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Homeland - 3.02 - Uh... Oh... Ah...- Review

This week was Homeland's second episode to season 3. What I saw was, this episode is easily the beginning of the end for Carrie. Last week, I associated Saul's testimony as friendship, as a ruse to help Carrie out. It's getting harder and harder to defend him.

The episode started off with Carrie, barging in to Saul's house, where his creepy wife told her he was not there. Carrie looked quite crazy there. I was sure she would beat someone up, right then and there, but then again, her so called friend sold her out in front of pretty much, everybody.

Carrie, during her mission to bring the CIA to the ground(at least what's left of it) got herself committed to the psychiatric hospital. After trying to explain her side of the story to a journalist, she was put on 24 hour Psyciatric Detention. Who is the one pulling the strings here, Saul, Quinn or someone higher? I honestly thought she would be getting out. That is, until her sister learned, from our good friend Saul, that she was off her meds. Was this out of friendship, it's hard to say. Is he concerned, as is his sister, or just looking for personal gain? Carrie was probably starting to piss off some pretty powerful people, defulging CIA national secrets to the press. Then again, when she is on her meds, her mind can get kind of dulled. I don't say she is better off her meds, but she is definatly better at her job. It's her craziness and intensity that helps her take terrorists down. She saw through Brody while no one else could. The thing is, I think Carrie is pretty well off her meds. That is, when she isn’t ambushed in every direction by people she thought she could trust.

The “leave me alone” line was so creapy, thumbs up to Claire Danes.


The Brody family was slowly trying to get back to normal after Dana's suicide attempt. Dana is really a bitch with her mother, “It’s called being infamous”. The thing is, Jessica really pushes my buttons for reasons kind of obscure to me, so, I am enjoying their relationship. Why Jesica is being so hard on Dana is kind of besides me. On impulse, one night, after a fight with her mother, Dana decides to go meet up with her boyfriend (The dead kid, Zack, from Dexter) and they have crazy young sex in a laundy mat, hope the sheets were clean. Is it just me, or was there no way in hell, they weren’t getting caught? Also, I find it pretty uncool of her to leave and not tell anyone, she could of told her brother, he looks like a nice kid.

The scene were Dana was looking at pictures of her father and found his praying mat broke my heart a little.

Once again Brody, you were missed, please come back to us.

At Langley, a new translator was introduced. Though because of her veil, I feel we are suppose to not trust her, but that is a ruse. I like her, she doesn't let herself be told what to do by men, especialy not an arrogant banker or a judgey boss, I repect her for it. She looks competent and I hope she won’t trust Saul, cause she'll probably be pushed under a bus too. We will just have to wait and see.

The episode ended with Carrie telling Saul to go fuck himself, or something along the lines of and it was amazing. What kind of meds did they give her, boy did her body look out of it. You could see in her eyes, though, that she was still there fighting.

Is Deana too hard on Jessica, or Jessica too hard on Dana?

Is Saul with or against Carrie?

Is Carrie really crazy, or is it all a play?

Could Carrie take her meds or was she fine of them?

Anyone care to explain the title of this episode?