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American Horror Story - 3.03 - The Replacements - Preview

Every week American Horror Story finds a way to out-shock its fans more than the previous week, and this week's episode, 'The Replacements' is no exception. Jam packed with more significant information and even more jaw dropping moments, the third episode of AHS will leave you stunned. This week, Zoe attempts to make things right but finds the results could be dire. A family moves into the home next to the academy and sets up a firey revelation. Delphine has been turned into a maid for the academy, and finds an unlikely ally. Cordelia tries to strike a bargain, but gets nipped in the bud. Fiona gets some unfortunate news which starts a chain of events that leads to a shocking conclusion. Make sure to tune in Wednesday at 10 pm ET on FX to watch all the madness unfold.

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