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Person of Interest - Episode 3.06 - Mors Praematura - Review: Rooting Against Vigilance

While Root coaxes Shaw into helping her with a mission that the Machine has assigned her, Finch goes undercover with an estate investigator who's number has come up. In true Person of Interest style, the two storylines intertwine resulting in a positive outcome for Finch.

Having been kidnapped by Root, Shaw's first instinct is the same as always. Threaten Root with a knife. As productive as this may have been with any normal kidnapper, Root is much more methodical and was always going to talk her way out of trouble. She reveals to Shaw that the Machine has given her a mission, one that requires Shaw's involvement if it is to be completed. As a supposed servant of the Machine, Root followed orders.

Root is a dangerous enemy. She knows things, things which can be used against people. For example, she explained to Shaw about how the Machine told her about Shaw's father (what we learnt last week), which she used to convince Shaw to help her. The mission, unknown to Shaw, supposedly is unpredictable to Root; apparently she only knows what she has to do a second before she does it. As we can see throughout the episode, that statement is a blatant lie.

From the first second, I believe Root knew what would happen. Planting the package by the statue (where she also told Shaw to think 'impact' upon seeing it again), informing Shaw of what appeared to be random information - everything she did suggested advance knowledge of events. Obviously, this information comes from the Machine, yet Root said that the Machine is the one that waits until the last second. What reason would she have to lie?

While the new partnership between Shaw and Root was slowly growing, Finch had received the number of Tim Sloan, an estate investigator, and went undercover with him in order to try and protect/stop him. The story quickly developed into Sloan's investigation into his foster brother Jason Greenfield's death. While Finch set out to help Sloan, he felt it necessary to help Sloan.

Supposedly, Greenfield was a hacker, yet he had no forms of technology in his house. He died of a heroin overdose, yet vowed never to take drugs. This brings Sloan to the conclusion that his brother was murdered. As he and Finch investigate, their life comes under threat as a storage unit explodes while they're in it. If not for the timely intervention of Reese (who had been busy searching for Shaw), Bear would have had one less owner.

Root turning herself into the CIA was quite unexpected. As with everything Root does, there is a reason, but as always we don't yet know it. As we see, she ends up with a cellmate, none other than Jason Greenfield. Reese and Finch figure out that he was part of a group called Vigilance, led by Peter Collier. That's right, we get a better knowledge of the group that killed Wayne Kruger (an act that causes Greenfield to leave) in 'Nothing to Hide'.

Now we know that both Finch and Root are working on the same mission, but with slightly different objectives. Finch's is to save Sloan's life after he was kidnapped by Vigilance, while Root's is to allow Greenfield to escape Vigilance and the CIA. Both lead to one final confrontation at the previously visited intersection with the statue and Root's package.

When presented with the choice of saving Sloan or capturing Collier, Reese only had one option. Collier managed to escape, but Root, despite allowing Greenfield to get away and start a new life, was captured by Shaw. Finch, understandably concerned about the threat she poses, keeps her locked away with an ankle bracelet and away from any communication with the Machine. Despite her pleas that it would make her angry, Finch suggests it might be the Machine's wish to have Root locked away.

In the meantime, Laskey completes his first assignment under Carter's observation. When an old friend of his pays HR a reduced amount of money, Simmons kills him and orders Laskey to dispose of the body. Simmons describes this as a lesson, one which Laskey expressed his concerns to Carter about. He also shares that he's one of 12 Russians on the force, and that his real name is Mikhail Lesnichy. I'm not sure what relevance this has, but I'm sure it'll have some relevance in episodes to come.

Other bits:

  • Fusco was back. For 31 seconds. Really Person of Interest?
  • Finch may want to look into a career of estate investigation. He did quite well in finding information in a supposed rat-infested apartment.
  • Root hinted at a third category along with relevant and irrelevant. Also, she seemed very tall compared to Shaw. I hadn't noticed that before.
  • A spaghetti/oxygen tank blowtorch. That was cool.
  • Root eating an apple while Shaw fights was brilliant.
  • "Contrary to the saying, his bite is worse."
  • Fantastic of the show to bring back the 'Listening with a Million Ears' music, even if it was only for a few seconds. Ramin Djawadi is a genius with the soundtrack.

This was a really good episode. One thing I like about the show is how they always have a trick up their sleeve. Bringing back villains unsuspectingly is brilliant, and it keeps me on edge. I love Root's storyline but I have a feeling we won't be seeing her again for a while. 9/10.

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