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Scene Of The Week - September 29, 2013 - POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently.

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Thank you everyone for reading and sharing your picks with us. And here's to another 10 months of talking about our favorite moments on television!

AGENTS OF SHIELD, "Pilot", September 24, 2013, Actors: Clark Gregg, Brett Dalton, Cobie Smulders
The Scenes: Coulson confronts Mike & Coulson steps out of the shadows & Ward takes out several opponents to French music
Justyna Kubica:
"It matters who you are." This pilot was the one I was waiting for the most this fall. As a huge fan of "The Avengers" universe, And I'm both really happy and relieved that it lived up to my expectations. I found the episode absolutely fantastic, I enjoyed the plot, the characters, all the references (!) and comedy bits. So pretty much everything. And the thing is, I absolutely love the idea of a "hero". In every possible version of the story. Anyone can be a hero, because it matters who you are, if you're actually a good person and it matters what you do. The actions are what truly defines the real hero. We're all scared but it's what a hero decides to do, againts his own fears, well, that's just what makes him great. That's why I chose the scene, where Coulson not only calms Mike down, but actually gets through to him. Telling him what it really means to be a hero. And then there's a shot. And for a second, I was shocked, that despite everything, they killed the poor, desperate guy. But no, they found a way to save him. My heroes! Can't wait for next week.
Deb Saine: Ward and Hill are discussing Coulson, who "died" in big-screen version of The Avengers and while the two agents are talking, Coulson steps out of the shadows and says something like, "welcome to level 7. sorry, that corner was really dark, and i couldn't help myself. i think there's a bulb out."
A Dahne: While Ward takes out several opponents to French music, the blonde model rolls her eyes and leaves. This was one of the funniest things I saw all week along with one of the biggest action scenes.
Pascal Buijnsters: Same scene as Deb, I was literally laughing out loud here and it set the tone for a great episode.

BOARDWALK EMPIRE, "Acres of Diamonds", September 22, 2013, Actors: Jack Huston, Katherine Waterson, Sean Cullen
The Scene: Richard and Emma take on Carl Billings
Darth Locke:
Richard and Emma take on Carl Billings and associate who confronted Richard in their barn, while getting a little help from a wild "loon".

BREAKING BAD, "Granite State", September 22, 2013, Actors: Bryan Cranston, RJ Mitte, Aaron Paul, Jesse Plemons, Emily Rios
The Scenes: Walt calls Walter Jr. & Jesse is forced to watch helplessly as Todd shoots Andrea
Alex Zhora:
Walt calls Walter Jr.
Christopher Reilly: Another heartbreaking moment for poor Jesse tremendously acted by Aaron Paul.

CASTLE, "Valkyrie", September 23, 2013, Actors: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic
The Scenes: Kate's reaction to the proposal & Beckett is shot in the chest
Jimmy Ryan:
Kate answers Castle's proposal with in a way that you would only see on Castle. It is classic and modern Castle all in one, and was really satisfying and fun to watch.
Jamie Coudeville: I remember how freaked out everyone was after the finale, but the writers handeled it perfectly. The scene was so cute.
Diana Mack: One of the first scenes in DC, Beckett is being shot in the chest by a blonde woman, but all of sudden, it's revealed she's alive and she's been training for her job. A very scary scene!

DEXTER, "Remember the Monsters?", September 22, 2013, Actors: Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter
The Scene: Dexter drops Debra's body into the ocean
Darth Locke:
Dexter lets Debra's body go by dropping her into the ocean. The symbolism and fantastical nature of the Hurricane is what makes this scene so heartbreaking and beautifully transforming for Dexter killing his last victim out of love. It's like he gave something back into the pool that made him.

ELEMENTARY, "Step Nine", September 26, 2013, Actors: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Rhys Ifans
The Scenes: Sherlock and Watson meet in a park & Sherlock's brother blows up his stuff
Jimmy Ryan:
Sherlock is sitting in a park as Watson arrives. Then Sherlock reveals the reason why he is there and it's to find out who comes to pick up a carrier pigeon. Only Elementary can work a carrier pigeon into a murder plot.
A Dahne: Sherlock's brother blows up his stuff in retaliation.

GREY'S ANATOMY, "Seal Our Fate" & "I Want You With Me", September 26, 2013, Actors: Sandra Oh, Sara Ramirez, Camilla Luddington and others
The Scenes: The interns tell fake stories about Heather to her mother & Callie blurts out that Arizona slept with Boswell & Cristina breaks down in Owen’s arms
Babar Suhail:
There were so many great scenes in the Grey's Anatomy double episode premiere, but when I was thinking which one to pick, this is the first one that came to my mind. Heather was my favorite intern and it was hard to see her go. I think it was really sweet of the interns to tell fake stories of Heather to her mother, after they fail to come up with any real stories of her, so that they can make her smile.
Spartigus15: I'm going with all the board members in Meredith's room and Callie blurting out AZ slept with Boswell. I loved how in the entire scene Callie was squirming and fighting to resist saying something but then Cristina opened the gate. Callie went for it. It just started an awesome thread of interaction between Callie and AZ throughout the episode.
Christopher Reilly: Cristina breaks down in Owen’s arms and admits that, even though she called time on their relationship, it’s still hard for her. I am gonna miss Sandra Oh so much.

HAWAII FIVE 0, "Aloha kekahi i kekahi (We Need One Another)", September 27, 2013
The Scene: The SUV hits the roadblock (action sequence)
Pascal Buijnsters:
The scene where the SUV hits the roadblock, which made me jump out of my seat! Such a great action sequence, that is so scarce on TV right now. Instantly took me back to my childhood watching the A-Team. Easily the highlight in an episode filled with great action!

HOSTAGES, "Pilot", September 23, 2013, Actors: Toni Collette, Dylan McDermott and others
The Scenes: The very first scene & The end scene
Jimmy Ryan:
You won't get scenes much more ominous and threatening than the opening scene with the four kidnappers and the family sitting on the couch.
Daniel van der Veer: Ellen looking at Duncan from the TV screen really functions as a set-up for the rest of the show. It foreshadows a conflict and fight between the two of them.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, "The Locket" & "Coming Back", September 23, 2013, Actors: Josh Radnor, Cristin Milioti, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris
The Scenes: Ted and The Mother: a year later & Legendary, with no "wait for it"
Babar Suhail:
That was such a great scene. It's something we've seen waiting for 8 years. Seeing Ted with the mother clearly in love was great. Cristin and Josh also have great chemistry together.
Jamie Coudeville: It surpised me how much I loved them after just that one scene. They have great chemistry, they look so cute and it's great to see Ted truly happy.
Diana Mack: The flashforward of Ted and The Mother... such a sweet scene, and we see how Ted will be very happy at the end... he deserves that happy ending indeed!
Klutzy Girl: Barney tells Robin their wedding will be legendary and she asks "No wait for it?" and he says he doesn't have to wait for it anymore when he has her. I melted at this scene. These two love each other so much.

IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, "Mac and Dennis Buy a Timeshare", September 25, 2013, Actors: Kaitlin Olson, Charlie Day, Roddy Piper, Travis Schuldt
The Scene: Presentation of Invigaron (picked by Alex Zhora)

LAW & ORDER: SVU, "Surrender Benson", September 25, 2013, Actor: Mariska Hargitay
The Scene: Olivia's fight (picked by Spartigus15)

MODERN FAMILY, "Suddenly, Last Summer" & "First Days", September 25, 2013, Actors: Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet
The Scene: Cam and Mitch get engaged
Klutzy Girl:
Their simultaneous "yes" was cute. I'm really excited for their wedding.

NCIS, "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot", September 24, 2013, Actor: Michael Weatherly
The Scene: Tony chats with Ziva
Daniel van der Veer:
A very nice scene where we really saw how their relationship has evolved. Ziva's smiley was very special and added a nice touch.

NCIS LOS ANGELES, "Ascension", September 24, 2013, Actors: Eric Christian Olsen, Daniela Ruah, LL Cool J
The Scenes: Deeks talks to Kensi & Sam and Deeks talk in the hospital
Justyna Kubica:
At first, I wasn't quite sure which scene from the episode I liked best. It was a very emotional and powerful hour, with many heartbreaking and intense moments. It turned out to be even more painful to watch than I expected. But in a good way. In the end, I decided to go with the scene near the end of the episode, when Deeks opens up to Kensi and tells her that thinking about her is what kept him alive when he was being tortured. That was a very touching and quite unexpected confession, to be honest. As we know, the two used to have this problem with communication, so it's a
huge progress in their relationship. I just wish we got to hear Kensi's response! I think Deeks could use a hug or at least a few words from her in this moment, so it's a shame they were interrupted. But after the earlier scene between Sam and Deeks, I think I'm liking Sam much more than I used to and at least he got Marty feeling a bit better. By the way, Eric Christian Olsen was, without a doubt, the star of the episode. Absolutely stellar performance!
Daniel van der Veer: Very touching and emotional scene between Deeks and Kensi.
Bradley Adams: Sam talks with Deeks in the hospital. Such an emotional scene between the two of them.
Also picked by Sharon Seymour

PARKS AND RECREATION, "London", September 26, 2013, Actors: Nick Offerman, Lucy Lawless, Ben Schwartz, Jenny Slate
The Scene: Ron and Diane decide to immediately get married & Jean Ralphio and Mona-Lisa talk to their father’s lawyer
Klutzy Girl:
Ron and Diane decide to immediately marry after she tells him she's pregnant. Their impromptu shotgun wedding was cute. I really love these two and can't wait to see what happens next with them!
Christopher Reilly: In an episode jam-packed with moments both funny and sweet, what made me cackle the most was Jean Ralphio and Mona-Lisa telling their father’s lawyer he looked like Beaker from “The Muppets” and then making Beaker sounds. Hilarious.

PERSON OF INTEREST, "Liberty", September 24, 2013, Actors: Amy Acker, Bruce Altman, Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Chapman, Sarah Shahi
The Scenes: Root tells her doctor "the truth" & Shaw uses Fusco as human shield & Carter's closet reveals her research
Justyna Kubica:
Amy Acker never ceases to amaze me! She was absolutely fantastic in the entire episode, but in the last scene she just... outshined herself. That was one powerful and chilling scene. Easily one of my favorites this week. Root revealing her doctor's secrets (confirming that she's currently talking to the Machine, on the regular basis) and telling him she's considering killing him was such a thrill to watch. I could not take my eyes off the screen. And then the look at the Machine and the changes in "her", wow. This opens up so many possible options. The premiere wasn't one of the show's best episodes, but it was definitely a good start. I can't wait to see what the creators have in store for us this season.
Sharon Seymour: Root talking at the end to her doctor/psychiatrist and telling him all she knows about him. She was very chillling.
Pascal Buijnsters: Root talking at the end to her psychiatrist dr. Carmichael and telling him all she knows about him. Very cool scene, that became fantastic when it zoomed out to a screen of the machine. Which now starts to look like an ORGANISM!
Also picked by DarkUFO and Darth Locke
Bradley Adams: Shaw uses Fusco as human shield to take out hostiles. I could not stop laughing.
Virginia Fontana: Carter's closet reveals the research she's compiling about the baddies who framed her and got her demoted. First of all, I love a secret murder investigation board. Secondly, I'm glad to see she's on a mission and will have a compelling plotline this season.

RAY DONOVAN, “Same Exactly”, September 22, 2013, Actors: Jon Voight, Liev Schreiber
The Scene: Mickey tries to reconcile with Ray (picked by Alex Zhora)

REVOLUTION, "Born in the U.S.A.", September 25, 2013, Actors: Billy Burke, Elizabeth Mitchell, Giancarlo Esposito, J.D. Pardo
The Scenes: Neville and Jason watch the arrival of the "Patriots" & Miles and Rachel say goodbye
The season premiere of Revolution set itself straight after a weak freshman season. There were plenty good scenes, the actors improved a lot, but my favorite is when the patriots arrive out of nowhere exactly where Neville and Jason are, saying how they are going to restore the country to its former glory. The thing with this scene is that it sets up a very interesting arc for the show, as Neville can tell that there's more to the Patriots' intentions than just good will alone. The scene itself is good, but what makes it great is all the potential that you see from it; it leaves you intrigued and you can see in Neville's eyes that he is probably in his way to take them down, and I couldn't be more excited to see that.
Virginia Fontana: Miles and Rachel say goodbye. I know his departure was incredibly short-lived, but this was a powerful scene that showed the depth of their feelings for each other in this seemingly cursed and frankly crazy relationship. I also felt more genuine sympathy and liking for Rachel than the show has managed to evoke previously (though Elizabeth Mitchell is always great). 
Jamie Coudeville: This was a really emotional scene. I love these two together and I hope they get more scenes soon.

SLEEPY HOLLOW, "Blood Moon", September 23, 2013, Actors: Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Clancy Brown
The Scenes: Abbie talks to the dead Sheriff Corbin & Ichabod adjusts to modern life via sticky note
Virginia Fontana:
Abbie talks to the very dead Sheriff Corbin. The way she walked right into this vision led to a scene that was both unsettling and poignant. The fluid transition from reality to dream (?) and back was very well done.
A Dahne: Ichabod adjusts to modern life via sticky note. At this point sticky notes are rivalling duct tape.

THE BLACKLIST, "Pilot", September 23, 2013, Actors: James Spader, Megan Boone, Ryan Eggold
The Scenes: Elizabeth's husband Tom is tied up and tortured & The opening scene & The ambush on the bridge & Elizabeth jams a pen in Reddington's neck
Sharon Seymour:
The scene where Elizabeths husband Tom is tied up and being tortured whilst she watches.
Bradley Adams: The opening scene. Really good tone setter.
DarkUFO: The ambush scene on the bridge.
Babar Suhail: Elizabeth jams a pen in Reddington's neck. This was a really great scene. I have to praise Megan Boone's acting skills in that one.
Diana Mack: The first scene, when Reddington shows up at the building and he says his name, then he gently goes down his kneels and waits for the police to arrest him. Great acting, great James Spader!

THE BRIDGE, "All About Eva", September 25, 2013, Actors: Annabeth Gish, Ramón Franco
The Scene: Fausto and Charlotte meet in the Circus
Fausto and Charlotte meet in the Circus and discuss their work arrangements.

Justyna Kubica
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