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American Horror Story Coven - Episode 3.03 - The Remplacements - Review : Supreme History

   “The Remplacements” was a great installement for AHS Coven. Last week episode was a bit boring, not much happened, but tonight, it was amazing : a witch death, a witch in dire danger, a surprising and disturbing revelation and another voodoo/witch confrontation, all that happened in those 45 minutes ! So, let’s see how the magic worked.
    So, the episode starts with Fiona, as a teen and she was already badass ! Nice casting choice they made for Young Jessica Lange. She look quite alike. It was fun to see Fiona in her teen years and to compare her to the other witches we know. Clearly, she was more of a Madison than a Zoe. It was revealed that when a new supreme raises, the old one dies. Fiona knew she was going to be the new supreme so she killed the last one so she got all her powers. Superbitch ! Dennis O’Hare, who still hasn’t spoken yet, was standing there watching and didn’t react much to the supreme's demise. Fiona is dangerous, we all knew that but now it’s official. She doesn’t want to let go her Supreme status. So, what will happen when the new supreme of her generation is revealed ? I’ll discuss that at the end of the review.

   Madame LaLaurie’s reaction to seeing Obama as the President of the United States was hilarious ! I’m really fond of her character. She is a horrible racist, but still Kathy Bates makes her so human and vulnerable in this brand new century. I feel pity for Delphine in a way. Fiona’s decision to make her the new Coven’s maid was a brilliant idea, I really like the fact Fiona is a liberal despite being such a horrible mother and a powerful witch. Of course, Delphine could not stand being a maid to Queenie, she refused to serve her so she was made her personal slave. Once again, brilliant idea from Fiona. I’m really excited to see how their relationship will evolve in the next episodes. I’m sure they will bond and Delphine will regret the terrible mistakes she made in the past. But how could she be forgiven ?
    When Delphine was cooking for Queenie, she heard a strange noise and she saw what was coming for her : the Minotaur ! He was quite frightening, I thought he would break the window, get in the kitchen and attack them. But Queenie, because she is a good person, told Delphine to hide and went outside to deal with the Minotaur. I really didn’t expect what she did. I had no idea how she could make the Minotaur go away. Her powers are quite limited against such a creature. But, she saw a common point between him and herself, she felt like some kind of monster and he is a monster, so she decided the best thing to do was having sex with him… Clearly, not the best idea girl. That wasn’t what he wanted, he was sent on a revenge's quest against LaLaurie so he finally grabbed her by the mouth. I don’t think Queenie will be in a good shape in the next episode. I hope she doesn’t die. Witch war has begun ! Yay

   Cordelia did not have much to do in this episode. Clearly, they are establishing her storyline for the whole season. We know she has a complicated relationship with her mother, with magic (she only makes potions, when I’m sure she could be more powerful) and she can not carry a child. Medecine can't help her so she turned to magic to have a child, but not her white magic, she came to Marie Laveau, Vodoo witch in person. She wasn’t aware of her mother visit from last week episode, so Marie Laveau played her well. She made her believe she would perform the fertility ritual, for some money. Angela Bassett was amazing in this ritual scene, I really enjoyed the voodoo magic. Cordelia though her fertility problems were over when Marie burst into laughs. She won’t help her, or her kind (white witches) because Fiona has started a war against them. (Burning wigs wasn’t cool). I can not wait to see how this war will play out in the season. Queenie is the first casualty, who's next ?
    Also, I'm not so sure about Cordelia's loyalty. She hates her mother and desperately wants to have her own baby. So, I’m pretty certain if Cordelia promised to kill her mother, Marie will help her get pregnant ! After all, Marie and Cordelia have one common point : they truly despise Fiona. It could be a nice dynamics for this triangle.

   The franckenKyle storyline was not quite interesting I thought this week, it was the only part that felt a bit of a let down. At first, he was still staying at Misty Day’s cabin in the woods. She made him better, no more bruises and the scars are less visible but he still doesn’t speak. Misty is really attached to him. It was nice to see Lily Rabe and Evan Peters, they have a great chemistry together. (love triangle alert !) Misty Day is so lonely, it was really sad when Zoe came to take FranckenKyle back. But Misty Day will be back for him (I really hope that she will join the coven at some point. She doesn't have to be alone, out there in the woods).
    Zoe took FranckenKyle so she could bring him back to his mother’s. It was quite stupid for her to do that. I mean, Kyle has been declared dead since a couple of days now, how could he come back ? And he is in no condition to go outside. He is a freaking Frankenstein creature ! (and he can’t talk). Did she think his mother would not see that ? Stupid… What was more disturbing and shocking was what his mother did to him. Honestly, I never thought they would go that far. It was difficult to watch for me. I don’t have problems with gore, I can watch a lot horrible scene without being affected but that.. It’s different. They really pushing boundaries far this year. First the gang raped scene and now incest… And it was Lexie's mother from Grey's Anatomy ! How could she do that to her own son ? I’m glad FranckenKyle murdered her and we'll never see her again.

640/American+Horror+Story+-+Episode+3.03+-+The+Replacements+-+Promotional+Photos+(7)_FULL.jpg" />
   New neighbors ! We know how AHS likes family moving in so our favorite witches have a new family moving in next door ! The mother is quite rigid and very religious, and her son is quite a hottie (specially shirtless). So when the girls spotted him shirtless outside, they ran over there. Nan baked him a welcome cake and Madison came looking like a prostitute. Obviously, Madison wanted to get the boy in her bed (or wherever) but he seemed more interesting in Nan (does she have another power beside clairvoyance ? She looks good but Emma Roberts is definitely hotter). When the mother noticed Madison’s behavior, she asked them to go and never set foot again in her house. Upset Madison used her power (throwing a knife at a wall,) and developed a new one (setting curtains on fire) ! Those poor curtains burnt down and we got a hint to who the new supreme will be !
   Madison's powers growing was very interesting for Fiona to learn. She knew Madison would be the new Supreme so she decided to befriend her, playing teacher and friend. She tested her powers. The idea was good, but the action was quite boring. Poor guy standing in the street. He could have been hit at least. The bar scene felt was far better. They are getting drunk and having fun. Fiona clearly saw herself in Madison, young, sexy and provocative. The scene was great thanks Jessica Lange, she is magical, everytimes she hit the screen. Madison can be very naïve sometimes, believing Fiona would be so nice to her without no second thoughts. So, when they got home, Fiona revealed to Madison she is the new Supreme, and because she is developping her powers, she is killing Supreme Fiona. That's just the way supreme witches magic works apparently. I really like how they're exploring the witch’s mythology in AHS Coven. Fiona has terminal cancer because Madison’s powers are growing. I’m sad Fiona is dying but I’m sure she will get better somehow…

   Ultimately, Fiona asked Madison to fulfill her destiny, becoming the new Supreme, by killing her. It was a brave thing to say for Fiona, I really thought she accepted her fate, knew her reign as Supreme was over and she was ready to give it up. I believed she was sincere… But Poor Maddie just could not kill Jessica Lange (luckily for us) so Fiona cut her throat ! Shocker ! (Dennis O’Hare still watching and not saying anything). We knew one of the witches would die this episode, I put my money on Madison and I was right (for once !), but it was still shocking and unexpected to see her die. But does this mean we will never see her again ? Not so sure. Misty Day and her powers can be surprising. Madison was a bitch witch as Fiona stated, it was hard to root for her so her death wasn't sad. And, actually, I didn't see how they could make her character last longer. What really matters in her death is that Fiona is willing everything, even kill other witches just to keep her Supreme status. There is nothing that can stop her... Oh yeah, except death and sickness.

Spells notes :

* Do you think Fiona was sincere and wanted to die or she knew Madison wouldn’t do it ?
* Will Madison be back ? Was she the real supreme or Fiona was wrong ?
* Cordelia : will she stay loyal to her magic or will she turn against Fiona ?
* Nan is quite the womanizer apparently.
* How did you react to the incest sex scene ?
* Love triangle Zoe/Kyle/Misty Day : I'm not a big fan of love triangle. I hope this one will be interesting and surprising.
* Queenie vs the Minotaur ! What will happen ? She'll get hurt but how badly ? How will the witches react ? I think Fiona will reteliate strongly against Marie Laveau !
* New neighbor : the mother already hates the Coven, and she is deeply religious. Do you think she will burn one of them ? She feels like a fanatic. Watch out girls !

 Hit the comments, witches !

Romain Ossust(aka Julian Denton) Writer

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