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Bones - Episode 9.06 - The Woman in White - Review

Booth and Brennan are now man and wife, after a distinctly odd series of events that warrant much discussion!  I thought this episode had beautiful moments but some serious issues as well.  Overall, it wasn't what I expected from the B&B wedding after waiting all of this time, but in the end, it's wonderful to see them wed.  Here's the breakdown:

Brennan's working a case right up until the moment she plans to walk down the aisle, and that's no surprise.  Of course she would want to ease her nerves by working on something she can understand and that makes her feel productive.  My favorite aspect of this plotline was the way it brought all of the squinterns together.  It's always so much fun to see them all at the same time, a quirky ensemble in their own right.   Under those circumstances, even the more annoying squinterns, such as Daisy, have their charming moments somehow, within the group dynamic.  I have to say, she also rocked that period costume at the wedding!

It was wonderful to see Clark and Fisher again and hear all of the one-liners being shot between squinterns.  In this episode, Wells made a lot of progress towards becoming a more enjoyable character, and I must admit that he's actually starting to grow on me!  It was hilarious when he told Angela that she was completely unnecessary; just awesome comic timing.

My least favorite part of this plotline was the absurd explanation of Emily Dickinson's secret love affair and passionate writings about it.  Wells' reasoning as to how he was able to identify the handwriting seemed very iffy to me, and the whole idea was so left field in an incredibly busy episode.  Speaking of which...

Max and the money...I love Max and any insights into his past as a criminal and his hilariously sketchy nature are most welcome.  So those parts of this subplot paid off (heehee), but Booth's struggle to accept the money and his constant whining about it were a bit over the top.  It felt unnecessary, given how well he knows Max by this point.  Sure, anything that comes from Max might have legally dubious origins, but he's also a straight shooter when it comes to honor with regard to Brennan.  So when Max said the money was clean, maybe Booth should have left it at that.

It's as though the writers feel that Booth and Sweets must have a debate about some aspect of Booth's personal hang-ups in every single episode.  It would be nice if they could shake up some of this episode formatting and create a bit more suspense rather than repetition.

The candle in the church...This part of the episode was just ridiculous, and I don't think there's much of a way around that.  The church burned down after Booth lit a candle in memory of Brennan's mom?!  The church that Booth and Brennan were going to get married in the next day?  This whole idea was just so melodramatic and weird that I can't get behind it.  This was just outlandish soapiness (yes, I know this is an oddball show, but even by their standards).  And I know that Booth's specific candle may not have burned down the church, but it was unfortunate that the fire had to happen after such a lovely and heartwarming gesture on his part.

A new wedding, courtesy of Angela and Hodgins: The episode picked back up with Hodgela saving the day by curtly informing Booth and Brennan that a new location for the wedding had been arranged...and the day would proceed on schedule!  After perhaps a bit more expression of insecurities about what each of them want than were strictly needed (in Season 9, sometimes the show seems to forget how well B&B know one another), the bride and groom were on board.  

It was terrific that Angela was so helpful and loving throughout the wedding process, even though it was no surprise.  After some controversial behavior this season, maybe now she can get back to the Angela we all know and most of us love from previous years.  

The missing toddler...I am a huge fan of the dynamic that Christine brings to the show and the B&B relationship, so it's been disappointing to see so little of her this season (so far), and then to not see her at the big wedding.  From what I have heard, the toddler twins who play Christine were upset and not able to perform that day, which is the reason for the character's absence in this episode.  I hope we see Christine again soon!

The vows in the wedding...Booth and Brennan's vows were rather perfect.  The reference by Booth to their years-past encounter in the same place where they were now getting married was a poignant reminder of how far their relationship has come and how meaningful it is.  And the "buried alive" episode from back in the day was one of the best ones Bones has ever done, so it was amazing to see Brennan bringing out the note she composed on that frightening night.  The beautiful words showed how strongly she felt about Booth even then, when she had such a terribly hard time accepting, understanding, or admitting it.  That same love has grown over the years and has brought the couple to a happy and long overdue marriage.

What did you think of "The Woman in White"?  Was the B&B wedding all you hoped it would be?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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