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The Big Bang Theory - Episode 7.01 - The Hofstadter Insufficiency - Review

NOTE: This review contains possible spoilers. Read at your own risk.
The episode began with Sheldon having a conversation with Leonard on the phone about being hung up with Back of the Future 2 and 3 DVDs mixed up. Leonard gets taken off the boat by a kraken only to find that it was just a dream.

Sheldon goes to Penny’s door and feels alone. Penny lets him sleep at her place, only to find that her bedroom is taken by him.
Meanwhile, Raj tells Sheldon and Howard that losing Lucy was heartbreaking. To cheer Raj up, Howard wants him to go to a social for new post-doctorates to meet women. Raj agrees to go and Howard wants him to be happy. Sheldon doesn't want to come but wants Raj to be happy.
Elsewhere, Amy and Bernadette attend a convention together. At the hotel, they say good night to their lovers. The funny part is that Amy has to really let Sheldon now that she won’t bring back any bedbugs and she will not sleep in garment bag.
At Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment, Sheldon and Penny bond together. Sheldon suggests to play 3D chess with Star Trek but Penny believes he only wants to play because he misses Leonard. Sheldon replies that there are some things that he doesn't miss Leonard about. Reluctantly, Penny plays his stupid cam with him.
At the social, Raj’s expectations of meeting women are turned down as he meets a female grad student who doesn't look interested to talk to him.

After the interested lady that Raj wanted to try and talk with leaves, Howard notices that the Human Resources Office lady, Mrs. Janine Davis is at the social. She comes to talk to Howard and Raj. Raj acts inappropriate by bringing up penguin and the infidelity but this turns of Mrs. Davis. Howard is disgusted with him and tells him that it was better when he did not have conversations with any women.

At the hotel bar, two guys (not shown) buy drinks for Amy and Bernadette. They are happy that they finally get to talk about something they like that Penny doesn't like as much.

At the apartment, Penny and Sheldon are still playing chess and she is relieved that the game is over. Penny decides to call Leonard because she misses him a lot.

Leonard with a big beard is dancing with other scientists. Sheldon announces that is 5:30 morning there but this makes Leonard and his colleagues dance even more. The connection goes dead and Penny is surprised that him and Sheldon were missing that “jerk”.

Despite the fun at the hotel bar, Bernadette disses Amy by saying she could so much better than being in love with Sheldon. Amy does not take it well and disses Howard. They let go over the disagreements and try to have a great time with another drink. However, Amy gets the last word and calls Howard weird and his clothes “ridiculous”.

Penny and Sheldon continue to bond at the apartment. Sheldon reveals that Leonard made him promise to take care of Penny, which makes Penny happy. Sheldon announces that he gets a sailor hat from Leonard when he returns. This makes Penny miss Leonard even more.

After the social, Raj apologizes to Mrs. Janine Davis for insulting her and penguins. He feels that they have something in common with heartbreak.

Sheldon makes a hot beverage to Penny in a “to-go” cup. Sheldon wants to play 4-D chess but Penny just wants to have a normal conversation. After he announces her with owning nine pairs of pants and underpants, Penny reveals that she made a low-budget movie about a gorilla when she first came to California. Penny is shocked that Sheldon has seen it, which is called “Serial Apist” despite that it never came out to release. He tells her that Howard found the movie online when they first met Penny. Sheldon continues to annoy Penny about how he does not like the new YouTube rating system. Irritated, Penny wants to go to bed but she has hurt Sheldon’s feelings and treats him like it’s nothing. Penny gets the guts to tell him she is sorry. She wants to hug him but he wants a handshake. Penny gives him a hug anyway and he reluctantly hugs her.

Bernadette and Amy prepare for bed silently after trading insults about their lovers. Getting over the insults, they have a conservation that it was flattering that the guys sent drinks to their table. Amy hopes that tomorrow morning that they put on hot pants and score free omelets. They say good night and go to sleep.

Back at work, Raj tells Mrs. Davis that he knows what it’s like to be a single parent because he hs a dog. Mrs. Davis looks at him weird. Raj tells her that he only went to the social to meet ladies but was happy to have a normal conversation with her and calls her a lovely person. However, she wonders if he was hitting on her but Raj denies any of it. She calls him sweet and they depart.

At the end, Leonard is watching Penny’s unreleased horror movie with his colleagues. He lets them that he is his girlfriend. Everyone at the ship chants, “Leonard! Leonard!”

Grade: A

Verdict: I’m a huge The Big Bang Theory fan and this episode lived up to my high expectations. It was sweet that Penny and Sheldon finally had some on-screen time together as he was always obsessed about knocking on her door three times. Amy and Bernadette finally had time together without Penny, which was very interesting to watch. The funniest part was where Raj was at the social trying to hook up with a girl who only wanted to talk about her thesis instead of concentrating on him. What made me laugh off the floor was that he mentioned about the infidelity with penguins to Mrs. Davis and she walks with huge disgust.

Episode 7.02 Review will come.