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Revolution 2.03 "Love Story" Review: All You Need Is Love


     This week’s episode of Revolution, “Love Story” was written by David Rambo and directed by Helen Shaver. The episode really focuses on the destructive power of love in three main story lines. Once again, the episode is fast paced with lots of action. I have to admit that the episode did captivate me quite as much as the first two, and I had to give it some thought before I could really decide what I thought of it. In the end, I think it did work because it carries the theme of love through in several interesting ways.

    The first, and most obvious, of the love stories depicted in the episode is that of Titus (Matt Ross) and Jessica (Deborah Puette). Titus’s entire bloodthirsty campaign is to supply his diabetic wife with clean blood to keep her alive. I have to admit that after last week’s revelation about his relationship with his students, I was a bit shocked to find out that he had a wife at all. Of course, the fact that his relationship was equally unhealthy seemed appropriate. His unhealthy and obsessive love lead him to extreme measure to keep her alive, even when she welcomed death as a way to escape from him.

    It was hinted at last season that Tom’s (Giancarlo Esposito) and Julia’s (Kim Raver) relationship was also not exactly a traditional love story, and her death (we think) lead to Tom’s considering suicide. Frankly, Julia somewhat creeped me out as a Stepford wife-type wife. Once again Esposito was outstanding in the episode. He plays along while he and Jason (JD Pardo) are “vetted” by the Patriots. His obsessive need to avenge Julia’s death leads Tom to agree to let Allenford (Nicole Ari Parker) do whatever she likes with Jason as long as she accepts Tom into her inner circle. He is willing to sacrifice his son to exact revenge for the loss of his wife. I wonder if this betrayal by Tom may be the thing that sends Jason off to find his own storyline – or maybe the assignment that Allenford has for him will do that.

    It’s always great to watch Esposito in a scene in which Tom goes through so many masks. At first he insists that they are Edgar and Nate, but when it’s obvious that that ruse is just not going to fly, he very convincingly tells them that he knows who dropped the bomb and killed his wife and swears vengeance on Sebastian Monroe (David Lyons) his former leader. I have to think that Allenford is at least pretty sure that Tom is lying, just as her officer realizes Tom is disloyal and conniving. I thought Allenford’s basic sentiment to keep your friends close but your enemies closer was a reasonable strategy here. She certainly indicates that recognizes that Tom has a unique skill set. I wonder if they are setting Tom and Allenford up to become a couple at some point.

    The third love story in the episode is, of course, Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Miles (Billy Burke). Rachel going to rescue Miles at all costs and Miles willing to sacrifice himself if it means Rachel being safe are really the last little bits of evidence that we need – if we were still doubting. The fact that there love story is paired with the other two is likely a good clue to how we are meant to see it – as an unhealthy obsession and one that may be doomed. However, there are significant differences, especially the fact that Rachel is a lot more active and independent than either Julia or Jessica, and the last scene with them fighting back to back was great.

    Another love story is that between Aaron (Zak Orth) and Cynthia (Jessica Collins). Once again we see Aaron in the role of protector. He’s still not a great fighter, but at least he’s learning to fight. I loved Cynthia trying to convince Aaron that he’s been chosen and him replying with a classic, “I’m not Harry Potter.” He vehemently denies that his coming back to life was a miracle; it wasn’t God giving him a poke because people don’t get chosen. Cynthia, who has chosen Aaron herself, tells him he just was. It’s going to be interesting to see how this line between spiritual and scientific (nanotech) explanations plays out.

    Meanwhile, Monroe gets the drop on Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Adam (Patrick Heusinger). Adam has spun a noble backstory for Charlie about using the bounty to save his father. Monroe quickly demonstrates that Adam is lying and has Bounty papers on Rachel. Monroe urges Charlie to go home amd warn her – and he’ll go with her. Another love story – this time a triangle. We see the “Eye of Providence” again – this time on the bounty papers. Of course, it’s use in the Great Seal of the United States makes it a perfect symbol for the Patriots who claim to be the true government. We learn the symbol was also on Flynn’s ring. The symbol is also associate with the idea of God watching over humankind. In the case of the US, suggesting God’s blessings on its undertakings. This ties in nicely with the possible theme of God/spirituality being in some conflict with technology and science.

    It’s also revealed that Garrett (Jason Douglas) is actually the one calling the shots in regards to Titus. Garrett urges Titus to back down and when he doesn’t he kills him. It seems that the Patriots are creating situations in which they can swoop in and save the day. In fact, one of the things that attracts Tom’s attention is the coincidence of the Patriots arriving with food in the refugee camp at just the right moment. If the Patriots are interested in capturing Monroe, I wonder how excited they will be to find they have Miles.

    It will be interesting going forward if Aaron has in fact become chosen. I think he likely has been chosen – to be the leader of the nanytes. We saw last season that Aaron figured prominently in the journal and that the tech was based on some of his own theories. I think it would be interesting to see that the nanytes think of him as a “father” figure and may be hardwired to respond to him in some way and to protect him. I believe we’ll see Aaron harness the power of the nanytes at some point.

    What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised to see Garrett controlling Titus? Do you think that Aaron has been chose? Let me know in the comments below.

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