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Character Descriptions

DR. ALAN FARRAGUT (Billy Campbell)

As a top pathologist at the CDC, he is first and foremost a man of science, having dedicated his life to understanding, controlling and containing viruses and infectious diseases. An affair between his wife, Julia Walker, and his brother, Peter Farragut, has left Alan closed off emotionally. Now, he finds himself forced to deal with emotions old and new when tasked to save his estranged brother Peter who has become infected with a deadly virus.

DR. HIROSHI HATAKE (Hiroyuki Sanada)

Brimming with confidence, menace, hypnotic charm and brilliance, he is the true mastermind behind Arctic Biosystems. As our team arrives at the base, Hatake’s charm will give way to his mysterious and sometimes ominous presence.

DR. JULIA WALKER (Kyra Zagorsky)

Cellular Biologist. Strong, independent, and smart – a nononsense kind of woman. Walker was doing ground-breaking research with virus vectors at the CDC when her affair with Peter, a momentary lapse in judgment, imploded her entire world. She isolated herself in fieldwork only to be brought back into the fold when she’s notified of Peter’s illness.

DR. SARAH JORDAN (Jordan Hayes)

Virologist. Whip smart, ambitious, and calculated, yet incredibly naïve. A control freak at heart, Jordan excels at being able to construct highly controlled experiments and is quickly becoming one of the greatest viral pathologist of her time, but, for Jordan, her rise to notoriety isn’t happening fast enough.


A military engineer with a dark secret. A childhood surrounded by death while growing up in the favelas of Brazil led to an adulthood mired in black ops and clandestine missions.

DANIEL AEROV (Meegwun Fairbrother)

Hatake’s right-hand man and adopted son. Taciturn, guarded. He’s the very definition of a follower. Daniel is Hatake’s loyal retainer. This base and Hatake are all he’s ever known of the outside world or of family.

Dr. DOREEN BOYLE (Catherine Lemieux)

An accomplished veterinary pathologist, she has seen and heard just about everything. Some may think she’s a little rough around the edges but for Doreen, she sees it as well-voiced pragmatisms.


Alan’s brother. Charming and charismatic but flawed. Jealousy has been his ultimate downfall, particularly of his brother’s success. Then came Walker. We first meet Peter after he’s been infected by a deadly and mysterious virus.