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Chicago Fire – Episode 2.04 - A Nuisance Call – Recap & Review

Note: This review contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Otis becomes Severide and Shay’s roommate. Severide has conversation with his father and still believes that Hadley is the arsonist. The best episode of the season and possibly of the series. Examples of why this episode blew my mind: Boden’s job is on the line and two medics having their lives on the line. Also, the verdict of who the snitch was shocks everybody and Severide’s gut about the person who he suspected the whole time was right all along.

Poor Shay and Gabriella who has to go to Darryl that wants attention. When he pulled the gun out, I thought he was going to attempt murder on the ladies but he couldn’t live with himself not being with Shay and he shoots himself in the head which spreads blood all over the ladies. The ladies have an argument about Shay’s lack of listening skills around Darryl. Shay states that they will work together, that’s it.

At Mouch’s campaign luncheon, Hadley continues to start trouble and confronts him that he should’ve been on his side. He also states that he did everything right and makes fun of Severide for not facing him. Mills almost punches him before Casey tells him to leave immediately. I think Hadley is the arsonist. I can’t see anyone else who would pull a crazy stunt like that! Outside of the luncheon, he doesn’t know that Severide and Capp were following him the whole time.

In the beginning of Season 2, McLeod mentioned about the firefighters that they were required to participate in a wellness program. Boden volunteers Shay and Mills to be the leads. Hermann humors me when he did push-ups on the table at the wellness class. The fun ends there when they are called at the scene of a car crash. The car that has a passenger and driver are trapped inside and are about to fall off a building but the passenger survives. However, the driver lost so much blood.

McLeod and Boden continue to bicker and wonders why he wanted to be a chief. This leads them to argue more on the way out of the building after he tells his superior, Ed Yates that McLeod is making up accusations and her policing him around. Benny comes to see McLeod and tells her that his son may have a temper but defends Firehouse 51 as he tells her that it is a great place to work at. Despite her cold personality, I liked that she showed remorse about what happened to Shay and Dawson.

Clarke continues to be isolated as Hermann accuses him of ratting out his colleagues but there is a side to Clarke that nobody knows. He is actually a war veteran and even helped out Mills whenever he needed help. They shoot some pool together and reveals that he refused to listen to McLeod’s orders back in the Season 2 premiere. I’m so glad that Dick Wolf tried to portray him as the bad guy but it turned out that he needed friends as he was a newbie.

Meanwhile, Gabby continues to avoid Jay after calling her many times. Casey offers to confront him but declines it. One day at the park, she reluctantly answers the phone and threatens to call the police if he wants to keep on calling her. It turns out that Griffin injuries himself at the monkey bar and calls Casey for help. I think Gabriella needs to give this guy a chance. He may seem like a bad guy but I think he really misses her.

Otis, Shay and Kelly’s new roommate have a fun discussion about Battlestar Galactica. She is happy he moved in and wants to have more fun. She asks Otis to keep her meltdown between them.

Hermann and Detective Dawson run into each other. Hermann tells him that Gabriella ran into Jay and had a fight. Hermann is doing a great job in protecting her but like I said earlier, I don’t think Jay is that bad as he was portrayed at the end of the last episode.

Elsewhere, Severide and Capp are outside waiting for Hadley to leave his car. After he goes to his apartment, they sneak a GPS phone to track him to see if he is really the arsonist. It turns the whole time that Kelly Severide was right. In a showdown, Severide asks Hadley to stop the fires. Refusing to listen, Severide pushes him, which causes Hadley to burn himself. All of the firefighters are able take down Hadley.

Isabella, Mouch’s campaign manager smiles at him for being a hero after catching the arisonist. His picture is on the Chicago Sun-Times.

The snitch is actually Lt. Spellman, one of the guys that Jeff Clarke was co-workers with. It actually makes sense even though it’s shocking because lieutenants and/or sergeants such as last season’s villain, Hank Voight tend to have cold personalities.

Back at home, Benny explains to his son, Kelly (Severide) that predators and prey are two types of people to know. Benny explains that it’s hard to tell what someone like Hadley will do next but emphasizes that Kelly will be all right as long as he’s not the prey. That was a good bonding moment with the father and the son.

Not related but a father figure now, Heather’s son, Griffin asks Casey to stay with him until he falls asleep. Casey agrees to it. That was such sweet moment between the two.

Detective Dawson talks his with his sister and reveals that Jay is actually a cop. Later, she goes to his apartment and asks if it’s true. I predict that the detective sent Jay to get to know Gabriela more because she may need someone in her life. It’s a wild guess but that’s my opinion.

The episode ends with Shay trying to find another woman in her life at the bar.

Grade: A

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