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Hart of Dixie - Episode 3.01 - Who Says You Can't Go Home - Review

[NOTE: Please be advised that English is not my first language.]

Hart of Dixie is back and last Monday’s season premiere brought back all the best qualities of the show. In a very fun episode filled up with unexpected surprising moments, we travelled along Zoe’s complicated love life, the secrets and shenanigans of old town Bluebell not without some twists and turns of course.

Zoe, New York, Joel and coming back home.

In last season’s finale we ended with Zoe heading back to New York, trying to take a break from her complicated life and her tiring love triangle. She left Wade, who had just declared his loved to her, with the promise of returning three months later. Well that just didn’t happen cause we are back, five months later, and Zoe is still in NYC, working at a New York hospital and dating another man, Joel.

We can see with no doubt that their relationship is serious; they behave the same way, think the same way and share the same love for the Big Apple. They even talk about moving to a fancy new apartment in the city. But if you think that Zoe completely let go her past and forgot all she experienced in Bluebell, than you are wrong. It’s so fun to watch her seeing the faces of some of Bluebell town members and trying to call their names just to realize that they are not really there. And when you’re not expecting, Rose is really in that hospital (surprise!) mad with Zoe because she forgot the promise she made to her.

This scene works as the catalyst to a reaction that should had happened some months before. With the help of Joel, Zoe realizes that if she wants to start over in NYC, she needs to make amends with her past, with Rose, Wade, George and with all Bluebell town members that always loved her. And of course, that’s not possible with meaningless emails. In addition to all of this, she needs Brick Breeland to sign a recommendation letter and I would be surprised if he signed it after she left with no goodbyes and no explanations.

Watching Zoe returning to Bluebell is like watching her going through a healing process. The scene is similar to the one in the pilot, and that gives us a sensation of comfort and warmness, it really feels like coming home. It was a very well achieved moment for sure.
Now that Zoe’s back in town, nobody walks by; Bluebell seems like a ghost town. And then, right there with perfect timing we see Wade lying in top of a car. Our heart almost stopped when Zoe saw him and the ones expecting a big argument between those two were disappointed. Wade seemed to cool about the entire situation but we could still feel their chemistry buzzing all around.

Bluebell is concentrated in Church in a town meeting leaded by Mayor Lavon Hayes, Zoe makes a big, 80’s movie style, entrance with her well known big town behavior and bagels but no one (except Lavon) looks thrilled to see her again. They all look hurt and some of them just don’t believe she’s back (Yes, I’m talking about Lemon).

Along with that, no one is happy because the Founder’s Day Parade is threatened by noise ordinance issues and George Tucker, the only lawyer in town capable of taking them back, is MIA. Zoe is blamed for all of this cause she declared her love for George and he screwed up with Tansy, leading him to leave Bluebell.

Brick, the Clinic, and those who are not there (but can come back, I suppose).

Brick is where he always is, the clinic, and he is neither willing to forgive Zoe nor signing her recommendation letter, Magnolia is at boarding school and he’s no longer going to marry Shelby, that now seems to be out of the picture for good. Bricks’ life looks kind of sad and that’s not a pretty scenario for Zoey.

After a long conversation, Brick says that if Zoe finds George Tucker he will, with no catch, sign her recommendation letter. Seeing this as an opportunity for redemption, Zoe embraces the task of founding George. We all love Zoe’s impulsivity.

Neanderthal George Tucker, more 80’s movies and Tansy.
Cause nobody loves Zoe anymore she can’t find a place to crash during her quick stay in Bluebell so she stays at a cheap Motel. During the time she’s trying to find a way to look for George Tucker she feels annoyed by the loud noise. The noise continues so she tries to bang at the door of her loud “neighbor” who is nothing more than… George Tucker (surprise!). A George Tucker in horrible shape, I must say. Loved the "Wow, I am really good at finding people!" line.

Although Zoe tries to persuade him to come back is Lemon who does her magic and makes him return to Bluebell not without a fast-forwarded scene where we see Tucker coming back to his old self with some 80’s movie song playing along.

After coming back, he wins in court and the parade is back on. From now on, the love for Zoe is back on as well and everybody looks capable of forgiving her for leaving.

Later on, George run into Tansy and discovers that she’s dating his rival - a Fillmore’s attorney. Heartbroken (more than he already was) he heads to a bar.

The rise of Meatball, Lemon and Wade being BFF’s and all that jazz.

Jaime King is sooooooooooo pregnant, and they fail to much when trying to cover it up. Besides that I loved to see Lemon trying to keep her relationship with … MEATBALL … as quiet as she could. It’s an interesting match but it’s capable to survive Bluebell gossip central when they discover everything about it? That’s we are going to find out.

I always thought that Lemon and Wade look great as BFF’s and it was kind of sweet watching Lemon trying to protect his feelings.

Helping him win the break up war by telling Zoe that Wade has moved on with none other than herself was a kind, friendly gesture and it brought up all the things I love about Lemon, specially the ability of scheming about everything.

Lenly, Joel coming to Bluebell and the things you will regret.
Lynly, Levon’s cousin, is kind of a b****, I hate that she looks like she entered the show just to make Annabeth and Lavon go on separate ways, but I kind of hope that she changes her attitude. Then I can think of liking her as a character. Besides that, the all George Tucker spreading his wing to her make me kind of emotionally confused but sure that’s one thing he (if not they) will regret after they reveal their identities to each other.

After Zoe misses her plane, because of Earls’ blood poisoning, Joel decides to come all the way from NYC to Bluebell so he can be with her. He stays for the parade and after that, when he thinks is going back home with Zoe, she reveals that she wants to stay a little longer. If you thought this was the end of Joel, you thought wrong cause hedecides to stay with her.

The final scene at the Rammer Jammer was unexpected; we all still can see that Wade and Zoe are in love, but just when he was going to come clean about all the dating Lemon thing, he hesitates and grabs Lemon’s arm kissing her in front of Zoe. They exchange a very sad/disappointed look and Zoe leaves the bar with Joel. Bad move Wade, you will obviously regret it later.

Finish Line thoughts

I’m happy that Joel decided to stay in Bluebell; I feel like his character still has a long road to walk and I’m glad that his storyline is not concluded yet.

I’m confused about Meatball and Lemon but I’m even more confused about a possibly (hope not!) relationship between Wade and Lemon.

George Tucker is a character with great potential this season; I hope they give him a great storyline now that the love triangle with Wade and Zoe is finally over (thank god!).

I loved that Zoe ended feeling like she belongs to Bluebell, maybe now she stops thinking that New York is her home and tries to create roots where she knows she is loved instead of always trying to leave town and separate herself from the other town members.

What are your feelings about this season premiere? Do you think Zoe’s relationship with Joel is going to last? Maybe she falls in love with Meatball (you never know). Share your thoughts in the comments, they exist for that, and don’t forget to tune in Monday for another episode of Hart of Dixie.

Rui (aka Rucax)
Rui is a 16-year old student from Portugal, currently studying sciences in a public school. He started contributing to SpoilerTV in August 2013 writing to Hart of Dixie. Before it, he wrote reviews to a Portuguese fan site of The Mentalist. Some of his favorite shows are: GoT, Arrow, Gossip Girl (R.I.P.), Hart of Dixie (of course), Under the Dome, AHS among many, many others.

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