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Atlantis - Episode 1.05 - White Lies - Preview and Teasers [UPDATED]

UPDATE: The missing words have been filled in

I have to admit that I quite liked this episode, a large part of the plot/arc was moved on in a pretty satisfying way, something which I hope is built on as the series progresses. Minos had a lot more to do, and it seems that he may not be as innocent to his wife’s deeds as we have been led to believe. Siddig shows us a far more multifaceted king than we have had a chance to see in the first four episodes, his brief scenes with Ariadne were touching and showed a great deal of affection between the two. Yet we glimpse a darker, more scared man when he and Pasiphae are alone together; it is obvious which of the two is the stronger in the marriage and who controls the fate of the family.

Speaking of Pasiphae, Parish gives us another flawless performance this week. I hope that she and Stevenson (the Oracle) will get more screen time together, their one scene was chilling and mesmerising; there is certainly an unspoken power play going on between them which both actresses play with aplomb.

Ariadne and Jason’s relationship also moves on, some trust issues are resolved and they both admit to feelings for each other in subtle ways. Hercules also has a bit of an odd ‘love affair’ this week. It’s a tidy little subplot that works very well inside the bigger story that is being told and gives both he and Pythagoras (who isn't the subject of his affections, before anyone asks) an entertaining scene or two that gives a change of pace to the episode, and makes sure that they are not lost as characters within it.

White Lies airs at 8.15pm, Saturday 26th October on BBC 1, to see you through until then here some teasers from the episode. I will, as usual, fill in the blanks later on this week…

“You asked me and my friends to risk our lives on a lie”

Hercules is a man of many strange, and disgusting, habits”

“The mountains are full of robbers and it isn't safe for me to travel alone”

“Is he part of the reason you stay in Atlantis?”

“Just before I came of age I discovered a plot”

“Your men are to take no prisoners

“I admire your courage, a lesser man would have broken by now”

Medusa shows some brief affection to someone other than Hercules, much to his disappointment

“I believe that is to be expected of you, you are being watched”

“He confessed, why would he flee the city if it were not true”

“You had some gold coins under the floorboards in your chamber, I have gambled them on your behalf”

“I did not say the prince was dead, I said he was lost at sea”

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