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Scene Of The Week - September 1, 2013 - *POLL*

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great scenes that we've seen recently.

BABY DADDY, "The Emma Dilemma", August 28, 2013, Actors: Derek Theler, Lacey Chabert
The Scene: Danny says that he has to get Riley out of his head
Klutzy Girl:
Danny is with his girlfriend and tells her he doesn't have feelings for Riley, but is lying and says he has to get her out of his head. He loves her so much and I need them together. They'd be perfect together.

BREAKING BAD, "Confessions", August 25, 2013, Actors: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, Bob Odenkirk
The Scenes: Hank and Marie watch Walt's confession & Jesse realizes that Saul had Huell pickpocket his weed
Alex Zhora:
That close-ups on Bryan Cranston's mouth make the character look both vicious and precious. That said, I can think only of a few scenes quite like this one.
Christopher Reilly: Jesse realizes that Saul had Huell pickpocket his weed and puts the final piece together about Mr. White poisoning Brock. The character was silent, almost zombie-like in the first two episodes, which made this reaction, and then the explosion of violence from Jesse as he confronts Saul and then sets out to burn the White house to the ground, even more powerful. Tremendous work from Aaron Paul.

COVERT AFFAIRS, "Crackity Jones", August 27, 2013, Actors: Piper Perabo, Christopher Gorham
The Scene: Annie and Auggie break up
Virginia Fontana:
Perabo and Gorham did a wonderful job portraying the deep and complicated pain and regret of this split. Even though any viewer with common sense knows this split probably won't last long, their emotions were real enough to make it hurt.

DEXTER, "Make Your Own Kind of Music", August 25, 2013, Actors: Jennifer Carpenter, Yvonne Strahovski, Charlotte Rampling, Darri Ingolfsson, Michael C. Hall
The Scenes: Deb and Hannah eat the meal together & Dr Vogel sends Dexter away so she could reunite with her long lost son
Darth Locke:
Hannah and Deb eat Hannah's home cooked meal together. I love this scene, because I had been hopeful that despite Deb's continuous animosity towards Hannah, that Deb would step back, even if it's just short time, and recognize Hannah as a human being and show some trust (or continuous suicidal tendencies, take your pick). I think Jennifer Carpenter and Yvonne Strahovski have interesting chemistry on screen and I would prefer to see the characters find new common ground and show viewers something we have yet to see, then have them continue to fight against each other for the remainder of the season. Also picked by DarkUFO
Romain Ossust: The final scene when Dr Vogel sends Dexter away so she could reunite with her long lost son, the brain surgeron. I did not predict that to happen, I'm really liking Dr Vogel.
Alex Zhora: Well, I spent quite a lot of time trying to figure out which scene should be called the best in the episode (because I feel that "Make Your Own Kind of Music" was the season's low point) before I came up with this one due to Charlotte Rampling's uniformly good acting.

MELISSA AND JOEY, "What Happens in Jersey... (Part 1)", August 28, 2013, Actors: Melissa Joan Hart, Joey Lawrence
The Scene: Mel agrees to pretend Joe's ex-wife
Klutzy Girl:
Mel agrees to go to New Jersey with Joe and pretend to be his ex-wife. They've come a long way season one and I can't wait to see where this goes.

PERCEPTION, "Warriors", August 27, 2013, Actors: Eric McCormack, Rachael Leigh Cook, Scott Wolf
The Scenes: The final scene & Donnie quits his job to defend Kate
Jimmy Ryan:
The final scene of the 2 part episode of TNT's Perception gets the nod from me this week. As with the majority of Perception's episodes, the show ends with Dr. Pierce in his classroom, sharing a few thoughts with his students. Kate's ex-husband Donnie grew a lot over the 2-parter, and Dr. Pierce's lecture summed that relationship up very nicely.
A Dahne: Donnie quits his job to defend Kate. I did not like this character originally but he has grown on me over time. This scene is the best I've ever liked him.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, "Now You See Me, Now You Don't", August 27, 2013, Actor: Ian Harding
The Scene: Ezra is A
Jamie Coudeville:
I know a lot of people are upset about this but I actually like it, makes him more interesting.

RIZZOLI AND ISLES, "Built for Speed", August 27, 2013, Actors: Angie Harmon, Jordan Bridges
The Scene: Frankie's team arrests the drug dealers
Jamie Coudeville:
I love how proud Jane was in this moment, we need more scenes between her and Frankie.

SIBERIA, "A Gathering Fog", August 26, 2013, Actors: Sam Dobbins, Johnny Wactor
The Scene: Sam saves Johnny & Natalie's body is found
Sam saves Johnny after being electrocuted.
Sharon Seymour: When they find Natalie's body on the snow after they thought she had left the show.

SUITS, "She's Mine", August 27, 2013, Actors: Gabriel Macht, Max Beesley, Sarah Rafferty, Patrick J. Adams, Gina Torres
The Scene: The truth about Stephen is revealed
Justyna Kubica:
I never really liked Stephen, but I definitely did not see this one coming. I don't actually think he could order those killings, but his involvement in that case and lying about it are bad enough. The look on Donna's face and the fact that she apologized to Harvey, losing her shine and confidence in this moment, it was so heartbreaking to see. Especially for Harvey. He didn't take it well, he went and actually beat the guy. Very intense scene, but I loved it, it showed just how much Harvey cares about Donna (romantically or not) and he clearly kept his word on the promise he made before. Also, yay Mike. Nice work discovering the entire thing. It's also good to see everyone on the same side (btw, Jessica and Harvey had a great talk on the roof earlier). As always, the actors did a great job in the scene and I'm very excited to see what's next.

THE BRIDGE, "Vendetta", August 28, 2013, Actors: Adrian Gonzalez, Eric Lange
The Scene: The killer is revealed
The Killer, Tate, is revealed when he kills Santi JR in the bathroom.
Alex Zhora: The Bridge's main reveal turned out to be divisive, but for me it does make sense. It fits this series' gritty, dark tone, and as the killer strikes again, things fall apart for many characters. Lesser show wouldn't even dare to take that step. Also picked by Sharon Seymour

THE NEWSROOM, "Red Team III", August 25, 2013, Actors: Jane Fonda, Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Sam Waterston
The Scene: Leona refuses to accept Charlie, Will and Mac’s resignations
Justyna Kubica:
First of all, how fantastic was Jane Fonda in this scene! She should definitely appear on the show more often. Also, who else felt like watching Skyfall after the show? And about this scene. Why is it one of my favorites? Besides the obvious, great performances by pretty much everyone and some memorable lines, I just really enjoyed seeing Leona on the trio's side. They had their problems in the past, so it's a nice change. And yeah, I agree that even though the case can be tough, Jerry Dantana should definitely not get anything, not after the things he did. I honestly can't believe he's the one suing ACN! Some people. Well, I'm glad we finally learnt the entire story behind the Operation Genoa (by the way, very well done as a story arc) and now we can see how everyone wins back the trust of the public.

UNDER THE DOME, "Let the Games Begin", August 26, 2013, Actors: Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Colin Ford, Britt Robertson, Alexander Koch, Mackenzie Lintz
The Scenes: The mini dome is activated & Barbie tells Julia the truth about her husband
Sharon Seymour:
The stars form after Junior adds his hand to the mini-dome revealing that he is the 4th person. 
Jamie Coudeville: Visually I thought this scene was beautiful, although I'm still pissed off that Junior was the fourth hand.
Klutzy Girl: The mini-dome is activated. It was a really pretty scene, although I am also pissed off that Junior was the fourth hand.
Daniel van der Veer: The activation of the mini-dome. The pink stars were beautiful to see.
Babar Suhail: The mini dome gets activated and Joe, Norrie, Angie and Junior are surrounded by pink stars.
Jimmy Ryan: Under The Dome continues to be a series with a solid, fast moving story, and the scene I thought was the best from this week's episode was Julia and Barbie talking, and Julia, to my amazement, seeming contempt with Barbie's actions in killing her husband, and even talking about them as a couple together in future. This scene lifts of a massive pile of baggage from the 2 main characters and that will have significant ramifications coming into the final 3 episodes of the season.
A Dahne: Barbie tells Julia about her husband, therefore freeing himself from Max's blackmail. I thought Julia took it a little too well but I am glad we can move beyond this plot twist.

WINNERS AND LOSERS, "Angle of Repose", August 27, 2013, Actors: Melanie Vallejo, Tom Wren
The Scene: Sophie admits to Doug how she really feels about him
Tyler James:
I don't watch any American shows during Summer Hiatus (Seriously, none interest me). And to be honest, I've only been watching one Australian show lately too (Winners and Losers). There was the scene with Sophie admitting to Doug how she really feels about him (such a boring episode this week). 

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