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Pretty Little Liars - Episode 4.13 - Grave New World - Recap

WARNING: If you have not watched the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special, do not continue reading. There are MAJOR spoilers in this recap!

When we last saw our Liars, they were in the graveyard-filled-darker-tinted Ravenswood. The girls stumbled upon A's (supposedly Ezra's) lair, and Aria de-faced Red Coat, who turned out to be Ce Ce Drake! Despite Mrs. Grunwald's warnings, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria decide to stay for Ravenswood's Founders Day Celebration in hopes of learning more about Rosewood's Queen Bee, who they think to be A-live! THE SEARCH FOR ALISON IS ON.

The Liars look as fabulous as ever while crashing the Ravenswood party, and Ezra is lurking closely behind in the shadows. On his journey to Ravenswood to help Hanna and the girls, Caleb meets Miranda (Nicole Anderson), who's determined to find something to eat on their bus ride. Seriously, give the girl some chips!

Back at the party, the girls are desperately looking for "A" and any clues leading to their best friend's whereabouts. With the possibility of Alison still being alive and roaming around Ravenswood, the Liars are seeing and hearing her everywhere. They find a secret tunnel in the graveyard, and no matter how creepy, they are determined to see where it leads. And of course, they lose Hanna along the way! Don't you girls know the rules of scary movies/special Halloween episodes? Stick together! While wandering around by herself, Hanna comes across a "HELP ME" message assumed to be from Alison, and "gas mask" is only a few steps behind. She gets locked in a phone booth, and without a doubt, the phone rings and only creepy music plays on the other end of the line.

Spencer, now off on her own, has a showdown with "gas mask," and my money's on the Liars every time... even if Spencer does bump her head and is knocked unconscious for a few minutes. After Emily and Aria come to her aid, the girls find Alison's voice they've been hearing all night -- on a recorder. Turns out the creepy old house belonged to Mrs. Grunwald, who leaves us with a mysterious riddle: "One of you has been touched by the one Alison fears the most." Ezra Fitz, I'm pointing at you!

Even the scariest episode of the season has a sad moment: Hanna and Caleb's heart-felt goodbye. The best part of all is that Hanna gives Caleb the okay to stay in Ravenswood to help Miranda. Oh, the Haleb feels!

Ezra rAndomly shows up when the girls need help leaving Ravenswood, and he drives them back to Rosewood. Back at Spencer's barn, where it all started, the Liars come face-to-face with their not-so-missing best friend, Alison DiLaurentis! Yes, that's right. The Queen Bee of Rosewood is A-L-I-V-E!

Catch your breath, Liars! Now you know that Alison DiLaurentis...is alive! Don't miss the second half of Season 4, which starts on January 7, 2014.

What did you think of the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special? Let's chat in the comments!

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