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Hart of Dixie - Episode 3.02 - Friends in Low Places - Review: Kiss, kiss!

[NOTE: Please be advised that English is not my first language.]

Wow! This week episode was such a cool one. It made me laugh, it almost made my cry (from laughter) and reunited, once again, all the things we love about Hart of Dixie. I know this is only the second episode from the season but so far, so good. Let’s begin…

“Kiss, kiss”, BANG, BANG.

If last week I was confused by Lemon’s love life, this week it became worst, until everything was brought to light at the end of the episode, of course. So, she is still “releasing some pressure” with Meatball once in a while and at the same time she is faking a relationship with Wade, to protect his feeling and annoy Zoe (which is kind of cool and funny) and everything is ok until Meatball finds out about her and Wade as well as Brick and suddenly everyone knows (“Kiss, kiss!”) and everything became weird.

When we least expect Lemon meets Carter Covington of the Birmingham Covingtons and her feelings dictate the end of her fake relationship with Wade and her weird affair with Meatball.

Zoe is not sure if the relationship between Lemon and Wade is true since almost the beginning of the episode and since that scene where we see Zoe watching her talking, very intimately, with Carter Convington we became almost certain that everything is going to be cleared out in the end. The twist is that we don’t expect it to happen in such a crowded event (AB’s dinner party) and because of Joel that helps Zoe unravel the truth (which is odd) as well as Meatball that does a super-jealous boyfriend scene.

Lemon ends up alone, but it’s everything really over?

Bang, Bang Lemon, good luck getting up from this one now.

Bluebell, Joel and Zoe being herself

Joel really doesn’t belong in Bluebell right? Do you remember Season 1 Zoe? Yeah… it’s really worse than that.

Although Zoe tries to show him the charms of the town she carries on her heart, and Joel tries to enjoy everything he can, we clearly see that he is not in his environment there. And of course “fire-ant rocks”, distracted girlfriends and one-star ratings in Amazon.com are not going to help him fit in.

Another thing that seemed off in this episode was their (Zoe and Joel) relationship. It’s cool to watch them interact but I really don’t buy it. They make excellent best friends but grade F to romance. I expected some jealousy from Joel when he found out that Zoe was doubting her ex-boyfriend’s relationship, didn’t you?

In spite of everything I was pleased to see his character develop a little, it was cool, I kind of like him.

George Tucker, the one that loves his own legs

This was the one thing we predicted to happen this way since the end of last week’s episode. George Tucker really regretted his one-night stand with Lynly even more because he is not used to them (what ends up hurting Lynly’s feelings) and Lavon is not used to someone hurting her little cousin’s feelings. Although it was not a surprise, I laughed really hard watching Lavon running up and down searching for the bastard that bothered her princess along with George Tucker who was nothing else than the one who did it.

To end with the witch hunt, George runs to Lynly and she agrees that if he helps her with her LSATs she will make Lavon stop.

Once again, George Tucker you will regret it, Lynly is trouble and she can really get what she wants, when she wants the way she wants. Little not-so-innocent b****.
I still hope she evolves a little and ends up being a likeable character, but for now she’s not.

Wade and Zoe, Wade and Zoe, oh and yes, Wade and Zoe

We all know that Wade and Zoe are meant to be together but that is not so simple as we think. It’s clearly hard to Zoe to admit how deep her feelings for him are. Of course Wade’s fake relationship with Lemon bothered her but in his defense I have to say that we clearly see that he is heart-broken.

Zoe sees Joel as a safe haven. Her love triangle really tired her and now she feels safe with the one man she knows won’t hurt her and he’s even capable of agree with her plans and theories.

He is good for her to heal from her wounds and bruises but I don’t know if he’s going to last a lot longer. That’s the main question for me.

Finish Line thoughts

I loved that Meatball played a big role in this episode, he is now one of the funniest characters in the show as well as something else than one of Wade’s sidekicks.

I felt sorry for AB’s dinner party, but of course, it had everything to go wrong and if it didn’t we were not in Bluebell and clearly not watching Hart of Dixie.

Poor Lemon, you had it all, now you have nothing, predictable. Maybe Carter returns to Bluebell but I don’t think that’s going to happen right now. She is going to stand on her feet soon, that I’m sure, she’s Lemon after all.

Zoe is so grown up! She can finally accept she has feelings for Wade but she is not willing to let go of Joel right now so I’m curious to see how this plot is going to develop from now on.

Oh Crickett, I loved your husband, and watching you with him was almost like watching E! Entertainment, corky but amusing at the same time, hope you two come back.

What did you think of this week's episode? Do you think we are having a legless George any time soon? Are you into Joel or do you thinks he’s time to abandon Bluebell is getting closer? Share your thoughts in the comments, they exist for that, and don’t forget to tune in Monday for another episode of Hart of Dixie.

Rui (aka Rucax)
Rui is a 16-year old student from Portugal, currently studying sciences in a public school. He started contributing to SpoilerTV in August 2013 writing to Hart of Dixie. Before it, he wrote reviews to a Portuguese fan site of The Mentalist. Some of his favorite shows are: GoT, Arrow, Gossip Girl (R.I.P.), Hart of Dixie (of course), Under the Dome, AHS among many, many others.

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