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Review - Glee - Episode 5.01 - Love, Love, Love

I’m so very happy to be doing reviews for Glee this year. I agree Glee is not the show it used to be, maybe it went too commercial or maybe it just had its run. It’s been kind of all over the place lately, but it stays my (very) guilty pleasure. Let’s be honest, no one watches Glee for the realistic storylines, dramatic conclusions or character arcs. It’s all about the music and the laughs. You can’t analyse this show because it just gets kind of stupid pretty easily. It doesn't make it any less of an enjoyable show, just look at the incredible fan base even considering the often botched storylines.

Something that actually surprised me was how little I could remember what happened during the season 4 finale of Glee. I watched the episode again to get my head in the game. Rewatching the episode it all came back to me: Britney is going to MIT, Ryder is mad at Unique, Blaine wants to ask Kurt to marry him, the New Directions are going to Nationals, Rachel is probably going to be in funny girl and I still love Celine Dion.

Should I really have been surprised that during the first scene, Rachel would be wearing a bow tie? I don’t think I should have. Glee sure loves its bow ties.

The Kitty and Artie romance kind of came out of the blue for me. Still, way to go Artie! He’s been with Tina, Britney, Sugar and Ally (from The Glee Project), I think I’ll need some of his intel. These people sure like to pass it around though. Has no one in Lima heard of the girl code? You don’t go out with a friend's ex. Maybe these kids not as good of friends as they make us believe. The choir room surely has seen it all. It's seen his share of public declarations of love and cat fights. Surprisingly enough though, there has not been any sex in that room yet. That we know of.

Also at McKingley High, Sue’s found a new nemesis in Figgins, but will it last? Maybe everyone is just tired of the mostly unjustified anger she has towards only the Glee club, kind of like the Grinch that hates Christmas. The thing with Sue is what she does is just so totally ridiculous, it makes us love her.

There was also the New York part of the episode. “No Rachel you are not backing out, I basically had to show Gunther my left side boob for the job.” Where is the judgy Santana from last season, all up in Rachel’s business because she was dating a Jigolo and didn’t know who could have fathered her baby, not so judgy anymore. After being called "too green" during her broadway audition, Rachel decides she needs to get a job and decides to work with Santana. When the casting director comes to the restaurant, Rachel steps into full on, Rachel-mode, singing Hard Day's Night to prove her point.

Houray to people actually applauding that performance. The amount of people paying attention to a bunch of kids singing showtunes in a public place is ridiculous.

To finish off, maybe I’m getting old, bitter and single like Tina, but the whole Blaine proposal,not fan. Great, they legalised gay marriage, it doesn’t mean you have to do it now. You guys just got back together. I mean the whole proposal thing was cute but marriage, why the rush?

Absolutly love the Beatles, but kind of bummed Glee will not do a cover of Yellow Submarine. What Beatles song are you gonna miss?

Sue Quote of the Episode:
“But if you fail to win, I will fire you and you will be forced to build creepy relationships with teenagers on your own time. And you will have to go back to being a full time spokes model for Billy D Williams yellow hair helmets for women who couldn’t possibly be less blond. Congragulations, you’re on my watch now, which means you are winners.”

What’s up with Sam’s hair?
Will Rachel get the part?
How long will it take for Sue to get back to hating Will?
What was your favorite performance?
What do you think of the Blaine/Kurt proposal?