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Hawaii Five-O - Episode 4.03 - Ka’ola L’o Ma Loko - Review

The third episode of Hawaii five-O has aired and what a fantastic episode! The episode was called ‘Ka’ola L’o Ma Loko’, which means ‘The Truth Within’ and was written by Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt.

The episode opens up with a beautiful night scene of Hawaii showing the beach and the area, it then jumps to a husband and wife are joking around in their house, teasing each other and kissing. The wife then pushes her husband in the pool as a joke and at the exact moment three hooded men come into the house with laser guns, shoots the wife in the back and moves forward to shoot the husband as well. The Camera zooms out from both their bodies in the pool and zooms across the house and it focuses on a baby monitor and in the background we hear a baby crying.

The next scene we see Steve waking up in bead and he notices Catherine is not there, she is outside looking aimlessly at the ocean. Steve realises that she is nervous about her last day and putting on her uniform for the last time. Steve reassures her that she is making the right decision and says it’s the beginning of a new adventurer for her, just as they are about to kiss the phone rings and his job interrupts them like always.

When Steve arrives at the Crime scene Chin tells him that the victims’ names are Kaylea and Dr Phillip Van Horn, who is a big Philanthropist on the island. Danny points out the security system and questions how the killer got in, and they find out that all the cameras were disabled. When inside they see the whole place trashed, coming to the conclusion that the killers were looking for something and it wasn’t a normal robbery. While looking at the house Danny hears a cry and goes upstairs to find the husband’s and wife’s little girl and the cop upstairs tells him that they are waiting for child services to put up the girl.

We then jump to Max on the phone speaking in German, while Steve and Danny walk in. Danny points out that he didn’t know Max spoke German and Max replied saying “In the words of Optimus Prime I am more than meets the eye”. Max then tells Steve that he may have acquired the item he was looking for as a gift to Catherine. Danny has no idea what they are talking about and he gets jealous because Max and Steve call each other BFFs. (It quite cute really) Okay back to the case, Max has found that there were three shooters all with suppressers and it looks like a professional hit.

While Max is telling them this the sister of Kaylea comes in to see her body. Steve and Danny question her about if she knew what the killers might have been looking for and she said she didn’t know but wanted them find who did this to her sister and brother-in-law. We are also told that she will be looking after her niece.

Back at the Five-O headquarters Chin and Danny find out that Phillip had a brother and that all family values would go to in his death, they also find out that his brother, Hewitt has multiple arrests, drug charges and that at the time of the death the security gate was accessed with his code.

We then see, Hewitt with some girls in an apartment drinking and doing drugs, Steve and Danny interrupt the party and kick the girls out and tell him that he is stupid for using his own code to get in his brother’s house and kill him and his wife. When they tell him this he goes quiet and starts crying because he didn’t know his brother was dead. He tells them that it is his entire fault because a few days ago someone wanted his access code to the security system and he gave it to them for $15,000, however, Hewitt can still useful because he remembers what the guy looked like.

While Danny and Steve are driving back to the headquarters Danny gives Steve a lecture on letting Catherine take the job with her ex-boyfriend. This is quite hilarious because Danny explains the situation like this, “If you take a boy rabbit and you take a girl rabbit and put them in a cage together over a long period of time, what do you think is going to happen?” Danny thinks Catherine will develop her past feelings with Billy again but Steve dismisses it and says it a stupid assumption.

At the headquarters Chin finds out the only item that was missing from the house was a 150 year old carved leaf, which was the least valuable item. The leaf has the Royal League symbol on it, which is a secret Hawaiian society and it was a part of the Horn family. Chin knows someone that is more familiar with the workings of the secret society and different conspiracy theories, however, he sets three rules for Danny and Steve when meeting him; 1. Hide the badges, 2. Don’t initiate contact with him (handshaking is fine) and 3. Don’t mention JFK, Area 51 or the Apollo moon landing. Danny takes the joke out of this and askes can we feed him after midnight.

This is the point where the Lost fans can get excited because this is the first scene we get to see Jorge Garcia as Jerry. Chin introduces them and Jerry tells them that they used to be in band camp together. This is my favourite line of the episode because it has a Lost reference in it. Jerry asks Chin if he remembers how tiny the tents were and Chin says “Dude, how can I forget it was like we were on a deserted island all summer”. (Okay moving on from my fan-girling experience)

They ask Jerry about the leaf and he goes on a rant about how the leaf it actually a key to a 700 year old treasure and then he mentions three Italian rings that were stolen in history and never found and the leaf could be the key to finding them. Steve then gets a call saying they have a match to the description given by Hewitt to a man name Griffen that has lots of priors and an current address. When Steve and Danny go to the address, it’s an empty warehouse with some moulding of plastic and a pile of bones with a bullet hole in the skull.

Jerry then meets Danny and Steve in front of headquarters near the King Kamehameha Statute, and tells him of letters that were stolen about three week ago that were written from Jonas Van Horn to Daniel Frost, the letters themselves they are useless ramblings, however, Jerry believes they are in code and there is a hidden message behind them. Jerry also tells them that Daniel Frost was actually an apprentice of the person who made the original King Kamehameha Statute, which was made in 1880, which was also the same time the Italian rings went missing and he believes they are in the statute.

Steve considers this and thinks about the moulding found in the warehouse and realises that the killers were trying to make a moulding of the statute to steal the original. Jerry tells them the statute they are currently standing in front is not the original statute it got placed somewhere else. While Danny, Steve, Jerry and Kamekona ride their way over to where the statute is Steve calls up Catherine and sends her a copy of the letters to try a decrypt them. When they get to the statute Steve smashes it and they realise it is the fake.

They look at security footage of a couple of days ago where the statute was held and find three guys stealing the statute, however, none of them appear to be Griffen and Max walks in at that time and tells them Griffen has been dead the whole time. Chin then runs a facial recognition on the other three guys.

While they are searching the different faces Max has a package for Steve, Catherine’s present. Max tells Steve that it’s going to cost him $1,300, which Steve says he doesn’t have that much, he only has $78, which Max then takes the package back off him.

Chin gets a hit for three people, Ellis Gregory, Peter Sibbalo and Aaron Durley and find that they were in Italy three week ago, when the letters were stolen. Catherine then calls Steve saying they is something hidden in the letters and Jerry was right. Jerry, Danny and Steve go to Catherine’s work and they manage to decipher the letters which states, “Beneath the kings heavy right foot a leaf reveals with a turn the truth within”. Steve then gets a location of the three men and leads him into another warehouse.

At the warehouse they is only one of them and the statute is there, however, not opened yet. Steve then realises that they don’t have the leaf key yet and he needs to know where the other two are. Danny threatens to shoot the guy in the head and he tells them the others are at the Honolulu Museum of Art in O’ahu to steal the leaf.

Steve and Danny manage to get to the museum just in time when the others are stealing the leaf and they shoot one guy, but the other one starts running and gets on a motorcycle which Steve shoots the tire and the bike flips. Steve retrieves the leaf and gives Jerry the honour of placing it in the foot of King Kamehameha and it opens up and reveals the lost/stolen three rings. Jerry is really excited and brings Steve and Danny in for a big bear hug.

We then see Danny going to the house of the sister and the little girl and gives them the monkey that was once Grace’s. The episode ends with Catherine’s ceremony and Steve gives her the present (which is cute because it means he paid Max the $1,300 for it) the present is finally shown and it is a box that plays Chicago which Catherine’s mum used to play for her when she was scared. The final scene shows Catherine smiling at Billy and Steve watching them both oddly. THE END

I really enjoyed everything about this episode; especially the whole treasure finding twist to it and I really love Jorge Garcia!!!

I would like to give this episode 10 out of 10 because it was just so fantastic, and I think I might go watch it again!

Below is a all new promo of Hawaii Five-O

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