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Hart of Dixie - Episode 3.03 - Take this Job and Shove it - Review

This week on Hart of Dixie, Zoe learned that Bluebell isn't too small for two doctors, but she had to make amends to Brick after a series of typically hilarious hurdles.  

Zoe vs Brick - I loved the way this episode cleverly let Zoe ramble around trying to practice medicine through all kinds of silly shenanigans without ever considering that she probably owed Brick an apology and explanation.  Of course, Brick also didn't understand or acknowledge that until the end of the episode, when Zoe's description of how he's become more grumpy and bitter made him recognize his own feelings on the matter.  Somehow, Zoe's selective and unintentional insensitivity and denial about her various relationships - in this case a partnership with her semi-mentor, Brick - matched up perfectly with Brick's pig-headed behavior.  Neither doc could see the forest for the trees until they finally took the time to discuss it like rational human beings.

Luckily for us, there were entertaining hijinks aplenty leading up to that reconciliation.  I'm so glad that Bluebell has a pharmacist/private detective, and that Zoe has the financial freedom to wander around giving free medical advice in hushed tones...and that Harley Wilkes' will had ridiculous clauses in it prohibiting her from opening her own practice in Bluebell.  These plot quirks led to some funny scenes, though perhaps not quite as funny as...

Lemon vs Crickett - If I were Crickett, I'm sure I might also resent Lemon for still knowing best about pretty much everything that the Belles should be doing.   And of course, being Lemon, getting slapped down by Crickett and her minions over flower arrangement ideas is simply too much to bear - also thoroughly understandable.  How perfectly wonderful was the "first meeting of the revolution," featuring "the cheese of rebels"?  The sugary-sweet, whip-smart humor on Hart of Dixie just keeps getting better.

Although Lemon completed her tasks of punishment after being outed as a traitor to the Belles, did we really think she was going to stick around in the club unable to rule and even sometimes subjugated?  Now that Lemon and Annabeth have left the Belles and have an extra 10 hours to fill during each week, what kinds of activities will they have on tap?  A rival women's society organization to do battle with the Belles perhaps?

George vs Lynly - I don't think this plotline has a clear direction, but it's a pleasant enough, if wispy, distraction.  For one thing, the zipper incident this week was both cringe-inducingly painful-looking and unstoppably comical.  It's also nice that George actually needed Zoe after being kind of holier than thou towards her for some time now.  Okay, George, so Zoe picked a terrible time to confess her feelings for you last season, and it got in the way of your relationship with the irritating Tansy.  Honestly, Zoe did the world a favor by ending the snoozefest that was George/Tansy, so maybe he should just get over it.

Zoe/Wade/Joel - Interestingly, Wade got to punch Joel in the gut this week without being remotely spiteful or being blamed for it in the least.  This is rather reflective of the ongoing pattern wherein this trio repress their awareness of the elephant in the emotional room ("Zade") as Zoe and Joel's relationship seemingly strengthens.  Of course, Joel may not have observed Wade and Zoe's strong continued attraction as yet, but how much longer can he not see that?  The politeness going back and forth between these three alternates between pleasant and discomforting...it's masking the underlying inevitability of Zade's resurgence and the consequences for Zoe and Joel.  Since Joel is the last vestige of Zoe's attempt to leave her Bluebell life and all of its complications behind by fleeing to a new life in NYC, it's more than just his city slicker persona that makes him stick out like a sore thumb in the small town.

What did you think of this week's episode?  What should Lemon do next?  Do you think Zoe, Wade, and Joel can play nice much longer?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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