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How I Met Your Mother- Episode 9.06 "Kinght Vision" Review- A strong installment is great on comedic stuff

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Man, How I Met Your Mother has been having fun lately! Last week I mentioned how the show decided to take things lightly and just throw some jokes around, easy on the emotional stuff and deliver good comedic moments. This week we have Ted tied up with an annoying girl, Marshall preparing for his face off with Lily and Robin and Barney dealing with their minister, and all of these storylines work almost perfectly. There are some mere details that prevent this episode from being perfect, but we’ll get to that later.

I’ll start with Ted: Barney and Robin decide to hook up Ted with someone for the weekend, but Ted finds someone by himself. Unlucky Ted would have never imagined that this girl (Cassie) would be his nightmare; at first it seemed like the perfect hook up as she was committed to some meaningless sex and flirt lately (“what a visionary!”), but as she gets a call from work and got fired the night turns around and Ted’s up for a very bad time. It turns out Casssie’s car was robbed, she is probably getting the flu, she is still recuperating from her break up with her ex-boyfriend Wesley, she drags Ted to some dinning with her parents (which he has to pay for) and the thing just goes on and on. And any given opportunity Ted has to back out he ruins it by choosing poorly. At the end, after a disappointing attempt to have sex, everyone in the inn thinks that Cassie and Ted are the couple of the weekend, so he has no chance with anyone; though at the time it seemed like Ted chose poorly, this all allowed Ted to finally meet the mother (and now we have a reason for why we haven’t seen the mother so far, but come on! A little screen time for her!).

Though not the kind of meaningful story the show usually makes, it’s very funny to watch. Sure, Cassie is way over the top, but seeing Josh Radnor playing frustrated is enough to lift the whole story and make me laugh as hell.

Barney and Robin’s storyline is a bit predictable, but it has some really good moments: they stole Marshall and Lily’s story of how they met, and when Lily tries to win over their minister and tells him her “how we met story” she soon finds out what Robin and Barney did. She asks them to tell the true, but as they didn’t, Lily decides to steal Robin and Barney’s “how we met story” and man… that was great! I mean, this is probably one of my favorite moments of the whole season so far; there’s nothing like watching Lily play Robin and Marshall play Barney in the biggest pilot callback the show has done so far. I cracked; I couldn’t help but laugh so hard.

Of course, the minister finds out about the lie and he tells Barney and Robin that they can’t get married in his church; both of them are pissed and insist that, even if their actual story isn’t perfect, they are happy that it brought them together. It’s a sweet moment of honesty and it dispels any kind of doubt one could have about this couple. And in a bit shocking (but not unusual in sitcoms) turn of events reverend Lowell dies. So now they can use the church, but they have to find a new minister (or pull a wedding at Bernie’s as Barney suggests).

Meanwhile, we finally have some Marshall/Daphne interaction that has been to a minimum since the premiere. It’s great, Daphne has proved to be a very good character and a very good pair with Marshall. As time goes by it seems they are slowly building some kind of friendship and it’s great, Sherri Shephard and Jason Segel are a great comedic pair.

Daphne tries to prepare Marshall for his face off with Lily once he gets to the inn; they have to start over several times (“so you think dream job is more important than my dream job?” “but baby, you have already the best job in the world: mom!” “no, start over!”) until Marshall slips out that he has already taken the job. Daphne is offended, because she once had to put her dreams aside for her husband; that jobs turns out to be working for oil companies, Marshall sworn enemies. It’s great how the writers keep adding tension between these two, but at the same time it seems that they will inevitably become close friends. As Ted said in 3x09 (“Slapsgiving”) “friendship is an involuntary reflex” and that echoes true in this case.

Finally, Marshall apologizes for freaking out about Daphne’s job and recognizes that he shouldn’t have taken the job without talking to Lily, and Daphne also apologies, as in her anger she called Lily and told her everything. The episode cuts to black with Marshall holding the cellphone in his hand, preparing for a big fight. That was a truly shocking, impactful moment, the kind of moments HIMYM delivers so greatly.

The episode is about perfect for me, there are some rough moments, like the awkwardness when Cassie associates dessert with Wesley, when Ted and Cassie run into Wesley and Sophia or their failed attempt to have sex (which was sadder than funnier) and the reverend’s stone face grew old soon. But these are minors’ flaws to a really good episode. I’m really excited about what’s to come.

Grade: A-

Stray Observations:

-No fallout between Robin and Barney’s mom… Yet.

-The writers said someone would die this season. Is reverend Lowell the one they were talking about? Probably, because I can’t see them killing anyone else, though I wouldn’t be shocked (surprised, maybe).

-It was a bit weird (but not less funny) watching the Indiana Jones references after watching the episode of The Big Bang Theory in which Amy ruins the movie for Sheldon. I couldn’t stop thinking “even if Indiana wasn’t there, the Nazis would have been stopped anyway”. Just a fun fact.

-Marshall: “Lily doesn’t say: What the damn hell!”
Daphne: “Well I haven’t met her. But yes she does.”
Marshall: “You make some good points”.
Daphne: “Wow, you are terrible at this!”.

-How many more times is the show going to make a reference to Weekend at Bernie’s before it ends? I hope many.

-Next Monday: A somewhat Halloween themed episode. And somehow it looks like Lily isn’t angry at Marshall, so maybe Daphne actually didn’t tell her anything? I don’t know, we’ll see.

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