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Hart of Dixie - Episode 3.03 - Take This Job and Shove It - Review: The Best Laid Plans

Not much actually happened in this week’s episode of Hart of Dixie. Zoe tried to get her old job back while Lemon took on the new leader of the Belles. Lavon needed Brick’s help wooing the owner of a baseball team in the latest chapter of his war with rival town, Fillmore. AB proved that she is still the best friend ever. Joel continues to show that while he really tries he will never be at home in BlueBell. Wade mostly hung around with Joel and helped Zoe with her problems. And George seems to always find himself in awkward situations. In all it was an episode that was mostly boring filler with pointless plots.

Zoe is left with zero prongs: Zoe is starting to go stir crazy now that she is back in BlueBell without a job after giving up the practice when she decided to stay in New York. She shares her beautiful two prong plan with Joel on how to convince Brick to let her back into the practice. Everything is going well but slowly until Joel runs into Brick at the Dixie Stop and inadvertently picks a fight with him. After George reveals that a non-compete clause prevents either partner from opening a practice for one year within 20 miles of BlueBell, Brick threatens to sue Zoe if she opens her own practice. Brick hires BlueBell’s pharmacist PI, aka Frank from the Dixie Stop, to keep tabs on Zoe and make sure she isn’t practicing medicine. After having to treat George and getting some insight from him on why Brick is really hurt by Zoe’s leaving, Zoe goes to Brick with a check to cover the penalty for practicing medicine in BlueBell. Brick and Zoe have a heart to heart about what transpired and reached an agreement where Zoe can return to the practice as an associate and work her way up and earn her place in the practice.

Most of this story line was silly with Zoe diagnosing Joel with everything under the sun out of boredom and going around town offering medical advice to the townspeople. Of course in BlueBell, Frank would be a PI for 2 hours every day. Why not? The talk between Zoe and Brick is what this show does best. It pulls at the heartstrings. The growing relationship between Brick and Zoe has always been a strong part of the show. It was very touching for Brick to reveal that he missed Zoe and her leaving left a void for him as well. I am glad that they found a way to amicably reach an agreement that has Zoe back in the practice. I think it is very important that Zoe has to earn her place there again instead of just having the partnership handed back to her. She will appreciate it a lot more in the end and won’t be so quick to walk away from it the next time her life gets difficult.

Vive La Resistance!: Lemon has a problem with the way that Crickett, who took over the leadership from Lemon last season, is running the Belles. Lemon invites her fellow Belles over and shares with them her plan to depose Crickett. Crickett arrives and informs Lemon that she has violated the by-laws of the Belles and must face the sanctions of rebellement. Lemon asks Crickett to lift the sanctions due their past history and friendship, but Crickett refuses saying that she learned everything about leading the Belles from Lemon. Somewhere between cleaning graffiti off the Dixie Stop wall and scraping gum off of the sidewalk, Lemon realized that she didn’t want to be part of an organization that would humiliate her. She quit the Belles in grand Lemon fashion with her BFF, AB, following suit giving them 10 extra hours a week.

Lemon has continued to show tremendous growth from who we met in season 1. In the first season, Lemon put Zoe through a similar test with her Belle hazing. She would have put tradition above all else. Lemon has grown to learn that her self-worth is more important than what she always held dear. Although part of Lemon will always be a Belle since it is so ingrained in her. I could have used more of Lemon and AB in their moment of victory.

George can't help getting stuck: Lynly would rather flirt with George while he tutors her. Lynly is quite determined to wear George down by lying in wait for him wearing some lingerie. Embarrassed after not receiving a welcome reaction from George, Lynly requests George’s help in zipping up her dress. This results in George getting his hand stuck in the zipper. George is forced to call Zoe for medical help since Brick is with Lavon.

Scott Porter continues to show his remarkable comedic timing. His pained faces are quite humorous. And yet this was a silly plot. Lynly seems way too immature for George and it is hard to see how a relationship could develop between them although I’m sure it is headed that way. There was a nice moment between George and Zoe when George clearly explained to Zoe how much her leaving hurt Brick.

Take me out to the ball game: Lavon is upset when he learns that Fillmore is close to signing a deal for a baseball team. Learning that the owner of the team is an old college buddy of Brick’s, Lavon enlists his help. The owner of the baseball team, Cameron Lynch, turns out to be an annoying and clueless woman who has an unrequited crush on Brick whom he has been trying to avoid. Brick quickly ducked out of the meeting once he learned that Zoe was missing which lead to an abrupt end of the meeting. Sadly for Lavon it means that more than likely Fillmore will be getting a new baseball team instead of BlueBell.

There wasn’t any real point to this storyline. It seemed to serve as more of a way to keep Lavon and Brick busy while Zoe had to tend to George. It did continue the rivalry between Fillmore and BlueBell which has been carried over from last season.

A punch to the gut: Wade’s role this week was to help Zoe in various ways. First he called Frank to get him off of Zoe’s trail so she could help George. Although Joel annoys him, Wade seemed to at least empathize with how confusing it can be to be Zoe’s boyfriend. Wade devised a plan to distract Brick while Zoe was with George which involved punching Joel in the stomach. And finally Wade even gave Zoe relationship advice and told her to ease up on Joel since he is really trying to meet her expectations.

It is great that Zoe and Wade have reached a place where they are learning to communicate better. Wade has really matured and is handling things the best way he can. And yet it is still a little odd to see he and Zoe communicate and appear as just friends. Joel and Wade have an interesting dynamic since they are so different that can be amusing in the weeks to come.

Final Thoughts: This was not one of my favorite episodes of Hart of Dixie and definitely my least favorite of this season. I do love the addition of live bands playing at the Rammer Jammer and really enjoyed The Head and the Heart. This episode seemed to have too many of the main cast isolated from one another and off with guest stars. I like Joel as a character, and yet I saw way too much of him in this episode. It is annoying when there are members of the core cast who still don’t have a direction or storyline and valuable screen time is being taken up by guest stars.

What are your thoughts on how the season is progressing so far? Do you like Joel, or are you ready for him to head back to New York? What do you think about the new Crickett?

Next Monday, it is Halloween in BlueBell where Dash will be putting on his one-man Frankenstein show. George and Wade attend a masquerade while Lemon kisses a mysterious stranger.

Tracie is a wife and stay-at-home mom of 2 residing in NJ. She likes to unwind with a good book or in front of the TV.. She is an avid reader of romance books. She likes to cook and bake. She loves to exercise and is trying to live a healthier life style. She watches a wide variety of TV shows ranging from reality TV to scripted dramas. Some of her past and current favorite TV shows are Sex and the City, Charmed, The Good Wife, and Hart of Dixie.

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