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Under the Dome - Episode 1.11 Speak of the Devil - Review: On the Run

This week's episode "Speak of the Devil" saw the start of the long awaited showdown between Barbie and Evil Jim, The Seizuring Four continued with their search for The Monarch, another one bites the dust and Linda failed to arrest someone, once again. Yep, just another day at Chester's Mill.

THINK, LINDA. THINK. Are you sure about that, Evil Jim? Because if she actually started to think for herself, she might not be that easily manipulated anymore. I found it completely ridiculous how stupid she was in this episode, buying into the whole “My propane keeps this town up-and-running, who cares if it's illegal” thing and believing everything else he says without even questioning if it's legit or not. Her scenes at the cement factory didn't do her any favors either, failing again to arrest someone. When you're on your own, you tell the person you wanna arrest to lie down on the ground, so that they can't pull shit like this. I just can't with her...

BARBIE & KEN EVIL JIM. I've been waiting for this since the fight over the well and it's finally happening. If there's one thing I learned from this episode, it is that Evil Jim is out for himself. If Linda wasn't so naïve, she'd probably be dead right now. He killed Maxine and her associate as they were a danger to his power. He takes extreme pride in the fact that it is his propane that is currently providing electricity for the town and the only reason why he “cares” so much about Chester's Mill is because it is something he can have control over. The only way to be a mighty and powerful authority figure is to have something to rule over and that something is Chester's Mill. So far, he has been very successful in keeping his position intact, he eliminated every single threat to his power and managed to turn the whole town against the one person that has the necessary skills to take him down. I hope he gets exposed for the ice cold murderer that he is.

IT'S HER, IT'S HIM, IT'S ME. After identifying the fourth hand last week, it was time to look for The Monarch and The Seizuring Four's first guess was Julia as she is the only other person who has seen the miniDome. Dodee was shocked when she touched it, so the fact that Julia is capable of doing so even though she isn't one of the four hands tells us that she is connected to the mythology in some way. Joe jumps ship when he watches Barbie save Julia's life and starts thinking that he might be the one they are looking for. Meanwhile, Junior walks away from The Seizuring Four because Angie wouldn't take him back and even starts to think he might be more than just the fourth hand.

During all of this, a storm starts to form inside the Dome and there's a lot of discussion whether it was because of Junior refusing to play his role as the fourth hand or because of Julia's life hanging on a threat. I personally believe the Dome was angry at Junior for not wanting to be part of The Seizuring Four but that doesn't take away from the fact that Julia is connected to the Dome since it appears to be the one that saved her life.
Unable to find any answers, The Seizuring Four go to the Dome in hopes to find them there and what they got was one hell of an answer: Evil Jim has to do die at the hands of The Seizuring Four for the Dome to disappear. Should Evil Jim die? Absolutely. Should The Seizuring Four be the ones to kill him? No, especially since one of them is his son and there is no way Junior is cray-cray enough to kill his own father.

- Maybe I'm just nitpicking here but am I the only who's kinda upset that Norrie isn't grieving at all about the loss of her mother? I know there are more pressing issues but I just don't get the point of Alice being killed off if it's gonna leave Norrie completely unaffected and if her death isn't part of the bigger picture either.
- Where was Norrie during Angie's & Junior's argument? I just hate it when characters seemingly vanish into thin air whenever it is convenient for the storyline. And then, whoops.. there she is in the barn again.
- I'm glad the fight club was gone just as fast as it came. It was my least favorite thing about the show so far and quite frankly, I won't be missing Maxine. I mean, she was good at what she doing but I just didn't like her and her borderline-obsession with Barbie just made raise my eyebrows and look very confused.

What do you think? Who's The Monarch? Will Linda ever find out the truth? How is Julia connected to the Dome? What will happen once the monarch in the miniDome comes out of its cocoon chrysalis? Are you gonna miss Maxine? Sound off in the comments below!

Rating: 3.5/5

Watch the promo for next week's episode "Exigent Circumstances" here!

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