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Chicago Fire - Episode 2.02 - Prove It - Recap & Review

NOTE: There are some spoilers in the review. Read at your own risk.

The episode begins with Renee coming back 2 weeks early and reunites with Kelly Severide. She’s happy to be pregnant and tries to have a talk to with him. He rushes to go to work but agrees to talk with her after his shift is done.

At Lt. Matt Casey’s place, he has custody of Heather’s children. Griffin and Ben are curious what happened to their mother thinking they went on a trip. Gabriela comes over and makes a deal with them that whoever gets ready for school the most will get treats. She comes into talk about Heather’s case. She tells him that her lawyer might get Heather out of probation.

Severide goes to someone in the police department because he suspects that the arsonist targeting him is Big John, who was originally put away in prison by Severide’s Father, Benny. He has a theory that he is out for revenge against him.

Gail McLeod, one of the main antagonists this season comes to visit Chief Boden to approach him that she needs to complete the tasks that she has assigned him or someone else can do it for him.

Leslie Shay comes over to see Severide about the baby but he is not in the mood to talk about it.

At lunch, the firefighters receive a call and they arrive on the road to find that an overturned house has landed on a motorcyclist who is struggling to find his legs. When the fireman tries to lift the house off of him, they find another hurt man in the house. In the car, there is a car seat but a child is missing. Casey finds the child, named Colin outside of the accident scene. While is severely injured, he is still alive.

Boden is not very happy about working the new computer program that McLeod required all the workers to work with. The babysitter’s daughter needs to see a doctor because she said has strep and has to drop off Griffin and Ben. Ben comes in but the other decides not to come because of his father’s death. Violation of the fire department, the guys allow Ben climbs up the ladder.

Renee gets a chance to visit Severide and even showed him some baby clothes for the baby. He says that he will always love Renee but questions the child’s paternity. She slaps him so hard that she leaves angrily. Boden comes in and notifies him that Big John has been arrested.

Severide comes to the precinct. He gets so irritated that he nearly assaults him and yells about how many lives he nearly cost.

At the firehouse, Shay and Gabriella were showering together and discussing that Renee walked out pissed. After being teased by men to get out of the shower, they decided it’s time to get out of the firehouse.

Severide meets his father for dinner and they discuss about Big John. Surprisingly, his father thinks he’s not responsible, but is willing to looking into the case.

At Molly’s, Gabriella sees the same guy that was pursuing her from last week’s episode. She asks him out, in which he agrees.

Shay and Gabriella are on their way to the house where a woman has fallen down the stairs. However, the victim’s brother believes the husband beat her and beats the mess out of him. Then, Gabriela throws something to scare the brother and he gets arrested by back-up.

Back at the firehouse, Mills accidentally walks on Jeff Clarke. Clarke walks away from him. Mills tells Lt. Casey that there is something off about him. However, Casey seems to not believe it as he tells Mills that he is only accusing him of his off personality because he is on squad. Casey believes that he’s just talking on the phone normally.

Meanwhile, Hermann helps Mouch out with his campaign and gives him some cue cards to help with his speech.

Gabriella is preparing dinner for Casey and Heather’s sons. He asks if she wants to spend Friday with him but tells him she has a date with a guy she has been seeing at the bar. The doorbell rings and its Gabriella’s older brother, Detective Antonio Dawson. He notifies Casey and her that Heather’s friend, Jennifer passed away from the drunken driving incident. He drops a bombshell that Heather is facing manslaughter charges, which shocks both Gabriella and Casey!

At jail, Casey visits Heather. She reveals that Jennifer and she were best friends for a long time and it shows from a facial expression that she feels extremely horrible for the incident. She tells Casey she might be facing 5 years in jail but she has taken a risk to take a plea deal of 15 months in jail. She requests him to take care of her children for a while.

At the firehouse, Lt. Casey approaches the fireman and tells them he will take care of Griffin and Ben for the next 15 months. They all instantly offer any help they can give him and the children.

Hermann takes Mouch to another firehouse to make his speech for campaigning against Greg Sullivan but it doesn’t go very well.

Elsewhere, Shay is visiting an apartment that she is interested in with her relator, whose name is Amy. Her name was revealed earlier in the episode. Shay questions if she is a lesbian or taken. Severide finds out that Renee is moving out because she had a pregnancy test done. She reveals that she went to Spain and had a one-night stand. She admits to him that it’s not his baby but she says that he will make a great father. She apologizes for everything and tells him, “Goodbye, Kelly.”

Severide comes to Shay and tells her that he needs a place to live. She tells him that he can move back in with her in a new apartment that has three bedrooms.

The department traces a call to Mills’ restaurant. Mills goes against the odds and goes in there to retrieve any belongings from the restaurant. Despite his braveness, his mother and the chief berate him for not following orders. Mills in the building did find the same device in the building that she shown in the last episode to Boden. It turns out that an arsonist is targeting 51.

At the firehouse, McLeod tells the guys that she will check on them weekly and to follow rules especially to not allow any children to ride on the truck. The camera is targeted at Jeff Clarke, who may be the mole out of the firefighters.

After the meeting, the firefighters have a conversation and agree that Big John is not that arsonist but Severide believes it’s a firefighter. They believe the buildings have been hit within 51’s district especially when the arsonist was targeting Severide’s car and Mills’ family restaurant. They believe that whoever is doing this has a problem with someone at 51.

Back at home, Casey reveals the real truth about their mother after Griffin hearing rumors that his mom went to jail. This doesn’t sit well for both children especially the younger one but he gets comforted by Casey. He tries to get Griffin for a hug but it seems that he still doesn’t trust Casey.

At Molly’s, Gabriella has invited her date exclusively after hours. While she grabs the liquor that they will share, he grabs the cash register keys but does not take anything and closes the register right before she comes back.

Severide goes into a bar (not Molly’s) and finds Hadley, a former firefighter from 51. He reminds him that they had a great time firefighting together until he was laid off from 51. Severide accuses him of starting the fires. However, Hadley tells him to “Prove it.”

My review and what I liked:
- The episode went into detail about what happened to Renee in the last few months.
- The 2 guys were rushing Leslie Shay and Gabriela Dawson out of the shower.
- The guy and Dawson hooking up especially when she opened the bar after hours just for him.
- The twist where it looked like the guy was going to rob the bar (Molly’s) only to find that he was curious what was in the cash register.
- The twist where Hadley, who was fired from 51 is the accused arsonist.
- The awkward moment between Shay and the relator, Amy.
- Mills was brave enough to go in the fire and get his late father’s medals.
- Shay moving back in with Severide!
What I didn’t like:
- It didn’t resolve about the fates of the wife who was injured, the brother who beat the husband, and the husband.
- Shay won’t be able to have another baby because of Renee revealing the truth about the paternity to Severide.

Another great episode and I think it was even better than the premiere episode because it went into detail about the events that happened between the season finale and this one with Renee. An arsonist targeting the department is one of the reasons why I'm really enjoying this season.
Grade: A-

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