting Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) hold her own – until the roofie takes affect anyway. There’s a great fade out from her eyes to Rachel’s (Elizabeth Mitchell). At first it feels like Rachel may be dreaming, until she runs into Miles (Billy Burke), who tells her she was out for three days and introduces her to Ed Truman (Steven Culp) – one of the Patriots with the US government. Miles is still using his alias and Truman calls him Stu, but he calls Rachel, Rachel, and we already know that there is a bounty on her head. It was pretty shocking to find out that Ken (Richard T Jones) was a sleeper for the Patriots. I wonder if Gene (Stephen Collins) is as well, and that is what or who that is protecting Rachel.

    Once again Stephen Collins delivers another amazing performance as he tries to discourage Rachel from getting involved. We learn that Rachel had tried to kill herself after coming back to Willoughby. It’s possible the Patriots were targeting Willoughby with Titus (Matt Ross) to begin with in an attempt to prove they are the good guys and to keep Rachel in line.

    The fact that they are calling themselves Patriots, clearly links them to Randall and the bombs, as does the fact that they are blaming Foster and Monroe for the bombs and Rachel, Miles, and Aaron (Zak Orth) all know that isn’t the truth. This proves to Rachel that she isn’t being paranoid and that Randall was part of a bigger conspiracy. She breaks into Truman’s office and comes across letterhead with the eye on it, and that’s what saves her when Ken almost kills her – she sees he has the same symbol on papers.

    Ken tells Rachel that he’s been a Patriot for seven years – but the blackout was over 15 years ago. So they’ve been working in the background for quite some time but not since before the blackout. He also reveals that they have been infiltrating many small towns – and no doubt exploiting others like Titus, so they can sweep in as the good guys, building support. Ken tells her that they want her – that they didn’t want him to hurt her. Clearly, the Patriots have plans for her. Rachel tells him she’ll go away and not say anything. Ken tells her “once you start, you never stop. It’s just who you are” – echoing what Gene says to her. I was sorry to see Jones go as I’d come to like Ken – but of course, that was the point – I was completely blind-sided by his betrayal.

    Miles goes over the wall and discovers that the Patriots already have all of Titus’s men, and he discovers Titus. Titus tells Miles he was betrayed by “Judas” – Garrett (Jason Douglas). Miles and Titus fight and Titus is killed – which is too bad because Titus was seriously creepy! But the character had served his purpose. Aaron meanwhile experiences visions of Miles. As we see Aaron’s perspective, Miles looks up and sees fireflies. When Miles is seemingly cornered, he sees swarm of fireflies. Aaron has another vision and the two men about to take Miles prisoner burst into flames as Aaron “watches,” allowing Miles to escape.

    Charlie is convinced that Monroe (David Lyons) is a sociopath and a killer, and she tells him so. She isn’t at all convinced by his declaration that he wants to try to make amends. She’s not at all convinced by him coming to her rescue but reluctantly concedes that she can’t get away from him.

    Tom (Giancarlo Esposito), meanwhile, is having trouble moving up in the ranks as his commanding officer, Cooke (Damon Carney), still doesn’t trust him and keeps giving him the crappiest assignments. Tom’s sequence opens with a great fight scene as well, ending with him losing a molar. A quick shout out to Jeff Wolfe, the stunt coordinator on the show for some really terrific action sequences already this season. Tom discovers Cooke’s drug habit and follows him to the drug house where he ties him down and demands no more crap details, a promotion, and where Jason (JD Pardo) is. He doesn’t know, and Tom kills him with an overdose. There’s a nice parallel of the scenes of Tom and Rachel cleaning up after themselves, hiding the evidence.

    The next day Allenford (Nicole Ari Parker) finds Tom taking charge of the troops in Cooke’s absence. She allows him to take the promotion, but lies and says that Cooke has been transferred to another camp – without missing a beat. Clearly, nothing is meant to tarnish the reputation of the Patriots. It was nice to see that Tom does actually have some feelings for Jason and is trying to find out where he is, presumably to be reunited with him, or at least make sure he's safe. Of course, it's also possible that Tom is simply concerned that Jason may blow his own cover.

    Rachel and Miles decide they have to do something and Miles vows not to let Rachel break everything again. The episode ends with Miles announcing that every occupation should have a resistance. The final shot is Monroe and Charlie closing in on Willoughby – no doubt to join the resistance. Tom should provide their contact on the inside. All in all, things are starting to come together for an exciting season. What did you think of the episode? Who else do you think might be a mole for the Patriots? Do you think Monroe can be trusted? What else do you think Aaron is going to be able to do? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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